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A Yeti or Abominable Snowman is a legendary large furry animal that lives in the Himalayas. It is analogous to the North American Bigfoot/Sasquatch legend.


Yetis have not been seen in the Gargoyles Universe yet, but Greg Weisman says they exist. [1] When Sangpo mistook Goliath and Angela, dressed in furs, as Yetis, he ordered the archers at the monastery to attack. Master Dawa may be familiar with Yetis since he instantly realized that the gargoyles were not Yetis and remarked that Yetis do not have wings. Also, according to Dawa, the Yeti of legend have never been the monks’ enemies. ("Reunion")

Behind the Scenes

The idea of a gargoyle being mistaken for a Yeti, was originally going to be used in either "Reunion" when it was written for the Gargoyles comic book series for Marvel Comics or the episode "Possession". In both early drafts, mountain climbers in Tibet would mistake Coldstone for a Yeti. [2][3][4]