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Having previously worked on the English Wikipedia, I may occasionally fall into bad habits regarding citing sources, naming conventions, neutral-point-of-view, categories and the like. I'm on a patch.

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The following has just been removed from Wikipedia, so I'm putting it here for future reference.

The Big O

In episode fourteen of the anime The Big O ("Roger the Wanderer") there are three stone gargoyles that bear a striking resemblance to Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington on a rooftop as Roger Smith wanders through a memory of Paradigm City. The Gargoyle resembling Broadway appears to have Goliath's jaw.

Gargoyles books

I copied this directly from the Comment Room, because for some reason Blaise hasn't added this info to GargWiki yet (hint hint):

****Blaise dances an Irish jig as he appears in the Room.**** Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone (it's still the 17th where I am)! LITWOLF> Well, let's see: -"Defenders of the Night" is a retelling of all the 994 A.D. material from "Awakening," primarily from Tom's point of view (he's in all but two scenes!). It is unique in that the illustrations are original to the book (no screenshots of the show). This leads to some errors (Lex has bat-wings in his first appearance, and Mary's coloring is brighter than usual), but is overall very pleasing. Also, since it ends with the gargoyles turned to stone and DOES NOT flash forward to their modern day awakening, it could be construed as ending on a rather down note for a children's picture book. I quite like it. :-D "Meet the Characters"-is exactly what it says on the tin, a sort of character guide for the main cast. A couple of pet peeves: Broadway and Bronx are lumped together in one category (and Broadway's given short shrift in that!) and they go with the bizarre measurements that were featured on the trading cards (Broadway weighs 1 ton as flesh, 10 tons as stone?!). Still, it's full of mostly original artwork of the characters--quality varies (I swear, in one pose, Elisa has the eyebrows of Maleficent), but overall I thought it was fun. -Todd already summarized "May the Best Gargoyle Win"--it has mostly background illustrations (you're supposed to add the characters yourself with the stamps) and ends with Xanatos unceremoniously dumped into the lions' cage. -"While the City Sleeps" is a visually impressive pop-up book. Seriously, how many pop-up books bother to illustrate the BACKS of the pop-ups? The story's nothing special, though--in fact I find it almost infuriating (gargoyles are NOT that sissy!)--but it's for kids. If you want a summary, I can do one later. -"Look and Find" is essentially a "Gargoyles" themed "Where's Waldo"--but you're not always looking for the gargs. There's about 9 scenarios, only 6 of which are based on episodes ("Awakening," "Thrill of the Hunt" and "Temptation"), and of the remaining three, two of them are just SILLY (at least to me). Mind you, there is a lot of silliness going on throughout (anthropomorphic mice painting a picture of cheese, anyone?), and sometimes, it seems that the writers/illustrators did not bother to do much research on the show. Take Demona, for example. Although we don't always see her with the gargoyles, the book never indicates that she becomes an enemy, and in one of the "new" scenarios (the artist's studio), it looks like she's HELPING the clan! For me, the book is worth it for the occasional laugh. Until next time! ****Blaise stops and pulls out a HUGE stein of...something. He chugs it down in one go...and falls backwards right through the floor.**** Blaise posted @ Wed, Mar 18, 2009 12:36:08 am EDT from