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I'm Landon Thomas on I've been a Gargoyles fan since I discovered the series in college in 2002.

My prized possession:


It's from Van Eaton galleries. The gold mat and frame were added by my mom as a gift. Yes, that's Greg's signature in gaudy gold ink. I don't care if it destroyed the resale value, I never plan to sell it.

I'm currently living in Minneapolis, MN but hope to move to LA by 2010 to work in post production audio. My current dream is doing Pro Tools for Advantage Audio, the guys who did Gargoyles and currently do post for Spectacular Spider-Man. I'm not sure if I'm most interested in re-recording, editing, recording, or what yet. I currently have my 210P Digidesign certification and am working on my 310P and 310I.

I also maintain the GargoylesNews Twitter feed