Alliance Chapter Six

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Gargoyles: Dark Ages #6 by Clayton Crain

The sixth issue of the Gargoyles: Dark Ages comic by Dynamite Entertainment is scheduled to be released on January 17, 2024. [1]


The End of an Era!

The Gargoyles attempt to reason with a Dragon - and the resulting battle, high in the skies above Castle Wyvern, will change their destiny forever!

The final chapter of the Gargoyles' legendary origin story arrives in December from writer and Gargoyles creator GREG WEISMAN and artist DREW MOSS! This 40-page issue includes a new text story from Weisman and all cardstock covers featuring art by CLAYTON CRAIN, ALAN QUAH, MIRKA ANDOLFO, KENYA DANINO, ERICA HENDERSON, and more!

The Story



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