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For the magical construct of a dragon, see Stone Dragon.

Dragons are a sentient race of Earthlings whose evolution predates the Three Races. [2][3]


While no longer ascendant, dragons left behind additional relics and artifacts from their civilization, which may include the various ruins in Wyvern's Cave; notably the Megalith Dance. [4][5] Wyvern himself was known to guard a large treasure in Scotland. In 971, the Trio, Antiope, and Alesand woke the colossal creature, who greeted the young gargoyles as members of his clan, explaining how he brought their ancestors to Wyvern Hill to protect his lands, his treasure, and his rest from the humans. He then smelled Alesand and grew hungry. It is unknown if other dragons have a similar dynamic with gargoyles and humans. Later in his life, Brooklyn would again encounter dragons during his TimeDancer adventures. ("The Dream") [6]

Dragons know of Oberon's Children. [7] They have not had any interactions with extraterrestrials. [8]

Dragons may have gone extinct by 1997. [9][10] When the Commandos depart from Castle Wyvern, Hudson first figures their helicopter is a dragon, before Lexington identifies it to be a machine. Even years later, he still thinks of helicopters as "modern day dragons". ("Awakening: Part Two", "The Reach")


Dragons are large beings that can fly and breath fire. Capable of Stone Sleep, dragons are considered closely related to gargoyles and gargoyle beasts. As gargates, dragons are capable of healing from injuries while awake, albeit at a much slower rate. Wyvern speculated that a broken tooth would take at least ten years to heal. ("The Dream", "The Pledge")

Real World Background

Production Background

Mentor, Goliath, and Angel battle a dragon in the Gargoyles: Dark Ages pitch. [1] Despite its appearance in at least eleven conventions, the fandom didn't seem to pick up on this.

Before the dragon Wyvern's introduction in Gargoyles: Dark Ages in 2024, discussion of a sentient race that proceeded gargoyles, humans, and Oberon's Children was only ever referred to as the Lost Race. When hinting about them in 2000, Greg Weisman wrote, "it's hard to give a category to something that currently I have no intention of discussing. But "Lost Race" seems as good a moniker as any -- as a place-holder." [11]

Even while dragons were unconfirmed to exist in the Gargoyles Universe, Weisman explained that, consistent to the themes of the series, he would never "define an entire species . . . as either good or evil." [12]

Greg Weisman confirmed dragons as the Lost Race on Voices from the Eyrie. [13]

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