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Benny mutated, by Karine Charlebois

Benny is a mutate who lives in the Labyrinth.


Benny was a human boy living in the Labyrinth in late 1996. In December of that year, Benny was abducted by Anton Sevarius and Fang and was injected with a mutagenic formula causing him to become a human-woodlouse mutate. After he was freed from Sevarius by the Redemption Squad, he returned to live in the Labyrinth.


Benny resembles a large anthropomorphic woodlouse (also known as a roly-poly or pillbug). He can roll himself into a ball.

Benny has a sister named Erin who was also made into a mutate.


Production Background

Benny is named after Greg Weisman's son, Benny Weisman. He and his sister Erin both chose what kind of animals their comic counterparts would be crossed with as mutates. They also approved the final designs. Greg Weisman came up with the theme of all four mutates having some form of natural armor based on their choices. [1]