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Dim Mists of Time

This section of the timeline consists of those noteworthy events in the Gargoyles Universe which took place in early history or prehistory, but cannot as yet be assigned to the timeline.

In distant prehistory, Dragons (which preceded all Three Races) appears. [1] Gargoyles come into existence next, followed later on by humans and finally the Third Race. [2] Avalon comes into existence at the same time as the Third Race. [3][4][5] Later Dragons die out. [6][7]

Queen Mab becomes ruler of the Third Race, who are then known as "Children of Mab". During her reign, many of the Third Race mate with mortals, producing the Olympians (later on, the New Olympians).

Wyvern brings the ancestors of the Wyvern Clan to what will become Scotland, to protect his lands, his treasure, and his rest. ("The Dream")

Before 994

9386 B.C. Atlantis is destroyed (date approximate). [8]

3000 B.C. Sometime between now and 2199 A.D., the only other known human and gargoyle, besides Goliath and Elisa Maza, fall in love. [9]

2400 B.C. Around this time, the Sphinx is built in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believe many of the Third Race, including Anubis, to be gods, and worship them.

2000 B.C. - 1500 B.C. Somewhere during this time, Jacob uses the Stone of Destiny for a pillow at Bethel, while fleeing from his brother Esau, and has a vision of angels.

1500 B.C. - 1000 B.C. Somewhere during this time, the Exodus takes place. Moses entrusts the Stone of Destiny to Gathelus and Scota, who take it from Egypt – or, according to a different story, takes it from Egypt himself. (In light of the true nature of the Stone of Destiny, the two stories may not be mutually exclusive.)

1475 B.C. Around this time, the obelisks that will each be known as Cleopatra's Needle were first erected in Heliopolis (modern day Cairo) by Pharaoh Thutmose III.

1290 B.C. Daidalos and Hephaistos create the first version of the Talos robot. [10][11]

1230 B.C. Around this time, Theseus slays the Minotaur in Crete.

753 B.C. Rome founded by Romulus. At some point between now and the reign of Caesar Augustus, the Olympians retreat to New Olympus and seal themselves off from the outside world.

585 B.C. Jeremiah and Tamar Tea Tephi bring the Stone of Destiny to Ireland, where Tamar weds Eochaid.

356 B.C. Alexander III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great, born.

210 B.C. Brooklyn and Fu-Dog encounter Terracotta Warriors.

A.D. 1. By this time, gargoyle beasts have all become incorporated as members of gargoyle clans.

A.D. 10. The Roman Magus, at the bidding of Caesar Augustus, casts the "Spell of Humility" over the entire gargoyle race, causing their garments to turn to stone with them in the daytime. [12]

Cu Chullain lives in Ireland at about this time, and battles the Banshee with the Hound of Ulster, a gargoyle beast. [13] He also splits the Lia Fáil after it refused to recognize his friend, Lugaid Red-Stripe, as King of Ireland. ("Rock & Roll")

A.D. 60-61. The rebellion of Queen Boudicca of the Iceni against the Romans. (Boudicca the gargoyle beast is later named after her.)

A.D. 400. Nokkar arrives on Earth and sets up his base on Easter Island. [14]

5th century A.D. Sometime during this period, Oberon fathers Merlin upon a human woman in Britain. Merlin grows up to become one of the greatest wizards of all time.

Oberon rebels against Queen Mab and deposes her, becoming ruler of the "Children of Mab" in her place, whom he renames the "Children of Oberon." Later on, he marries Titania and he magically forbids the Third Race from directly interfering in the lives of mortals.

485. Arthur Pendragon born.

500. Fergus and his people leave Ireland and found the kingdom of Dalriada. They take the Stone of Destiny with them. Fergus lends it to Merlin and King Pelles. Arthur pulls Excalibur from the Stone of Destiny.

September 29th. Arthur is crowned King of Britain. [15]

During Arthur's reign, Percival achieves the Holy Grail and becomes the Fisher King, and Nimue imprisons Merlin in the Crystal Cave, though Merlin's imprisonment may have occurred after Arthur was taken to Avalon.


December 7th. Columba is born in County Donegal, Ireland. [16]

542. The Battle of Camlann, at which Arthur is mortally wounded. He is taken away to Avalon and placed in an enchanted sleep within the Hollow Hill, to be awakened when Britain most needs him. Excalibur is later stolen by the dragon Wyvern and taken to his hoard in Scotland. ("Rock & Roll", "The Pledge")

565. St. Columba tames the Loch Ness Monster.


June 9th. St. Columba dies at Iona. [17]

642. Percival founds what will become the Illuminati Society around this time. [18]

843. Kenneth mac Alpin becomes the first High King of Scotland.


March. Hudson and "Verity" hatch at Wyvern Hill. [19]

888. Maol Chalvim I born. ("The Reach")


March. "Chaw" and "Chomp" hatch at Wyvern Hill. [20]

904. Indulf born. [21]

912. Duff born. His mother dies in childbirth. ("The Reach") [22]

914. The Archmage born. [23]


March. "Second" and "Sacrifice" hatch at Wyvern Hill. [24]

922. Culen born. [25]

932. Kenneth II born. His mother, Maol Chalvim's second wife, dies in childbirth. ("The Reach")

936. Queen Katharine born. [26]


March. Goliath, Demona, "Othello", "Desdemona", "Iago", "Brooksbro", and "Hyppolyta" hatch at Wyvern Hill. [27]

940. The man who will become the Norman Ambassador born. [28]

943. Maol Chalvim I becomes King of Scotland. ("The Reach")

946. Robbie, the future Captain of the Guard is born. [29]

954. Maol Chalvim I dies. Indulf usurps the throne, holding Queen Katharine hostage. Prince Malcolm born in Edinburgh Castle. ("The Reach")

956. Princess Elena born. [30]

957. Hakon born. [31]


March. Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, "Schnozz", and Antiope hatch at Wyvern Hill.

962. Prince Malcolm escapes from Indulf, with Robbie's help. Indulf is forced to abdicate and go into exile in Ireland with Culen. Duff becomes King of Scotland. Maol Chalvim II and Maíl Brigti born. ("The Oath", "The Promise") [32]

966. The Magus born. [33] Mary born within a few miles of Wyvern. [34]

967. Culen returns to Scotland to win back the Scottish throne. King Duff betrayed and slain at the Battle of Gaine; Culen becomes King of Scotland. Prince Malcolm and his family flee to northern England; death of Queen Katharine. Kenneth III born. ("The Promise", "The Dream")

969. Findlaech Mac Ruaidrí born. [35]

971. Constantine III born. Prince Malcolm is introduced to the Wyvern Clan's Rhydderch by Robbie and the two form an alliance. They battle Culen's forces but are forced to a draw as Culen kidnaps the Rhydderch's daughter. With the help of both the Wyvern Clan and the Archmage, Culen is slain and Kenneth II becomes King of Scotland. A Wind Ceremony is held for those gargoyles that were killed in the conflict, including the Rhydderch's mate, "Verity". Robbie and his daughter Alesand attend the ceremony while a coronation is held for Kenneth II. After he is crowned King, Kenneth II declares that he will raise Culen's son, Constantine, alongside his own son, Maol Chalvim, and his elder brother's son, Kenneth III. The King also bestows the title of Prince of Wyvern to his younger brother and commissions the building of Castle Wyvern, directed by his architect, Brother Valdez. Malcolm begins to call the Rhydderch of the Wyvern Clan "Mentor", needing a name to call him. The Archmage comes to live at Wyvern for the first time, enters Malcolm's service and takes Demona on as his apprentice. "Desdemona" begins to explore her spirituality as "Sacrifice" trains her to become a warrior-priestess for the clan. The acting troupe known as the Light-Bringers arrive at Wyvern Hill and Shahrizad begins her nightly telling of the Tale of the Three Brothers. Alesand befriends some of the younger gargoyles that same evening and even begins naming them. While taking her out gliding, the young gargoyles and human girl explore a nearby cave and find themselves in a dragon's hoard. The dragon Wyvern soon wakes up from his stone sleep and discovers from the young explorers that humans have settled on his hill and are building a castle. Heard by Prince Malcolm, the dragon's awakening is felt by Brother Valdez, the Player King and Queen, "Desdemona", and the Archmage. As the gargoyles and humans attempt to stave off the dragon, several parties enter his cave as soon as Alesand and the young gargoyles flee from it. Angel discovers a flute in the dragon's hoard, while the Player King and Queen find Excalibur. The Player King summons Castle Carbonek and they and Brother Valdez vanish in the castle's mists. One or both of the treasures taken is sensed by the dragon and he abandons his attack on Wyvern Hill in frustration. With everyone reunited, human and gargoyle alike, they gather around to hear the latest part of Shahrizad's tale, who leaves the story unfinished for those who have lived the tale to continue it. Goliath is named. ("The Reach", "The Draw", "The Oath", "The Promise", "The Dream", "The Pledge") [36]

972. Finella born. [37]


November 1st. Using the Phoenix Gate, Goliath, Demona, David Xanatos, Petros Xanatos and Fox come back in time from the year 1995. Demona immediately uses the Gate to disappear again. Xanatos saves the life of Princess Elena of Normandy. He is rewarded with a coin, which he gives to the Norman Ambassador, a fellow member of the Illuminati Society. The 1995 Goliath encounters the 975 Hudson. The 975 Demona is studying under the Archmage as his apprentice. He instructs her to steal the Phoenix Gate from Princess Elena, which she does. But then she is confronted by the 1995 Demona and Goliath. After a brief trip for all three to 994, the 975 Demona returns them to her time and winds up on the outs with the Archmage. She breaks the Phoenix Gate in two and gives half of it to the 975 Goliath at the wedding of Malcolm and Elena. Meanwhile, all the 1995 participants return to their own time. ("Vows") [38]

976. Princess Katharine born at Castle Wyvern. At some point between now and 984, Princess Elena dies.


March. Bronx, "Kermit", and "True" hatch at Castle Wyvern.

982. Gillecomgain born. [39] The Magus becomes the Archmage's apprentice. [40]

984. By this time, the Archmage attempts to depose Prince Malcolm, but fails and is driven into exile. He returns to attack the Prince and poison him; Hudson, Goliath, and Demona face him at his cave. Hudson is blinded in one eye, and abdicates as clan leader in favor of Goliath. The Archmage falls into a chasm, seemingly to his doom, but is actually rescued by his future self. ("Long Way to Morning", "Avalon" Part Two)

At some point between now and 994, Prince Malcolm dies and Princess Katharine succeeds him to the rule of Castle Wyvern.

985. Bodhe born.

986. Tom born.


March. Last rookery of eggs laid at Castle Wyvern. Sometime between now and 994, approximately half of the gargoyles move and establish a separate clan elsewhere.

990. By this time, a human wizard in Mesoamerica has created the Mayan Sun Amulet and the four pendants that it powers. [41] Using these items, Mayans and gargoyles (ancestors of the Mayan Clan) have started watching over the rainforest around Chac Ixchel. [42]

993. "Iago" deceives "Othello". He is later banished from the clan for one year. [43][44]


September 28th. Tom, Mary and other refugees are given shelter from rampaging Vikings at Castle Wyvern. [45]

September 29th. Hakon the Viking lays siege to Castle Wyvern, but is driven away by the Wyvern Clan of gargoyles. The Captain of the Guard invites Goliath and Demona to the celebratory feast. Princess Katharine is most seriously displeased. She demotes the Captain, declaring that from now on he will report to the Magus, who later prepares a spell to deal with the gargoyle clan, should they get out of hand. Seeing that Goliath will continue to tolerate human prejudice, Demona and the Captain find an excuse to temporarily lure the gargoyles away, so that the castle can be sacked and the humans taken away by Hakon, leaving Castle Wyvern to the gargoyles once more. ("Awakening: Part One") [46]

September 30th. The Captain approaches Hakon and offers to help him take the Castle. That night, the Captain and Demona try to convince Goliath to take all the gargoyles out of the castle to make sure the Vikings leave for good. But Goliath decides to only take one other gargoyle along with him, leaving Demona in command of the others. Demona and the Captain alter their plan. Hakon will now attack during the day, when the Gargoyles are stone. The Captain swears he'll keep the Gargoyle clan safe. Meanwhile, the Trio and Bronx meet Tom, resulting in a minor altercation with Mary and the refugees. To keep the peace, Goliath sends Bronx and the Trio down to the Rookery. Demona makes one more attempt to change Goliath's mind, and "Othello" offers to accompany Goliath. Goliath decides to take Hudson instead. Goliath and Hudson follow the Vikings' trail. While back at the Castle, the Captain sabotages the bowstrings of his own archers. ("Awakening: Part One", "City of Stone" Part One) [47]

October 1st. Just before dawn, Goliath and Hudson discover that they have been following only a small contingent of Vikings; the rest must be preparing to attack the castle. The two gargoyles turn to stone before they can get back. Simultaneously, Demona nearly warns "Othello" and "Desdemona", but changes her mind as she sees the Vikings approach. Instead, she hides at the foot of Wyvern cliff, where she turns to stone as the sun rises. Hakon attacks. The archers' sabotaged bows are useless, and the Captain opens the main gate, allowing the Vikings to enter Castle Wyvern, which is sacked. The humans, including Katharine, the Magus, Mary and Tom are led away bound. Hakon then sets about to destroy the gargoyles, including "Othello", "Desdemona", "Iago" and "Hyppolyta". The Captain is "unable" to stop him. When the sun goes down again, Demona awakens to discover that the Wyvern Clan have been massacred. When she sees Goliath and Hudson returning, she cannot face them and flees before they can discover the massacre. The only other survivors seem to be the Trio and Bronx, who were in the Rookery. The survivors head for the Viking camp to take their revenge. When Hakon and the Captain hear the gargoyles approaching, they take Katharine as a hostage. The Magus mistakenly assumes that the Princess is dead. Blaming the gargoyles, he casts a spell on all but Goliath putting them to sleep "until the castle rises above the clouds." Meanwhile, Goliath confronts the Captain and Hakon atop a cliff. He rescues the Princess, and the two villains fall to their deaths. But when Goliath discovers that the rest of his clan has been turned to stone, he asks the Princess to watch over the eggs in the Rookery and asks the Magus to cast his spell one more time. Goliath is turned to stone with the others and placed atop Castle Wyvern. Demona later returns to the castle to find Goliath frozen in stone. She watches the Magus, Tom and Princess Katharine removing the eggs from Wyvern. She departs for good. ("Awakening: Part One", "Awakening: Part Two", "City of Stone" Part One) Katharine dubs Tom the Guardian of the Gargoyle Eggs. Katharine, the Magus, Tom, Mary and the rest of Wyvern's human inhabitants take the eggs and leave the cursed castle to live under the protection of Katharine's uncle, King Kenneth II. ("Avalon" Part One) Seconds later, three time travelers arrive in 994: the Demona of 1995 has brought the Demona of 975 along with the Goliath of 1995 to see the results of the massacre. But the 1995 Demona fails to convince the 975 Demona to take up her evil cause. The time travelers depart, returning to 975. ("Vows") [48]

Later Demona attacks Gillecomgain, scarring his face and motivating him to become the first Hunter.


995. Oberon, angered by Titania's scorn for mortals, banishes his Children from Avalon. Constantine murders Kenneth II and usurps the Scottish throne as Constantine III.

September 28th. Michaelmas Eve. Tom and the Magus get the eggs out of Edinburgh Castle. Finella drugs Constantine so that Katharine can escape, and flees with the Princess, Tom, Mary, the Magus and the eggs. The Magus brings them all to the mystic island of Avalon. He is forced to battle the Weird Sisters to achieve the island. He turns them into owls but is unable to take the Grimorum with him. Finella and Mary agree to take the book and keep it safe from Constantine. They depart. Katharine, Tom and the Magus land on Avalon with the eggs. The two time-traveling Archmages witness all this and rescue the Weird Sisters from their owl-state. The Archmages and the Sisters form an alliance. They agree to meet again in the year 1020. ("Avalon" Part One, "Avalon" Part Two) [49]

September 29th. Michaelmas. Constantine III is so furious he initiates a plan to destroy all the gargoyles in Scotland. [50]

997. Time-Dancing Brooklyn arrives and immediately encounters King Constantine, Maíl Brigti, Gillecomgain and Brother Valmont. He rescues Mary and Finella (and the Grimorum Arcanorum) from villagers, who believe the two women are witches. He gains a sword in the process. Maol Chalvim, Findlaech, Kenneth III (a.k.a. The Grim) and Bodhe discuss how to topple Constantine, perhaps by allying with gargoyles. Constantine and Gillecomgain destroy a cell of gargoyles at Sruighlea, and Demona finds the rubble. ("The Gate") Brooklyn, Mary and Finella journey to Wyvern but are unable to acquire Goliath's piece of the Phoenix Gate. Constantine shaves his head. Demona tells her cell of gargoyles, including "Second", "Sacrifice", "Brooksbro", "Schnozz", "Kermit", "True", "Chomp", and "Chaw" about the dead Sruighlea gargoyles. Brooklyn, Mary and Finella make contact with Grim, and Brooklyn tracks down Demona to get her help. ("Tyrants")

Hunter's Moon, 997. All combatants and their armies converge at Rathveramoen. Valmont takes the Grimorum. ("Tyrants") Valmont uses the Grimorum to rain arrows from heaven. "Sacrifice", Maíl Brigti and the old nag Magus are killed. Demona ends the spell. Brooklyn returns the Grimorum to Finella. Constantine III is killed at age 26 at the Battle of Rathveramoen by the popular Kenneth III (Katharine's cousin, the son of Duff). The Phoenix returns and Brooklyn, Finella and Mary leave this time period with the Grimorum. ("Phoenix")

1001. Duncan born. [51]


April 5th. Duchess Emma of Normandy (Katharine of Wyvern's aunt) marries King Aethelred the Unready of England. [52]

1005. Macbeth born at Castle Moray. Maol Chalvim II betrays Kenneth III and seizes the Scottish throne. Gruoch born. Macduff born. [53]


April 23rd. The English King Aethelred dies, widowing Queen Emma. England is split between the English choice Edmund Ironside and the Danish choice Canute. [54]

November 30th. Edmund Ironside dies, and Canute is crowned King of England. [55]


July 2nd. England's King, Canute of Denmark, divorces Elfgiva and marries Aethelred's widow, Queen Emma (Princess Katharine's aunt). [56]

1020. Gillecomgain the Hunter murders Findlaech, High Steward of Moray, at Duncan's bidding, and is rewarded with Findlaech's title. The Weird Sisters, at the Archmage’s command, manipulate Demona and Macbeth into becoming allies. ("City of Stone" Part One, "Avalon" Part Two)

1031. Canmore born. [57][58]

1032. Gillecomgain and Gruoch are wed. The Weird Sisters manipulate Macbeth and Demona into joining forces again against Gillecomgain. Gillecomgain slain at Castle Moray; Macbeth and Gruoch are wed. ("City of Stone" Part Two) [59]

1033. Luach born either now or in 1032. [60] Bodhe's son is killed. [61]

1034. Duncan becomes King of Scotland, as Duncan I.


November 12th. King Canute of England dies, widowing Emma for the second time. He is succeeded by Harold Harefoot, his son by his first wife Elfgiva. [62]

1040. The Weird Sisters manipulate Duncan into moving against Macbeth, and create the magical bond between Macbeth and Demona. ("City of Stone" Part Three)

June 18th. Hardicanute, the son of Canute and Emma, succeeds to the throne of England, replacing his late half-brother Harold Harefoot. [63]

August 14th. With help from Demona and his cousin Thorfinn, Macbeth defeats Duncan's forces at the Battle of Bothgoanan, near the town of Elgin in Moray, Scotland. Duncan is killed near Elgin. An unpopular king, he is not mourned by many. Duncan's son Canmore is banished and spirited away to England by Duncan's few remaining supporters. Canmore will become a protégé of Edward the Confessor, a Saxon. But he also becomes the new Hunter. For his own safety, Donald Ban is spirited away to Ireland. ("City of Stone" Part Three) [64]

September 29th. Macbeth is made High King of Scotland. He swears on the Stone of Destiny, to protect Scotland and serve her people. Macbeth names Demona and publicly rewards her and her gargoyles, welcoming them as his allies into his home and castle. Demona becomes his primary advisor. Thorfinn is rewarded with basic autonomy over Orkney, in practice if not in name. ("City of Stone" Part Three) [65]


June 6th. Hardicanute dies suddenly at a wedding, perhaps due to poison. He is succeeded by his half-brother, Edward the Confessor, son of Aethelred the Unready and Emma of Normandy, as King of England. Edward locks his mother Emma (Princess Katharine's aunt) up in a nunnery. [66]

1050. Macbeth visits the Pope in Rome. [67][68]

1054. Canmore attacks Scotland for the first time.

1057. Canmore invades Scotland in alliance with the English.

August 15th. Macbeth's forces are defeated. Thorfinn is killed at Dunsinane, widowing his young wife Ingibjorg. Canmore destroys all of Demona's gargoyles, except her. Canmore pursues Macbeth to Lunfanan, and history will record that Macbeth was killed there. But Macbeth and Demona discover a side effect of the Weird Sisters' spell. They are immortal and forever linked, feeling each other's pain when near. For either to die, one must kill the other. Prince Luach is able to rally his father's forces temporarily. Canmore is driven back. Luach is made High King of Scotland. Macbeth and Demona vanish severally into myth. ("City of Stone" Part Four) [69]


March 17th. In Strathbolgi, Canmore kills Luach. Bodhe also dies. Gruoch commits suicide. [70]

March 21st. In Avalon, Angela, Gabriel, Ophelia, Boudicca, and thirty-two other gargoyles and gargoyle beasts hatch out of their eggs. [71]

April 25th. Canmore becomes King of Scotland as Malcolm III. [72]


December 28th. Westminster Abbey, built by Edward the Confessor, is consecrated. [73]


January 4th. Edward the Confessor dies of natural causes. His brother-in-law, Harold Godwinson, succeeds him. [74]

October 14th. Harold Godwinson is killed at the Battle of Hastings. William the Conqueror conquers England. [75]

December 25th. William the Conqueror is crowned King of England. [76]

1069. Donald Canmore born. [77]


November 13th. Canmore slain in battle against the English. By this time, he has given rise to the Canmore line of Hunters, apparently through his son Donald.

Donald Canmore dies. [78]

1136. About this time, Geoffrey of Monmouth's The History of the Kings of Britain, which deals with King Arthur and Merlin in great detail, is published.

1160-90. Chretien de Troyes writes his Arthurian verse romances during this time. They include "Lancelot," the earliest surviving account of Lancelot and Guinevere's love affair, "Yvain", which features a character named Lunette, and "Perceval", the earliest surviving work on Sir Percival and the Holy Grail.

1163-1345. Notre Dame Cathedral built in Paris. Like other medieval cathedrals, it bears architectural gargoyles upon it as a distant memory of the time when gargoyles protected human castles.

1190. A tomb purporting to contain the bodies of King Arthur and Guinevere's is discovered at Glastonbury by the local monks, but they are actually the bodies of Guinevere and Sir Lancelot; the inscription upon the grave's cross claims that Glastonbury is the true Avalon (obviously, the cross's inscription was also mistaken). [79]

1296. King Edward I of England seizes the Stone of Destiny from the Scots, and takes it to London, where it is placed beneath the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey.

1314. Robert the Bruce of Scotland defeats the English at the Battle of Bannockburn. He rewards his ally, Cormac Maccarthy, with a piece of the Stone of Destiny, which becomes the Blarney Stone.

1470. About this time, Sir Thomas Malory completes Le Morte d'Arthur, one of the leading works of medieval Arthurian romance.

1485. By this time, the London Clan has opened their magic shop, Into the Mystic. [80]

1495. Demona steals the Medici Tablet in Florence, and is briefly pursued by the Hunter Stuart Canmore, before eluding him. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Two) [81]


April 23rd. William Shakespeare born in Stratford-on-Avon.

1580. Rabbi Loew creates the Golem in Prague, to protect the Jewish community there from persecution.

1595. About this time, Shakespeare writes A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet.

1596. About this time, Shakespeare writes Henry IV Part One.

1599. The Globe Theatre is built from timber from The Theatre originally situated across the Thames.

1600. About this time, Shakespeare writes Hamlet.

1603. James VI of Scotland, a descendant of Canmore, becomes King of England as James I upon the death of Elizabeth I. His descent from Duncan and Canmore will influence Shakespeare's depiction of Macbeth's story when he writes it during James's reign.

Shakespeare writes Othello about this time.

1606. About this time, Shakespeare writes King Lear and Macbeth. Macbeth himself, who is a good friend of Shakespeare's, is amused rather than offended by it.

1611. About this time, Shakespeare writes The Tempest.


June 29. The Globe Theatre burns down during a performance of Henry VIII. It is rebuilt the following year.


April 23rd. Shakespeare dies in Stratford-on-Avon.

1622. The Musketeers of the Guard in France is founded by King Louis XIII.

1716. Blackbeard believed to have begun career as a pirate. Gnash, and the other TimeDancers likely encountered the pirate around this period of time. ("Trick-Or-Treat")

1722. Jacob Roggeveen first sights Easter Island on Easter Sunday, and gives it its name consequently.


May 1st. The Bavarian Illuminati is founded by Adam Weishaupt [82]; its connections with the Illuminati run by Peredur are as yet unknown. [83]

July 2nd. The United States of America declares its independence. [84]


April 7th. The curate of the Archbishop of Paris consecrates the Paris catacombs as tombs. [85]


November 3rd. Philibert Aspairt is lost beneath the catacombs of Paris. [86]

1798. Old Pog hatches. [87]


April 30th. Philibert Aspairt's body is found in the Paris catacombs, very close to an exit. [88]


June 5th. In Paris, the Revolution of the Barricades begins. [89]

June 6th. The Revolution of the Barricades fails. [90]

1888. Fiona Canmore and Jackson Canmore born.


April 20th, Adolf Hitler born in Austria-Hungary.

1895. Mace Malone born.


April 1st. Forty-five members of the Paris orchestra meet in the catacombs in full tuxedo to perform a concert. [91]


March. Una, Leo, Griff, and Kai hatch. [92][93][94]

1900. Quincy Hemings born. [95]

1901-1909. Teddy Roosevelt is President of the United States. During his administration, Quincy Hemings joins the White House staff at age nine. [96]

1902. Dominic Dracon born. [97]

1908. Aron Canmore born. [98]

1910. Demona slays Jackson Canmore in battle. His twin sister, Fiona, takes up the Hunt.


March. Zafiro and Obsidiana hatch in ChacIxChel, Guatemala.

1919. Jack Dane born.

January 5th. The Nazi Party is founded in Germany under the name "The German Workers' Party".

1920. Demona finds the Praying Gargoyle in the catacombs of Paris and attempts to use it to destroy humanity. She is foiled by Fiona Canmore and Team Atlantis.


July 29th. Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party.

December 1st. Edger Blosa born. [99]


March 21st. Mace Malone disappears with a fortune in jewels to become a full-time operative for the Illuminati. He writes a letter to Dominic Dracon, taunting him with false clues about the location of the jewels. [100]

1928. Halcyon Renard born. [101]

1933. Modern sightings of the Loch Ness Monster begin.

January 30th. Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany.

1934. Felice's Meats is established.

1936. Charles Canmore born. [102] Jeffrey Robbins born. [103] John Oldcastle born. [104]


March. Jade, Turquesa, and Yama hatch.

1939. World War II begins. The Wizard of Oz is released.

1940. The Germans attack London during the Battle of Britain. Goliath helps Griff battle them, and then takes him via the Phoenix Gate to 1996. ("M.I.A.")


December 7th. The Empire of Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. [105]

1942. Peter Maza born. Mariah Monmouth born. [106] Bambi is released. With Gnash's egg in tow, Brooklyn, Katana, and Fu-Dog are on board the U.S.S. Nashville.

November 26th, Casablanca premieres in movie theaters in New York City.

1944. Pistol born. [107]


April 30th. Adolf Hitler commits suicide.

May 8th. V-E Day. Nazi Germany surrenders to the Allies.

August 15th. V-J Day. The Empire of Japan surrenders to the Allies. World War II ends.

1946. Diane Maza born.


December 25th. The Stone of Destiny is stolen from Westminster Abbey by Macbeth and four Scottish patriots. ("The Rock") [108]


April 11th. Macbeth repairs the Stone of Destiny at Arbroath Abbey. The Stone informs him that this is pointless and tells him that it is the Rock of Ages. ("Rock of Ages")

April 13th. The Stone of Destiny is recovered at Arbroath Abbey and returned to Westminster Abbey. [109]

1952. Martin Hacker born. [110] Bardolph born. [111]

1954. Claw and Amanda Chung born. [112][113]

1955. David Xanatos born in Bar Harbor, Maine.

1957. Wolf born. [114]

1958. Maria Chavez born. [115]

March. Sora hatches in Ishimura. Staghart and Constance hatch at Knight's Spur.

1959. Officer Morgan born. [116]

1960. Peter Maza leaves Arizona for New York City.

Preston Vogel born. [117]

March 29th. Harry Monmouth is born.

1961. Art & Lois' opens for business.

1962. Brendan Quarters and Margot Yale are born. [118]


September 28th. Vinnie Grigori is born in New York. [119]

November 22nd. John F. Kennedy assassinated. [120]

November 23rd. Quincy Hemings becomes White House Chief Steward. [121]

1964. Jason Canmore and Matt Bluestone are born.

1964-1973. The Vietnam War takes place. Jeffrey Robbins is blinded during an engagement in it.

1966. Janine Renard (aka Fox) born to Halcyon Renard and Anastasia Renard/Titania.

June 19th. Robyn Canmore born.

1967. Mistress Quickly born. [122]

1968. Elisa Maza, Fred Sykes, Jackal and Hyena born. [123][124][125]

John Oldcastle murders Mariah Monmouth and takes her son, Harry, in to train as a thief.

1970. Derek Maza, Tony Dracon and Antoinette Dracon born. [126]

1971. Points born. [127]

1972. Tazmanian Tiger born.

November 26th. Jon Canmore born. [128]


January 17th. Edger Blosa dies in Prague. [129]

November 1st. David Xanatos receives an anonymous gift of a medieval coin worth $20 grand. It is the start of his fortune, and was actually sent to David by his 1995 counterpart, via the Illuminati Society from the year 975. [130]

Beth Maza and Maggie Reed born. [131][132]

At some point between now and 1980, Brooklyn, Mary, and Finella are brought to the United States by the Phoenix Gate.

1976. Mistress Doll born. [133]

1978. Nashville hatches. Lunette hatches at Knight's Spur.

1979. Norma Rae is released.

1980. Flo Dane dies. Mace Malone clandestinely attends her funeral.

September 28th. In Paris, Demona steals the Praying Gargoyle statue from Notre Dame Cathedral. Confronted by Charles Canmore, the Hunter, she kills him and escapes. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three) Canmore's children, Jason, Robyn and Jon chase her into the catacombs where Robyn is nearly killed. Jason manages to drive her off, and the three swear revenge. ("Estranged") [134]

1984. Terry Chung born. [135]

1987. Matt Bluestone joins the FBI. [136]

1989. Owen Burnett enters the employment of Cyberbiotics. By now, Fox has acquired her fox-head tattoo. [137] [138]

1990. Ollie born. David Xanatos and Janine Renard start dating [139]

1991. Owen leaves Cyberbiotics to work for Xanatos. [140] Halcyon and Anastasia Renard divorce [141]. Janine Renard legally changes her name to Fox. [142]

February 28th. [Withheld].

March 1st. [Withheld].

1992. Matt Bluestone "resigns" from the FBI. [143]

1993. Xanatos purchases Castle Wyvern and begins moving it to the top of the Eyrie Building in New York as his headquarters. Around this time, poachers destroy the bulk of the last gargoyle clan in Guatemala, and steal the Mayan Sun Amulet. Cagney born. [144]


January 26th. The Emir's son is killed in a pointless car accident. [145]

September 29th. Xanatos inspects his castle atop the Eyrie Building. He wants everything to be perfect before he attempts to wake the gargoyles. [146]

October 4th. The final touches on the castle are completed. It now sits atop the Eyrie Building, high "above the clouds," thus fulfilling the condition of the Magus's spell. The Magus's curse is broken, and Goliath, Hudson, the Trio and Bronx awaken to a brave new world. Minutes later, a group of Commandos attack and seem to steal three disks from Xanatos. This attracts the attention of New York City Police Detective Elisa Maza. Elisa also meets Officer Morgan for the first time. ("Awakening: Part Two") [147]

October 5th. Elisa investigates, encountering first Owen, then Xanatos, then Bronx and finally Goliath. Frightened at seeing a live gargoyle for the first time, she backs away and falls off the building. Goliath saves her life, introduces her to the rest of the clan and agrees to meet her the next night. Early that morning, Xanatos asks Goliath's help to get his disks back. Goliath is reluctant to help. And unbeknownst to him, Xanatos and Demona are planning something. That night, the Trio leaves the castle to explore the city and accidentally trashes the motorcycle of a man named Vinnie. Goliath and Hudson keep the rendezvous with Elisa, who more or less gives Hudson his name. Hudson retreats to the castle with Bronx – where they discover television and lounge chairs. Meanwhile, Goliath and Elisa rescue an ungrateful Margot Yale and Brendan Quarters from muggers, before being attacked in Central Park by the Commandos from the night before. ("Awakening: Part Three") [148]

October 6th. Elisa discovers that gargoyles turn to stone during the day. She's forced to lead the Commandos away from a stone Goliath in order to protect him. She then waits by his side throughout the day, cementing their friendship. That night the Trio takes the names Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington and gives Bronx his name as well. Xanatos then reunites Goliath with Demona. Together, Demona and Xanatos convince Goliath and the clan to "retrieve" the computer disks from Cyberbiotics. Goliath and Demona attack Cyberbiotics' airship The Fortress-1, costing Vinnie his Cyberbiotics' security job in the process. The gargoyles are successful in recovering the disks. But the Cyberbiotics Underground Base (under the leadership of the Cyberbiotics Commander) is badly damaged by Hudson and Bronx. And Goliath grows disconcerted with the changes in Demona, particularly after she causes the destruction of Fortress-1. Elisa is able to convince Goliath that Xanatos has been using him, revealing that the disks were actually Cyberbiotics' property and that the Commandos were working for Xanatos. ("Awakening: Part Four", "Awakening: Part Five") [149]

October 7th. Xanatos uses the data on the disks to activate his Steel Clan Robots, which he and Demona immediately set against the gargoyles. The attempt is ultimately futile; the robots are destroyed. Demona, however, gets the drop on Goliath. She reveals her name and her complicity with Castle Wyvern's Captain of the Guard. Elisa prevents Demona from killing Goliath. And Goliath once again saves Elisa's life. Demona disappears. Xanatos is arrested and thrown in jail, initially on multiple felony charges that include grand theft and industrial espionage. ("Awakening: Part Five") Due to his wealth and international connections, he is considered a flight risk and held without bail. Repair work begins immediately to restore all damage to the castle. [150]

October 24th. Reconstruction of the Eyrie Building's Castle is completed. [151]

October 25th. Officer Morgan is transferred to the 23rd Precinct. [152]

October 26th. Vinnie's driver's license is revoked when he claims gargoyles smashed his motorcycle into a wall. [153]

October 27th. At the risk of his Cyberbiotics assets, Halcyon Renard determines to replace his destroyed Fortress-1 airship with a new Fortress-2 that is to be manned almost entirely by cybots. [154]

October 28th. Xanatos anticipates being released by October 31st, the date of his next pre-trial appearance. [There is an outdated calendar on the wall of his cell that fits neither 1994 or 1995. It may not even be his.] ("Enter Macbeth") [155]

October 31st. In part because both he and Elisa want to conceal the gargoyles' existence, Xanatos and the D.A.'s office agree to a plea bargain. He pleads guilty to the sole count of Receiving Stolen Property. He will be sentenced to six months in county jail including time served, with every hope that the sentence will be reduced to three months for good behavior. [156]

November 3rd. The television at the castle begins showing The Pack on all channels at all times. [157]

November 4th. Now that Xanatos has negotiated such a short sentence, Elisa tries to convince Goliath that the gargoyles must leave the castle. Goliath refuses. Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington attend a live performance by the Pack. Lexington makes contact with his heroes after the show. ("The Thrill of the Hunt") [158]

November 5th. Lexington convinces Goliath to meet the Pack. But the Pack attempts to hunt Goliath and Lex down. The gargoyles manage to turn the tables. Fox and Wolf are arrested. ("The Thrill of the Hunt") [159]

November 6th. Owen tells Xanatos the results of his Gargoyles vs. The Pack experiment. With Fox and Wolf under arrest, The Pack television series is quickly cancelled. Dingo flees to Europe. ("The Thrill of the Hunt") [160]

November 7th. The Trio finds an old abandoned motorcycle, and Lex decides to rebuild it. ("Temptation") [161]

November 11th. Lex finishes fixing the motorcycle, and Brooklyn takes it for a ride. He is attacked by a motorcycle gang that destroys the bike. Demona comes to his aid and convinces him that humans are a danger to the clan. He agrees to help her make Goliath see the truth through magic. Xanatos's jail sentence is officially recorded. It immediately becomes clear to Elisa that he will only have to serve half of his sentence, after time off for good behavior. Elisa finds a good home for the gargoyles in the Clock Tower above her precinct house. [162]

November 12th. Elisa informs Goliath that Xanatos will be out of jail soon. (In order to make a point, she exaggerates and says he'll be out in a month, when in fact it's closer to two.) Brooklyn steals the Grimorum Arcanorum for Demona. Then he lures Goliath to the Cloisters, where Demona casts a spell on Goliath that enslaves him to her will. Brooklyn realizes his error and takes control of Goliath away from her. Demona manages to get away with a few pages from the Grimorum. ("Temptation") [163]

November 13th. Elisa Maza uses the spell from the Grimorum Arcanorum to – for all intents and purposes – free Goliath's mind. ("Temptation") [164]

November 15th. While Elisa again tries to convince Goliath to abandon the castle, they are attacked by a Steel Clan Robot. Goliath destroys it, but Owen uses the opportunity to acquire some of Goliath's genetic material. ("Double Jeopardy") [165]

November 17th. The Trio goes to see the movie Showdown for the first time. [166]

November 18th. Tony Dracon steals hi-tech weapon prototypes from Xanatos Enterprises. Elisa is put on the case and confronts Dracon, who later orders Glasses to sell a few of the weapons on the street. Broadway rushes off to see the movie Showdown again and then goes to Elisa's loft for a bite to eat. He accidentally shoots her with her own gun and rushes her to Manhattan General Hospital. He does not return to the castle. ("Deadly Force") [167]

November 19th. Dr. Sato spends ten hours in surgery trying to save Elisa Maza's life. Her parents, brother and boss come to see her at the hospital. Goliath is outside and overhears Captain Chavez' suspicion that Tony Dracon shot her. Goliath vows vengeance and trails Dracon to the weapons. Broadway, meanwhile, is on an anti-gun rampage, foiling a mugging and tracing the prototype weapons back to Dracon. Together, Broadway and Goliath take Dracon and his men down and destroy the guns. Captain Chavez, with the help of Matt Bluestone, arrests Dracon. ("Deadly Force") [168]

November 20th. Elisa, now out of danger, regains consciousness just before dawn. Broadway apologizes to her. ("Deadly Force") Dracon wakes up with a permanent grey streak in his hair. [169]

December 27th. The Manhattan Clan enjoys a pleasant, peaceful night at the castle: Broadway cooks; Goliath reads; Lex and Brooklyn play cards; Hudson watches Donald Duck on TV; Bronx chews a bone. Meanwhile, David Xanatos is still counting down the days until his release. ("Enter Macbeth") [170]

December 28th. David Xanatos, who is scheduled to be released from jail in one week, is contacted by Macbeth, who offers to rid the castle of gargoyles. ("Enter Macbeth") [171]

December 31st. Anton Sevarius begins to clone Goliath. ("Double Jeopardy") [172]


January 3rd. Macbeth attacks the gargoyles at the Eyrie Building, capturing Lexington, Brooklyn, and Bronx. Elisa Maza, who is largely recovered but still on crutches from being shot, again tries to convince Goliath to leave the castle. He won't listen, but after Goliath departs to find the others, she manages to convince Hudson and Broadway that the castle is no longer their home. They take the Grimorum Arcanorum from Owen Burnett and leave the castle. Meanwhile, Bronx escapes and leads Goliath back to Macbeth's mansion. Macbeth and Goliath battle, Macbeth revealing that his true target is Demona. Macbeth's mansion is damaged by fire, and the gargoyles escape. ("Enter Macbeth") [173]

January 4th. Goliath, Lexington, Bronx, and Brooklyn return to Castle Wyvern atop the Eyrie Building but are intercepted by Elisa Maza, Hudson and Broadway, who finally manage to convince Goliath to follow Elisa to their new home at the Clock Tower above the 23rd Precinct – but not before Goliath warns Owen Burnett that the clan will some day return. David Xanatos is finally released from jail that morning and returns to the castle. He starts serving his probation. ("Enter Macbeth") Later that day, Xanatos goes to Gen-U-Tech Systems to observe Anton Sevarius's progress. Sevarius has successfully cloned Goliath and begins to accelerate the growth of "Thailog". [174]

January 6th. Macbeth begins reconstruction of his mansion. [175][176]

January 12th. Owen Burnett defeats David Xanatos in a judo match, causing Xanatos to fear he is losing his edge. Xanatos first meets with the Emir is that afternoon. That evening on Elisa Maza's first night back on the job, she is assigned a new partner: Matt Bluestone. She brings a television set up to the gargoyles, who are now ensconced in their new home in the clock tower above the 23rd Precinct House. Meanwhile, Xanatos donates the Eye of Odin to the Museum of Modern Art and is interviewed on television by Travis Marshall. Later that night, Xanatos – dressed in Gargoyle Battle Armor – steals the Eye back for his private collection. Simultaneously, two Steel Clan Robots are seen at other locations in the city, leading people to believe that gargoyles are on the loose. ("The Edge") [177]

January 13th. Goliath confronts David Xanatos, who intends to test himself against the gargoyle leader. Wearing his armor, Xanatos and his Steel Clan robots attack Goliath and the Trio. The battle culminates at the Statue of Liberty, where the robots are destroyed, and Xanatos is forced to retreat – but not until after he's successfully tested his armor and himself. ("The Edge") [178]

January 14th. Most everyone – except Matt Bluestone – now believes that robots were responsible for the recent gargoyle sightings. ("The Edge") [179]

January 20th. Demona attempts to poison Elisa Maza in order to lure Goliath to his doom. Knowing it's a trap, Goliath and Hudson take the bait in the hope they can reason with Demona. Demona shoots Goliath, and Hudson struggles to keep him alive and protect him from Demona until sunrise. ("Long Way to Morning") [180]

January 21st. Goliath, Hudson and Demona turn to stone mid-battle. When the Sun sets, Goliath awakens healed. Demona is forced to flee. ("Long Way To Morning") [181]

January 24th. Elisa Maza gives the Trio a helicopter simulation video game. ("Her Brother's Keeper") [182]

January 25th. Elisa Maza and Derek Maza trail David Xanatos to the Diamond Exchange, where Xanatos buys the Coyote Diamond. Hyena and Jackal, on orders from Fox, attempt to steal the Diamond. They are thwarted by Derek, Elisa and Xanatos. Xanatos seems impressed with Derek and offers him a job as his pilot and bodyguard. ("Her Brother's Keeper") [183]

January 26th. Fox orders Hyena and Jackal to assassinate David Xanatos. And that morning, Derek Maza decides to quit the NYPD and accept Xanatos's job offer. ("Her Brother's Keeper") [184]

January 27th. Derek Maza starts working for David Xanatos. Jackal and Hyena attack them, but the Trio intervenes. Lexington manages to land Jackal's helicopter and hide it. ("Her Brother's Keeper") [185]

January 28th. Lexington begins to repair Jackal's helicopter. Elisa Maza confronts Fox in prison. Fox reveals that David Xanatos created the Pack, and is using Jackal and Hyena to cement Derek Maza's loyalty. Elisa records Fox's conversation. Derek flies Xanatos to his upstate retreat, Xanadu. Again, Jackal and Hyena attack. And again, the Manhattan Clan intervenes, using the repaired helicopter to defeat and capture the twins. ("Her Brother's Keeper") [186]

January 29th. It starts to snow. Elisa Maza gives Derek Maza a recording of Fox's revelations. The gargoyles hide the helicopter – permanently. Jackal and Hyena are arrested on charges of attempted murder. ("Her Brother's Keeper") [187]

February 3rd. It is still snowing as an armed assailant robs Mr. Jaffe's local grocery store, a childhood haunt of Matt Bluestone's. Goliath accompanies Elisa Maza on her shift, gliding above her car. David Xanatos and Demona revivify Coldstone from pieces of "Othello", "Desdemona", and "Iago". Coldstone makes a splashy public entrance in Times Square, where he's confronted by Goliath and the Trio. When Demona, Xanatos and a Steel Clan robot join Coldstone, the battle moves to the George Washington Bridge, where Elisa, Hudson and Bronx soon join the fray. Coldstone sacrifices himself to save Goliath and winds up dormant at the bottom of the river. Goliath and the other gargoyles rededicate themselves to protecting all of Manhattan. ("Reawakening") [188]

February 4th. The armed robber returns the money to Mr. Jaffe and turns himself in thanks to the intervention of the Manhattan Clan. ("Reawakening") [189]

March 29th. Scarab Corp. donates the R.E.C.A.P. robot to the N.Y.P.D. Matt Bluestone begins studying the manuals so that he can be certified to use it. [190]

April 1st. Dr. Anton Sevarius recruits two homeless men off the streets of New York City. [191]

May 13th. Thailog has reached full gargoyle adolescence. A discoloration of skin and hair is the only side effect of the accelerated growth. [192]

June 30th. Fox and Wolf are denied parole, and are informed that they will most likely have to serve their entire sixteen-month sentence. Their next parole hearing is set for October 30th, 1995. Xanatos begins to plan Fox's release and the Pack's escape. [193]

July 18th. Matt Bluestone finds a letter from Mace Malone when a search warrant turns it up in Tony Dracon's files. [194]

August 8th. Xanatos's programming of Thailog is in full swing. [195]

September 3rd. Derek Maza misses Sunday dinner with his family. [196]

September 4th. Coyote and Dingo bust the rest of the Pack out of prison. Fox refuses to join them, and even protects a guard from Hyena. Coyote becomes the new leader of the Pack. At sundown, the gargoyles join the hunt to track them down, and the Pack captures Lex, Brooklyn, and Bronx. ("Leader of the Pack") [197]

September 5th. After midnight, Goliath, Hudson and, Broadway free Brooklyn, Lexington and Bronx from an oil tanker in the bay. Coyote, revealed to be a robot, is destroyed by Bronx and Lex, though the robot's head and the Pack escape. ("Leader of the Pack") [198]

September 6th. Fox is granted an expedited parole hearing at the request of grateful prison authorities. She receives an early parole and is reunited with Xanatos. Matt is certified to operate R.E.C.A.P. Elisa tells Lexington about R.E.C.A.P. Coldstone's self-repair systems are activated by Xanatos. ("Leader of the Pack", "Legion") [199]

September 7th. Lydia Duane and Arthur Morwood-Smyth discover The Scrolls of Merlin in Wales. ("A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time") Elisa confronts Derek about missing the previous Sunday's family dinner. He promises to contact her if he has any trouble with Xanatos. That night, Maggie the Cat is allowed to "escape" from Gen-U-Tech Systems. Brooklyn and Broadway find her and try to help, but she is more frightened of the gargoyles than her pursuers. She is recaptured and taken back to Gen-U-Tech. Owen later informs Xanatos and Derek of unusual expense reports coming out of Gen-U-Tech. ("Metamorphosis") [200]

September 8th. Derek and Xanatos confront Sevarius at Gen-U-Tech. Sevarius reveals that he has been testing his mutagenic formula on three human test subjects. Xanatos threatens to shut down the project. Sevarius shoots Derek with a dart filled with the mutagen. Derek begins to mutate. Elisa and Matt question Sevarius but find nothing concrete. ("Metamorphosis") [201]

September 9th. Derek's transformation continues. Goliath, Lexington, and Brooklyn raid Gen-U-Tech to liberate an unwilling Maggie. Goliath appears to accidentally kill Sevarius, destroying Derek's chance for a cure. ("Metamorphosis") [202]

September 10th. The Gargoyles take Maggie back to the Clock Tower, but she flees to Xanatos after they turn to stone. Elisa and Matt discover that Xanatos owns Gen-U-Tech. After sundown, the Gargoyles awaken and discover Maggie gone. The Gargoyles and Elisa confront the Mutates and Xanatos at the Eyrie Building. Although Derek takes the name Talon, Elisa realizes that the Mutate is her brother. Talon and the other Mutates flee. ("Metamorphosis") [203]

September 11th. The gargoyles and Elisa return to the Clock Tower, while back at the Eyrie Building, Xanatos and Sevarius, who had only faked his death, discuss the success of their plan. ("Metamorphosis") Later that day, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announces a forthcoming new medieval exhibit: "Titania's Treasures". Demona immediately begins planning to steal Titania's Mirror. [204]

September 12th. The Dracons take possession of a warehouse on First & Eighth, the former location of The Silver Falcon nightclub. They begin excavations. [205]

September 13th. Fox moves into the Eyrie Building. [206]

September 14th. David Xanatos is officially inducted into the Illuminati Society. [207]

September 18th. Demona first approaches David Xanatos about her plan to gain immortality by stealing one minute of life from everyone who watches their hijacked broadcast. [208]

September 19th. Demona is injured slightly while practicing sorcery. Macbeth, in the general vicinity, feels her pain and immediately realizes that she is somewhere in Manhattan. [209]

September 20th. Coldstone's repairs are completed. He is reactivated and attacks the Goldencup building, where he downloads government defense specs and is infected by a potent computer virus. Elisa and Matt are called in to deal with the situation using R.E.C.A.P. Lexington and Goliath accompany them and reunite with Coldstone. All are initially unaware that multiple personas ("Othello", "Desdemona", "Iago") and David Xanatos's programming are vying for control of Coldstone's body. Coldstone flees to Ellis Island, and Goliath enters his mind to sort out the trouble. Meanwhile, Xanatos takes delivery on another batch of Steel Clan Robots from Scarab Corp. ("Legion") [210]

September 21st. Coldstone eventually winds up standing comatose in a storage room in the Clock Tower. Xanatos gets possession of R.E.C.A.P.'s remains, including the computer virus. ("Legion") Macbeth has a new Hunter's mask made for himself, but is distracted from his hunt for Demona by the anticipated arrival of The Scrolls of Merlin. [211]

September 23rd. The Scrolls of Merlin are being transported aboard the H.M.S. Churchill en route to the Metropolitan Museum in New York when they are stolen by Macbeth's minions. The gargoyles intercede. Hudson recovers one of the Scrolls but falls into the ocean. Broadway tries to get the other scroll, but Macbeth captures him. ("A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time") [212]

September 24th. Hudson washes ashore and is helped by author Jeffrey Robbins. Robbins realizes Hudson is illiterate and convinces him that he isn't too old to learn to read. After sunrise, Macbeth finds Hudson frozen in stone outside Robbins's place. Macbeth takes the scroll. The gargoyles attack Macbeth's Mansion to rescue Broadway and recover the Scrolls. But Macbeth loses interest in the Scrolls when he discovers they aren't Merlin's spellbooks. He allows the gargoyles to depart with them. Goliath returns the Scrolls to Elisa, who delivers them to the Museum. Hudson and Broadway immediately begin learning to read. Robbins starts work on a new book, The Sword and the Staff: A Book of Merlin. ("A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time") [213]

September 25th. Lexington begins working on Coldstone in an attempt to bring him (or them) out of catatonia. [214]

September 27th. Despite Goliath and Elisa's efforts, Demona acquires Titania's Mirror from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ("The Mirror") [215]

September 28th. At midnight, Demona uses Titania's Mirror to summon Puck. They turn Elisa and all the humans in Manhattan into gargoyles and vice versa. The situation is soon reversed, but Puck arranges it so that Demona is human during the day and a gargoyle at night. ("The Mirror") Fox contacts Preston Vogel, inducing him to betray her father Halcyon Renard. [216]

October 1st. Xanatos proposes to Fox and gives her the Eye of Odin as an engagement gift. She accepts both his proposal and the Eye. Alexander Fox Xanatos is most likely conceived on this night. ("Eye of the Beholder") [217]

October 2nd. In anticipation of Halloween, Elisa helps the Trio order costumes through the mail. Broadway chooses a detective costume. Brooklyn, a pirate. Lex, a pilot. [218]

October 3rd. After wearing the Eye of Odin for two days, Fox begins transforming into a werefox. [219]

October 4th. The Werefox is first sighted in Manhattan. [220]

October 12th. Xanatos acquires the Cauldron of Life and prepares to test it by ordering the construction of a pair of Macbeth robots and a statue of Hudson. He also begins looking for a sword that will match Hudson's to be used with the statue. [221]

October 19th. Matt Bluestone contacts his former F.B.I. partner Martin Hacker and asks for his help to authenticate a Mace Malone letter. Hacker agrees. They are to meet at Cleopatra's Needle in New York on October 27th at 10pm. Matt overnights the letter to Hacker. ("The Silver Falcon") [222]

October 25th. Matt Bluestone questions G.F. Benton, unaware that the man is really Dominic Dracon. Matt follows a lead from "Benton" to the location of the old Silver Falcon speakeasy, where he's captured by Tony Dracon. ("The Silver Falcon") [223]

October 26th. Elisa receives the Trio's Halloween costumes. Matt, still in Dracon's custody, finds out that Mace's Silver Falcon letter has nothing to do with the Illuminati. But he decides that if he ever gets out of this situation alive, he'll continue his hunt for Mace. [224]

October 27th. Broadway stops by Elisa's place to pick up the Trio's Halloween costumes and to watch a video of his favorite thirties gangster movie. Captain Chavez, concerned about Bluestone, contacts Elisa, who begins investigating Matt's disappearance with Broadway (who dons his Halloween costume for the case). They stumble on Pal Joey ransacking Matt's apartment, and Broadway rescues all three of them when a bomb Joey planted explodes prematurely. Elisa keeps Matt's rendezvous with Hacker. ("The Silver Falcon") [225]

October 28th. Like Matt before her, Elisa questions G.F. Benton, unaware that he is really Dominic Dracon. She too heads for the old location of the Silver Falcon. Broadway is caught in a cave-in at dawn and turns to stone. Elisa is taken hostage with Matt by Tony Dracon and his henchman Glasses. When Tony fails to find the jewels Mace hid, Elisa bargains with him, offering to trade the true location of the jewels for her and Matt's life. That night, Elisa, Matt and Broadway manage to take down Dracon, his men and his grandfather Dominic. ("The Silver Falcon") [226]

October 29th. Tony Dracon, Dominic Dracon and their men are taken into custody. Martin Hacker calls to see if Matt's all right. Matt asks Hacker to find the whereabouts of Mace Malone's stepson Jack Dane. Later, Elisa helps Broadway order a new Detective costume for Halloween to replace the one destroyed during the Silver Falcon case. [227]

October 30th. After picking up her Halloween costume, Elisa encounters the Werefox in Mr. Jaffe's store. ("Eye of the Beholder") [228]

October 31st. Xanatos confronts Fox and attempts to get the Eye back from her. She transforms in front of him and escapes. Xanatos intentionally involves Goliath and Elisa in an attempt to manipulate them into helping Fox and retrieving the Eye. Goliath quickly catches on and initially refuses to help. Later that night, the Trio, Goliath, Elisa, Vinnie, Brendan, and Margot all attend a Greenwich Village Halloween block party. When the Werefox attacks, Goliath and Elisa agree to help Xanatos save Fox. Together, they manage to remove the Eye from the creature, which reverts to Fox. Goliath takes possession of the Eye. ("Eye of the Beholder") [229]

November 1st. A fully-grown Thailog is released from his maturation chamber and takes up residence at the Eyrie Building. Xanatos receives a letter from the Illuminati Society. It is from himself, sent in the year 975. It explains that he sent himself the medieval coin that was the basis of all his wealth. The letter also explains how he set this all up by turning his wedding to Fox into a time travel excursion to 975. [230]

November 4th. Peter Choy and Rosaria Sanchez rescue and resuscitate a drowning five-year-old from the lake in Central Park. [231]

November 5th. Xanatos sends word through Elisa that he wants to talk to Goliath. Assuming the worst, Goliath attacks Xanatos atop the Goldencup Bakery Building. After a brief struggle, Xanatos stops the fight and asks Goliath to be best man at his wedding to Fox the next night. Xanatos also promises that Demona will be at the wedding. ("Vows") [232]

November 6th. Fox arrives at the Eyrie with Xanatos's father, Petros. That night, Goliath decides to attend the wedding. He brings his half of the Phoenix Gate along. Fox and David are married. Demona tricks Goliath into giving her his half of the Gate. She then uses it to travel back in time to the year 975. Goliath, David, Fox and Petros Xanatos go too. Seconds later, they return, having fulfilled their roles in the time-stream. ("Vows") That same night, Thailog, who had intentionally been kept hidden from Goliath, initiates his plan to steal $20 million from Xanatos. [233]

November 7th. Petros returns to Bar Harbor, Maine. [234]

November 9th. The city honors Peter Choi and Rosaria Sanchez. Terrorists take hostages (including Brendan and Margot) at a bank. The gargoyles intervene and have their first encounter with the Weird Sisters. Wolf sees television coverage of the bank robbery and decides that he and the Pack are going to turn to a life of crime. Meanwhile, Demona and Xanatos initiate their plan to secure immortality by stealing a minute of life from everyone who watches their hijacked broadcast. However, Demona was fooling Xanatos, and actually succeeds in using the broadcast to turn everyone who watches into stone at night. Owen, Fox, Elisa and most of the humans in Manhattan see the broadcast. Xanatos does not watch. ("City of Stone" Part One) [235]

November 10th. Macbeth sees enough of the broadcast to realize what Demona is up to. Elisa goes to the Clock Tower to wait for the gargoyles to awaken. At sundown, Owen, Fox and Elisa (as well as most of the humans in Manhattan) turn to stone. The gargoyles awaken at sundown and discover Elisa and the other stone humans. ("City of Stone" Part One) (Thailog also awakens at sundown. With no one at the castle to warn him, he watches Demona's spell on television and immediately turns to stone. He will remain stone in the television room, 24 hours a day until the spell is broken. But he has had his first exposure to Demona.) The gargoyles stop at Robbins's house. Being blind, he was unaffected by Demona's spell. They begin to search the city for Demona, who's on a killing spree, destroying stone humans in the streets. Separately, Macbeth and Xanatos also seek Demona. ("City of Stone" Part Two) [236]

November 11th. Everyone converges at PackMedia Studios. Xanatos puts an end to the broadcast, but the spell is still in force. Macbeth attacks Demona, but she escapes. Goliath and Xanatos agree to team up to defeat Demona and end the spell. ("City of Stone" Part Two) At dawn, the gargoyles all turn to stone. At the same time, the transformed humans become flesh again, without any memory of what had happened to them. Owen informs Xanatos that they need to set the sky on fire to break the spell. They begin preparations to do just that. When Elisa learns that the broadcast originated at the Xanatos-owned PackMedia Studios, she confronts Owen at the Eyrie Building. Both turn to stone at sundown. Shortly thereafter, the gargoyles arrive. ("City of Stone" Part Three) [237]

November 12th. Xanatos, his Steel Clan Robots and the gargoyles depart the castle wearing packs that will distribute a harmless gas that can be ignited to make it look like the sky is on fire. After they leave, Demona reveals her presence. ("City of Stone" Part Three) Demona attempts to sabotage Xanatos's plan, but Macbeth confronts Demona, determined to end both their lives. Xanatos and Goliath return to see the Weird Sisters disable both Demona and Macbeth and depart with them. The sky is set ablaze, and the humans are freed from the spell just before the Sun rises on a new day. ("City of Stone" Part Four) [238]

November 13th. At dawn, after a long night on duty, Elisa follows Macbeth and a human Demona up to the Clock Tower. They knock her out and steal Coldstone, in order to distract the clan from realizing that they've also stolen the Eye of Odin, the Grimorum and the Phoenix Gate. At sundown, Demona transforms back into a gargoyle and reawakens Coldstone with the evil "Iago" personality in control. Meanwhile, Elisa fills in the gargoyles, who sneak into Macbeth's mansion to recover Coldstone – only to be betrayed and captured. ("High Noon") Meanwhile, Tony Dracon is released on bail and begins tightening his grip on the protection racket in Manhattan. [239]

November 14th. After another shift, Elisa returns to the Clock Tower just before sunrise, where she's confronted by Demona and witnesses her change into a human being. Demona challenges Elisa to save the gargoyles. Meeting the challenge, Elisa shows up at Belvedere Castle at high noon to confront the trio of villains. Elisa fights the human Demona, while "Othello" and "Desdemona" internally challenge "Iago". "Othello" wins control of Coldstone's body and turns against Macbeth, who is forced to flee with Demona. Coldstone, fearing for the safety of his clanmates as long as "Iago" exists within him, departs Manhattan. Back at Macbeth's mansion, the Weird Sisters reassert their control over Macbeth and Demona, revealing that they were behind the theft of the three magical objects. ("High Noon") [240]

November 15th. The Pack attempts to rob a bank. The gargoyles try to stop them. Goliath is badly injured – allowing the Pack to escape. Hudson informs Goliath that he needs to choose one of the Trio to be his Second-in-Command. ("Upgrade") [241]

November 16th. The Pack is approached by the Coyote robot's severed head. On Xanatos's behalf, the head offers the Pack the opportunity to be upgraded by using genetic engineering, cybernetics, armor and robotics. They agree to differing degrees. While back at the Eyrie Building, Fox and Xanatos begin a game that will eventually pit the gargoyles and Pack against each other. ("Upgrade") Meanwhile, Peter and Diane Maza confront Elisa about Derek Maza's disappearance. Elisa talks them out of filing a police report on her brother. [242]

November 17th. Early in the afternoon, Fox wires a down payment to Preston Vogel's Swiss bank account, securing his services for her hostile effort to take over Halcyon Renard's Cyberbiotics company. That evening, Cyberbiotics launches Fortress-2. Despite Elisa's concern, Goliath follows the airship to protect it, but he is viewed as a threat and is captured by Renard's cybots. Meanwhile, Fox receives test results from her doctor, confirming she is pregnant with Xanatos's child. ("Outfoxed") [243]

November 18th. At the behest of Fox, the cybots are reprogrammed by Preston Vogel to sabotage Fortress-2. Goliath and Renard join forces to defeat them and save the ship. In the end, Vogel has a change of heart and assists. Early that morning, Fox confronts Renard, informing her father of her pregnancy. ("Outfoxed") Owen learns from Xanatos that Fox is pregnant and begins making preparations for a possible attack from the Children of Oberon. [244]

November 20th. The Guardian departs Avalon to see if it is safe for the Avalon Clan to leave the island. Avalon sends him to Wyvern Hill, where he sees that Castle Wyvern is now gone. [245]

November 21st. Matt Bluestone meets with Martin Hacker and gets information about Mace Malone's stepson Jack Dane. Later, at the precinct house, Matt realizes that Elisa's lying to him about something. He gives her the opportunity to question Dane with him, but she passes. ("Revelations") Meanwhile in Wyvern, Tom hikes to a nearby village and learns from the locals that the castle wasn't demolished, but taken apart and shipped, lock, stock, & gargoyle, to Manhattan – where it was placed at the top of a "skyscraper." [246]

November 22nd. Matt questions Jack Dane and gets a lead on Mace Malone. Just before sundown, he confronts Elisa in the Clock Tower about her lies. She puts him off again. ("Revelations") In Scotland, Tom hikes back up Wyvern Hill and spends some time reminiscing. He even searches the Archmage's caverns. [247]

November 23rd. Matt finds and confronts Mace Malone at Pine Lawn Cemetery. Malone offers Matt an Illuminati membership on the condition that he pass a loyalty test. As a show of good faith, Malone tells Matt about the gargoyles and Elisa's involvement with them. Matt stews about the information for most of the night, i.e. for most of his shift with Elisa. ("Revelations") The ghosts of Hakon and the Captain hear Tom talking to himself. They discover that Goliath is possibly still alive. Tom returns to Avalon to discuss this latest news with the Magus and Princess Katharine. [248]

November 24th. Matt Bluestone confronts Elisa Maza about the gargoyles at the end of their shift. They return to the Clock Tower, but not before sunrise. Elisa promises to introduce Matt to the gargoyles at sundown. Matt meets with Mace Malone again, who tells him that the way to prove his loyalty is to bring a gargoyle to the Hotel Cabal. Later, Elisa introduces Matt to the Manhattan Clan. He and Goliath arrange to fool Mace at the Hotel Cabal. After they arrive, they are quickly separated, and Goliath is put through the Hotel's paces by Mace. ("Revelations") [249]

November 25th. Together, Matt Bluestone and Goliath turn the tables on Mace Malone, trapping him in the Hotel Cabal. Later that morning, Martin Hacker reveals he's been a member of the Illuminati all along. He welcomes Matt into the Society as a new member. ("Revelations") [250]

November 27th. On Queen Florence Island, the Haida hold a tribal meeting and most of the band votes to abandon the Island, which has been dying off for some time. [251]

November 28th. Elisa Maza, Broadway, and Lexington are lured to Long Island after midnight by a false tip. They are assaulted by a creature that appears to be Goliath. That morning, mercenaries hired by Anton Sevarius steal a stone Thailog from David Xanatos. After sunset, they deliver their prize to Sevarius on an oil rig just off the coast of Long Island. Not long after, Elisa, Goliath, Broadway, and Lex return to Long Island to investigate Goliath's mysterious look-alike. They find a Gen-U-Tech Systems tracking device. Meanwhile, Xanatos receives a ransom call demanding twenty million dollars in exchange for the creature. He and Owen Burnett quickly deduce that Sevarius is behind the gargoyle-napping. At Gen-U-Tech, Lexington and Broadway discover the truth about Goliath's clone Thailog. ("Double Jeopardy") Meanwhile, in Scotland, Xanatos's security team begins searching for the Loch Ness Monster. [252]

November 29th. 2:00am. David Xanatos arrives at the oil rig with the ransom money. He confronts Anton Sevarius but quickly realizes Sevarius believes Xanatos himself is behind the scheme. It is soon revealed that Thailog has been playing everyone against each other from the beginning. He captures Sevarius, Xanatos, Goliath and Elisa Maza. All four escape, but Thailog is seemingly killed when the rig blows up. However, the next morning, Xanatos realizes Thailog escaped with the money. ("Double Jeopardy") [253]

December 5th. The two Archmages reunite outside Avalon with the Weird Sisters, who have brought Demona, Macbeth, the Eye of Odin, the Phoenix Gate and The Grimorum Arcanorum. The three talismans are given to the "younger" of the two Archmages, and he is transformed into a double of his future self. They enter Avalon and prepare to attack its inhabitants. ("Avalon" Part Two) [254]

December 10th. Talon, Maggie the Cat, Fang, and Claw return to David Xanatos and take up residence at the Eyrie Building. [255]

December 14th. The trio have grown steadily more at odds over Goliath's inability to choose one of them as a Second. They have begun competing to see who can stop the most street crime. Elisa, Goliath, Hudson, and Bronx are captured by a newly upgraded Pack. Coyote has a new robot body. Hyena and Jackal are now cyborgs. Wolf is a mutate. And Dingo has new battle armor. ("Upgrade") Meanwhile, Halcyon Renard, who had been searching for some means to fight the disease that is killing him, discovers an incantation that will transfer his soul into the Golem of Prague. [256]

December 15th. The trio realize that the rest of the clan is missing and – utilizing a tip from Fox and a plan from Brooklyn – manage to find the Pack and rescue their friends. Coyote-II is destroyed, and Dingo, Jackal, Hyena and Wolf are left for the police. (And thus Fox wins the little game she was playing against David Xanatos.) Goliath chooses Brooklyn as his Second-in-Command. ("Upgrade") [257]

December 16th. On instructions from Captain Maria Chavez, Elisa Maza pretends to be a crooked cop trying to muscle in on Tony Dracon's protection racket. Meanwhile, Goliath spots the Mutates hanging around the Eyrie Building. He elects not to tell Elisa. [258]

December 18th. Tony Dracon's men blow up Art & Lois' Restaurant. Maria Chavez, Matt Bluestone and Elisa Maza continue to pretend that a bitter Elisa has gone bad, this time for the benefit of Pal Joey, one of Dracon's men. ("Protection") Meanwhile, Thailog arrives in Paris and begins sleeping days atop Notre Dame Cathedral. [259]

December 19th. Goliath and Broadway, who aren't in on Elisa Maza's undercover charade, follow her and come close to blowing her cover. She covers, however, and manages to get a meeting with Tony Dracon, where the two of them agree to go into business together with the gargoyles. The gargoyles and cops wind up foiling Dracon's operation and getting him to confess his transgressions on videotape. He's arrested and sent away. Goliath tastes Jalapeñas for the first time. ("Protection") Later that morning, Elisa's sister Beth Maza comes into town from Arizona. That evening, while the Trio attend a rock concert in the park, Beth spots Talon watching the Maza family from outside Elisa's window. Later, Goliath admits that he has seen the Mutates back with David Xanatos. Elisa and Goliath confront Talon. Elisa reveals to her brother that Anton Sevarius isn't dead. Talon's extreme stance convinces Goliath to take drastic action. ("The Cage") [260]

December 20th. Goliath kidnaps Anton Sevarius out from under the nose of Gen-U-Tech security guard Vinnie Grigori. Goliath takes Sevarius down to the abandoned Cyberbiotics underground lab and tries to force him to create a cure for the Mutates. Meanwhile, the Mutates attack the other gargoyles at the Clock Tower. The gargoyles ultimately win the battle, but Brooklyn lets them go in order to prove to Maggie the Cat that he can be trusted. Having discovered that Goliath was the kidnapper, Elisa Maza, Talon, the Mutates, David Xanatos and his Steel Clan robots all converge on the old lab. Xanatos rescues Sevarius, and Talon finally realizes his employer was responsible for his metamorphosis. Talon and the other Mutates take up residence in the abandoned Cyberbiotics underground base, which they redub the "Labyrinth". The next morning, Vinnie is fired from Gen-U-Tech. And that evening, Elisa brings her parents and sister to the Labyrinth for a reunion with Derek and an introduction to the other Mutates. ("The Cage") In Scotland, Xanatos's security team successfully captures "Nessie", a Loch Ness Monster. Sevarius leaves for Scotland, to begin running tests on the creature. [261]

December 21st. It starts to snow in Manhattan. And in London, a gang of street punks begins to violently target minorities in Soho. [262]

December 22nd. Just before dawn, the gargoyles are attacked by "Macbeth". After sunrise, David Xanatos kidnaps Hudson's sleeping body and replaces it with a stone statue. At sundown, the other gargoyles awaken and believe that Macbeth has used sorcery to keep Hudson asleep. Goliath and Lexington search for a cure, while Brooklyn and Broadway protect the statue from "Macbeth". Meanwhile, Xanatos reveals that in his bid for immortality, he plans to use Hudson to test the Cauldron of Life. ("The Price") And on Avalon, the Archmages and their allies launch their attack on the Avalon Clan. ("Avalon" Part Two) [263]

December 23rd. Broadway and Brooklyn manage to lead "Macbeth" away from "Hudson", but Broadway is caught mid-air when sunrise causes him to turn to stone. Elisa Maza barely manages to save him. After the Sun sets again, "Macbeth" destroys "Hudson", and a grief-stricken Goliath destroys what is revealed to be a Macbeth robot. Back at the castle, the real Hudson escapes David Xanatos on his own and is reunited with his clan. Owen Burnett tests the Cauldron of Life, which turns one of his hands permanently to stone. ("The Price") [264]

December 27th. Hudson and the Trio patrol, while Goliath and Bronx remain behind at the Clock Tower. Tom, now known as the Guardian, arrives in New York, looking for Goliath. He is arrested by Officer Morgan Morgan, who mentions him to Elisa Maza. Elisa arranges a meeting between Goliath and Tom. ("Avalon" Part One) [265]

December 28th. Goliath and Tom the Guardian meet at Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Together with Elisa Maza and Bronx, they depart for Avalon, where they are introduced to the grown hatchlings of the Wyvern Clan (including Angela, Gabriel, and Boudicca) and are reunited with the Magus and Princess Katharine. Meanwhile, a recently transformed Archmage travels back in time... ("Avalon" Part One, "Avalon" Part Two) [266]

December 29th. Goliath, Angela and Gabriel attempt to steal the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate from the Archmage. They fail. Meanwhile, Elisa Maza and the Magus succeed in waking the Sleeping King, Arthur Pendragon. ("Avalon" Part Three) [267]

December 30th. Macbeth and Demona attack the humans and gargoyles at Oberon's Palace, while the Magus faces off against the Weird Sisters at the Hollow Hill, and Goliath and Angela seek out the Archmage at the Grotto. At first things look grim, but Princess Katharine defeats Demona with help from Ophelia, the Guardian, Elisa Maza, Gabriel, Bronx, and Boudicca. King Arthur Pendragon also defeats Macbeth, and the Magus captures the Weird Sisters, though it fatally weakens him. Goliath battles the Archmage, who uses the Phoenix Gate to bounce them around through Time and Space. But the Archmage cannot shake Goliath, and returns to the present, where Goliath succeeds in removing the Eye of Odin from his brow. Without the Eye, the energy from the Grimorum Arcanorum burns the Archmage to death from the inside out. The battle is over. ("Avalon" Part Three) [268]

December 31st. The Magus passes away inside the Hollow Hill. ("Avalon" Part Three) [269]


January 1st. King Arthur leaves Avalon on his own to explore the world. The Weird Sisters are forced to release Macbeth and Demona from their thrall. Goliath pushes his unconscious foes off of Avalon. They land in Paris, where Demona awakens first, sees Macbeth unconscious and flees. Minutes later, a confused Macbeth regains consciousness. Realizing where he is, he retreats to his Château on Paris' famous Left Bank. (Neither retain any memories of events that have taken place between November 12th, 1995 and January 1st, 1996.) Meanwhile, Goliath takes possession of the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate, then releases the Weird Sisters, who vanish. Goliath leaves Tom, Katharine and Gabriel in charge of Avalon and the Avalon Clan. Only Angela chooses to join Goliath, Elisa and Bronx aboard the skiff. They begin their "World Tour" while attempting to find their way home from Avalon. Avalon sends Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx to Wyvern Hill in Scotland. There the ghosts of Hakon and the Captain attempt to drive Goliath insane and steal his life force. ("Avalon" Part Three, "Shadows of the Past")

January 2nd. The Captain has a change of heart and rescues Goliath. The Captain's spirit ascends. Hakon is trapped alone in the caverns below Wyvern. The quartet of travelers return to Avalon so that they may attempt to find Manhattan again. ("Shadows of the Past") Meanwhile in Paris, Demona encounters Thailog. They quickly form an alliance. ("Sanctuary")

January 3rd. The travelers depart Avalon again, arriving on Queen Florence Island off the west coast of Canada, where they immediately encounter Grandmother in the form of a Sea Monster. Elisa is separated from the others and washes ashore, where she is found by Grandmother and Natsilane, the chief of the local Haida band. Elisa is alive, but gravely ill. Grandmother helps heal her. That night, Goliath, Angela and Bronx encounter Raven posing as a gargoyle. ("Heritage") [270]

January 4th. Hudson and the Trio have been searching for Goliath and Bronx to no avail. Broadway, realizing that Elisa Maza is missing too, brings her cat Cagney back to the Clock Tower. Brooklyn resists taking the reins of leadership, but he does go to visit Talon and Maggie the Cat in the Labyrinth, where homeless humans like Al, Chaz and Lou have joined the Mutates in what is supposed to be a free society of outcasts. Broadway visits Matt Bluestone next, but Matt is equally in the dark over his partner's disappearance. Lex eavesdrops on Elisa's parents and learns they are also worried. ("Kingdom") Meanwhile on Queen Florence Island, Elisa and the gargoyles find each other again, and then find Grandmother as she transforms into the Thunderbird. Grandmother later admits that she was undergoing these transformations to convince Natsilane to take up arms against Raven to save the island. When Natsilane meets the gargoyles, he is convinced. The gargoyles and Natsilane battle Raven and drive him away. With Raven gone, Grandmother is able to heal the island. ("Heritage") The travelers again return to Avalon, where it is six in the morning, causing Goliath, Angela and Bronx to turn to stone. [271]

January 5th. Convinced that David Xanatos is responsible for Elisa Maza's disappearance, Talon leads the Trio in an attack on the Eyrie Building. Xanatos and Owen Burnett test out their new (Thailog motivated) security system and Owen's new stone fist. Ultimately, however, they allow the foursome to fruitlessly search the place once Xanatos discovers that Goliath and the others are missing. Meanwhile, Fang has staged a coup down in the Labyrinth. He takes Talon prisoner upon his return. Maggie the Cat, however, escapes with Claw's aid and seeks help at the Clock Tower. After sundown, Brooklyn leads the gargoyles and Maggie against Fang and his minions. Talon is freed and Fang is captured. ("Kingdom") [272]

January 9th. Dominique Destine has an "accidental" encounter with Lennox Macbeth. [273]

January 16th. Though the travelers have spent only the hours between sunrise and sunset on Avalon, days have passed in the real world. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela and Bronx depart Avalon and find themselves on Loch Ness, back in Scotland. Elisa attempts to leave a message with Matt Bluestone's answering machine, but his message tape is full and the message is not recorded. Later, their skiff is capsized by a Loch Ness Monster. In the confusion, Angela is captured by a monster-shaped submarine and brought back to Dr. Anton Sevarius, who runs DNA tests on her that prove she is the biological daughter of Goliath. ("Monsters") [274]

January 17th. Angela is imprisoned alongside Nessie, a Loch Ness Monster. That day Elisa Maza spots members of David Xanatos's Security Team resupplying in town. She follows them to Anton Sevarius's secret submarine dock. After nightfall, she returns with Goliath and Bronx, but all three are captured. Sevarius, who has informed Angela that she is Goliath's daughter, takes her along as he attempts to use Nessie to capture her mate Big Daddy in the Loch. Goliath and the others escape, and use a mini-submarine to foil Sevarius's plans. The monster-sub sinks along with every member of the Security Team, except their leader Bruno. The Loch Ness Monsters are reunited and set free. ("Monsters") [275]

January 18th. Angela, Bronx, Elisa Maza, and Goliath sink the mini-sub, and return to Avalon. ("Monsters") [276]

January 19th. The travelers depart Avalon and arrive in Prague, where Halcyon Renard has made a devil's agreement with gangster Tomas Brod to acquire the Golem. Elisa Maza encounters Max Loew, who attempts to waken the Golem. But before he can, it is stolen by Brod, who turns it over to Renard. ("Golem") [277]

January 20th. Halcyon Renard puts his own soul inside the Golem's body, and his newfound power quickly goes to his head. Ultimately, however, he is made to see the error of his ways, and he returns the Golem to Max Loew, who uses it against Tomas Brod. Renard offers to take the travelers back to New York. But Goliath has concluded that there is a purpose to their travels. They return to Avalon to continue their odyssey. ("Golem") [278]

January 21st. Elisa Maza and the gargoyles arrive in Paris during the day. Elisa starts to call her parents, but when she spots Macbeth and Demona together, she follows them to Macbeth's Château. Then she follows Demona to Notre Dame Cathedral, where she loses her trail. After sundown, she rejoins the gargoyles and fills them in. Goliath attempts to confront Demona at the Cathedral and is surprised to find her allied (and apparently in love) with Thailog. Angela overhears their confrontation and realizes that Demona is her biological mother. Goliath and his friends depart. Demona informs Thailog that she has successfully set up their new international corporation: Nightstone Unlimited, owned and operated by Dominique Destine and "Alexander" Thailog. ("Sanctuary") [279]

January 22nd. "Dominique Destine" marries "Lennox Macbeth". But as the Sun sets, Macbeth learns the truth when Dominique transforms back into Demona. She quickly renders him unconscious. But when Thailog arrives, he secretly helps Macbeth escape. His plan is for Macbeth and Demona to kill each other so that he will inherit both their fortunes. Elisa Maza intervenes by temporarily "killing" both of them. Demona flees with Thailog, but Macbeth and the gargoyles declare a truce. Later, Elisa and the gargoyles take the skiff back to Avalon. ("Sanctuary") [280]

January 23rd. The travelers immediately depart Avalon again, landing in London, where they meet Leo and Una, who remember Goliath from 1940 and blame him for the death of Griff. Goliath is mystified, and uses the Phoenix Gate to travel back in time to 1940, in an attempt to learn the truth and save Griff. He and Griff return to 1996, reuniting Griff with Leo and Una. ("M.I.A.") [281]

January 24th. Goliath, Angela, Elisa Maza, and Bronx rest through the day in London, allowing Goliath's injured wing to heal. That night, they return to Avalon. Griff, Leo and Una become protectors of London again. ("M.I.A.") [282]

January 25th. The travelers arrive in Egypt and follow Coyote into a temple hidden inside the Sphinx. ("Grief") [283]

January 26th. At midnight, the Emir summons and imprisons Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. Elisa Maza and the gargoyles attempt to intervene but are captured. The Emir tries to force Anubis to bring his late son back to life. When Anubis refuses, the Emir attempts to become an avatar of Anubis's power. But Jackal intercepts the spell and becomes the Avatar of Anubis instead. Mad with power, Jackal destroys Coyote 3.0 and brings death to an entire Egyptian town, before the Emir recasts his spell and becomes the new Avatar. The Emir now understands that death cannot play favorites, and he destroys the temple to prevent anyone else from ever gaining access to Anubis's power. Elisa and the gargoyles spend the day outside the Sphinx. Then they return to Avalon. What's left of the Pack scatters. ("Grief") [284]

January 27th. In Ireland, Rory Dugan and his girlfriend Molly steal a jacket from a local shop and manage to elude the police – just as the four travelers arrive from Avalon. The Banshee quickly captures Elisa Maza, Angela and Goliath. ("The Hound of Ulster") [285]

January 28th. In the morning, Rory Dugan returns home and argues with his father, Mr. Dugan. That evening at sunset, Elisa Maza, Goliath and Angela wake up to find themselves trapped inside Cairn na Chullain by the Banshee, who is convinced they have been sent by Oberon to bring her back to Avalon for the Gathering. Rory, looking for Molly, encounters Bronx instead. When the Banshee realizes that Rory and "the Great Beast" are together, she appears to Rory and lures him away from Bronx. ("The Hound of Ulster") [286]

January 29th. Rory Dugan wakes, unsure if his previous night's adventures were a dream. That night, he and Molly enter the Cairn, and Rory recovers Gae Bolga, the Spear of Light. The Spear transforms Rory, revealing he is the reincarnation of the ancient Irish hero Cu Chullain. In order to defeat him, Molly becomes first the Banshee and then the death-worm, Crom-Cruach. With Bronx's help, Cu Chullain defeats Crom-Cruach, banishing the Banshee. Cu Chullain transforms back into Rory, but he keeps possession of Gae Bolga and will remain the Hero of Ulster. The travelers return to Avalon, where it is morning. The gargoyles turn to stone. ("The Hound of Ulster") [287]

February 5th. Halcyon Renard returns to Manhattan and contacts Matt Bluestone, informing him of Goliath and Elisa Maza's situation. Matt passes the word on to Hudson and the Trio, who inform Talon. Matt also attempts to cover for Elisa with her parents and Captain Maria Chavez. [288]

February 6th. After a week of licking her wounds, the Banshee is able to reform herself. She flees Ireland in order to hide from both Oberon and Cu Chullain. [289]

February 7th. Dingo begins studying with an Australian aboriginal Shaman. [290]

February 8th. On Avalon, Goliath, Angela and Bronx awaken. Quite aware they won't be getting home any time soon, the travelers elect to spend "a few days" resting and getting to know the Avalon Clan. And in Nigeria, Tea Gora is marked by a were-panther on the day she departs for the city of Abuja. [291]

February 12th. After [Withheld], King Arthur Pendragon returns to Avalon, unsure whether or not he'll ever go back to the real world. [292]

February 13th. Odin becomes aware that Goliath has the Eye of Odin. [293]

February 14th. On New Olympus, Taurus apprehends the murderer Proteus. [294]

February 15th. The stolen Mayan Sun Amulet goes on display at New York's American Museum of Natural History. [295]

February 19th. Professor Lydia Duane and Doctor Arthur Morwood-Smyth make hotel reservations for their upcoming vacation on Easter Island.

February 20th. Yama and Taro consult over the design plans for Taro's Gargoyle Theme Park.

February 21st. David Xanatos receives satellite photographs, which reveal a soil carving dedicated to the Trickster Coyote. He makes plans to lease the land that contains the carving from the local Native American tribe. He also commissions a new Coyote Robot, made with iron melted down from the Cauldron of Life.

February 22nd. The Weird Sisters track down Oberon in his mortal identity. They inform him that mortals have infested Avalon. Oberon decides that the time of the Gathering is indeed at hand and sets out to find his former queen, Titania.

April 25th. The Banshee informs Puck that the Gathering is at hand. [296]

April 29th. Per Owen's instructions, a working force field is installed at the Eyrie Building. [297]

April 30th. Per Owen's instructions, Iron Clan Robots are stored at strategic locations near the Eyrie Building. [298]

May 1st. Hakon's spirit reaches out across the globe and senses that his descendant Wolf shares his hatred of Goliath. He summons Wolf to Wyvern Hill in Scotland. Meanwhile, Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx depart from Avalon and arrive in Australia. There they encounter the Matrix phenomena created by a pregnant Fox and her mother Anastasia Renard. ("Walkabout") [299]

May 2nd. The Matrix, having evolved beyond Fox and Anastasia's control, threatens to spread its vision of "order" across the entire planet. Goliath and Angela reluctantly join forces with Dingo to try to rectify the situation. Ultimately, Goliath and Dingo enter the Dreamtime and convince the Matrix to abandon its pursuit of a pristine and orderly universe to seek out "Law and Order" instead. The Matrix and Dingo agree to join forces as heroes, and the Matrix merges with Dingo's armor. Elisa and the gargoyles return to Avalon, where it is morning again. The gargoyles sleep. ("Walkabout") [300]

May 6th. Tomas Brod, his men, and his hovercraft arrive in Manhattan from Prague and immediately start a turf war with Tony Dracon's men. [301]

May 7th. Demona and Thailog return to Manhattan and hire Dr. Sevarius away from Gen-U-Tech. Sevarius reveals that the female gargoyle that Demona saw in Paris is the biological child of her and Goliath. [302]

May 8th. Xanatos begins to actively search the globe for Coldstone. [303]

May 13th. Attracted by multiple reports of gargoyle sightings in Manhattan, the Canmore siblings (Jason, Robyn, and Jon) begin making inquiries and creating the false identities they will need to find Demona there and destroy her. [304]

May 14th. Demona starts Sevarius on a little side project: the creation of the carrier virus, CV-1000. [305]

May 15th. St. Damien's Cathedral is condemned as unsafe. [306]

May 16th. Goliath, Angela, and Bronx awaken on Avalon and depart the island with Elisa. They land in Nigeria, in time to hear Elisa's mother, Diane Maza, tell the story of the Panther Queen before the Feast of the Panther Queen. The Maza reunion is interrupted by poachers, led by Tea, whose former love Fara Maku turns into a panther before their eyes. Tea shoots Fara, who escapes into the jungle. The gargoyles and the Mazas take down the poachers and attempt to protect Fara from Tea, who turns out to be another were-panther. ("Mark of the Panther") [307]

May 17th. The gargoyles, Mazas, and were-panthers converge on the ancient ruins of Kara Digi. There they discover that Fara was largely manipulated by the Spider-Trickster Anansi. All concerned join forces to defeat Anansi. Fara and Tea remain were-panthers but are reconciled and vow to protect the jungle. Just before sunrise, Goliath finally acknowledges Angela as his daughter. After sunrise, Elisa tells her mother everything about her life with the gargoyles. At sunset, Elisa and the gargoyles once more return to Avalon. Diane Maza phones New York, informing her husband of Elisa's situation. Peter Maza contacts Matt Bluestone and Talon. Matt contacts Brooklyn, Lex, Broadway, and Hudson. ("Mark of the Panther") [308]

May 18th. In Manhattan, Macbeth and his flunkies, Banquo and Fleance, prepare for the Harmonic Convergence. And on Avalon, King Arthur decides to leave in order to find Excalibur. He arrives in London. ("Pendragon") [309]

May 19th. Arthur encounters Griff and the Stone of Destiny at Westminster Abbey. The Stone transports Arthur and Griff to Manhattan, where Macbeth is waiting. Macbeth is temporarily forced to flee when Hudson and the Trio intervene. The four Manhattan gargoyles join forces with Arthur and Griff to help Arthur find Excalibur. In Central Park, they encounter the Lady of the Lake, who gives them another clue to the sword's whereabouts. But Macbeth uses a Will-O-The-Wisp to listen in. He becomes determined to find Excalibur first. The quest takes them all to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, where Macbeth accidentally brings a giant stone dragon to life by removing a copy of Excalibur from its grip. Arthur destroys the dragon and finds the true Excalibur inside the stone beast. Macbeth swears allegiance to Arthur. Just before sunrise, Arthur knights Griff. And after the sun sets, Arthur and Griff depart on a new quest – to find Merlin. ("Pendragon") Meanwhile, Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx, also depart Avalon and are drawn to Norway by the power of Odin, who appears to them in the form of an old man and tries to get Goliath to trade the Eye of Odin for a coat to keep Elisa warm. Elisa and Goliath agree to pass on his offer. But Elisa is on the verge of hypothermia. She takes shelter with local farmer Erik Sturluson and his son Gunther. ("Eye of the Storm") [310]

May 20th. Odin takes the form of a bear and attempts to battle Goliath for the Eye. He fails and so resorts to kidnapping Elisa with the help of his flying horse Sleipnir. With Elisa's life at stake, Goliath reluctantly dons the Eye himself. He is transformed into an Avatar of Odin's power. That power immediately begins to change him into an uber-version of himself. He successfully rescues Elisa and chases Odin away but still refuses to remove the Eye. When the sun rises, he does not turn to stone. He quickly becomes obsessed with protecting his friends. He even generates a storm of his own to trick Elisa, Angela, Bronx, and the Sturlusons into fleeing to a nearby cave, where Goliath imprisons them. ("Eye of the Storm") [311]

May 21st. Goliath challenges Odin, and the two "gods" do battle. Goliath comes close to killing Odin, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx, but comes to his senses at the last moment and removes the Eye. Odin places it back in his empty eye socket, neutralizing the Eye's transformative powers. Reconciled with his former opponent, Odin rides Sleipnir up the Rainbow Bridge at sunrise. The gargoyles and Elisa spend the day in Norway. When the sun sets they return to Avalon. ("Eye of the Storm") [312]

May 22nd. The travelers depart Avalon and land on the hidden island of New Olympus. Taurus, the New Olympian Chief of Security, arrests Elisa – simply for being human. Boreas, the leader of New Olympus, releases Elisa but refuses to allow her to leave the island. ("The New Olympians") [313]

May 23rd. Helios, Kiron, Ekidna and other New Olympians riot over Elisa's presence on their island. Taurus responds by throwing Elisa in jail with the shape-shifting killer Proteus. Goliath attempts to break Elisa out but is instead tricked into releasing Proteus. The shape-shifter imprisons Goliath in his place, then takes on Goliath's form to fool Elisa. They escape together. But when Proteus-as-Goliath fails to turn to stone at sunrise and reveals his plan to blow up the island, Elisa lures Taurus to Proteus and works with the Security Chief to recapture the shape-shifter. In gratitude for her actions, Boreas releases Elisa. At sundown, the travelers immediately depart for Avalon. ("The New Olympians") [314]

May 24th. Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx leave Avalon and arrive in the rain forests of Guatemala. There they encounter Zafiro, Obsidiana, Jade, and Turquesa, the last surviving gargoyles of the Mayan Clan. Together, they fight off an incursion against the rain forest by Jackal, Hyena and loggers working for Cyberbiotics, under the management of Preston Vogel. ("The Green") [315]

May 25th. At sunrise, Goliath, Angela and Bronx turn to stone. But the Mayan gargoyles wear magic pendants that allow them to remain flesh, thanks to a missing Mayan Sun Amulet. During the day, Elisa watches Zafiro scare farmers away from the forest. Meanwhile, Hyena heads for New York in order to break into a museum and destroy the Sun Amulet. She's spotted by Broadway and Lexington. ("The Green") [316]

May 26th. Broadway and Lex defeat Hyena and take custody of the Amulet, leaving Hyena for the cops. And in Guatemala, the gargoyles and Elisa battle Jackal. At sunrise, Jackal briefly believes he has the upper hand when Obsidiana turns to stone. But in reality, she had merely lost her pendant. Bronx recovers it, and he, Zafiro, Jade, and Turquesa dispatch Jackal. As a result, Vogel decides to cancel Cyberbiotics' rain forest operation. After sundown, the travelers depart. But they bring Jade and Turquesa along to transplant samples of the rain forest flora in Avalon. They arrive on the mystic island at dawn and Goliath, Angela and Bronx sleep through the Avalonian day. Jade and Turquesa leave their pendants on the skiff before setting foot on the island. Elisa introduces (the petrified) Jade and Turquesa to Princess Katharine and the Guardian, and the humans spend the day scouting Avalon for a good location for the rain forest transplants. ("The Green", "Questions") [317][318]

May 27th. In order to flush out the Coyote Trickster, Xanatos Construction begins work on the Arizona property it has leased from a local Native American tribe. The new Coyote 4.0 robot is on hand to capture the Trickster. But because Xanatos has, at this time, no real intention of destroying the Trickster's soil carving, the true Coyote does not show up. [319]

June 10th. Elisa, who had been working throughout the Avalonian day to help Jade and Turquesa transplant the rain forest's flora, rejoins Goliath, Angela and Bronx on the skiff. They depart Avalon again and Elisa falls asleep en route to their new landing: Easter Island. While Goliath and Angela explore, Elisa is taken into custody by Nokkar, an alien sentinel based on Easter Island, who has mistaken the gargoyles for a hostile alien invasion force. When Elisa tries to explain that the gargoyles are her friends, Nokkar assumes Elisa has been brainwashed. He wipes her mind clean, temporarily giving her amnesia. Then he sets her free. ("Sentinel") [320]

June 11th. Nokkar captures Bronx and Angela. Meanwhile, Elisa is found by Lydia Duane and Arthur Morwood-Smyth. They take her back to their hotel, where she is examined by Doctor Arnada. Goliath finds her, but when Elisa fails to recognize him, Goliath is forced to kidnap her. Nokkar intervenes again, capturing Goliath and explaining his interpretation of events to Elisa. Nevertheless, Elisa (though still without her memories) comes to believe in Goliath. She helps rescue the gargoyles from Nokkar and is eventually able to convince him that her friends are not servants of the Space-Spawn. She also encourages Nokkar to befriend Duane, Morwood-Smyth and Arnada. The travelers depart Easter Island, and Goliath just manages to cast the spell that will send them back to Avalon before the sun rises. When they arrive on the mystic island, it is already night. Nevertheless, it takes a few hours before Goliath, Angela and Bronx awaken. During this time, Elisa's memory returns. ("Sentinel") [321]

June 14th. The travelers leave Avalon and arrive in Ishimura, Japan. There they meet the Ishimura Clan of gargoyles who have lived in peace with their human neighbors for generations. At sunrise, Goliath, Angela and Bronx turn to stone alongside their new cousins. But minutes later, their human guardians are attacked by ninjas hired by Taro, a Japanese businessman who grew up in Ishimura. All the gargoyles are stolen. They awaken inside a Gargoyle Theme Park that Taro has built. Yama, second-in-command to Kai, the leader of the Ishimura Clan, tries to convince everyone to stay in the park. Goliath, Angela and Bronx attempt to leave, but are gassed and imprisoned by Taro. ("Bushido") Beth Maza calls her father Peter and asks him to come to Arizona to investigate the local Xanatos Construction project. [322]

June 15th. Just before dawn, reporters gather outside to see Taro's "real gargoyles." Elisa and Constable Hiroshi break into the theme park and help Goliath and the other gargoyles escape. Realizing that he had been duped, Yama battles Taro, and leaves him to face the reporters alone. With no evidence of gargoyles, Taro is humiliated. Elisa returns to Ishimura after sunrise and departs for Avalon, taking the sleeping Goliath, Angela and Bronx along. ("Bushido") It is night when they arrive, and the gargoyles soon wake up. That evening in Ishimura, the gargoyles hold a council meeting with their human neighbors. Yama is banished until his honor can be restored. And the gargoyles and humans agree to resume the study of Bushido. ("The Lost") [323]

June 16th. Peter Maza arrives in Arizona to investigate Xanatos with his daughter Beth. That evening, Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx depart Avalon and arrive in Flagstaff, where Beth goes to college. Fearing that her sister might be in trouble, Elisa takes the gargoyles to Beth's apartment. Meanwhile, Xanatos finally decides to bulldoze the mystic soil carving on the land he has leased from the local tribe. Almost immediately, the Coyote Trickster magically vandalizes the building site in order to stop Xanatos. Minutes later, Peter and Beth are allowed entry onto the Xanatos construction site by a mysterious "security guard." Xanatos has them arrested for trespassing. ("Cloud Fathers") [324]

June 17th. Peter and Beth make bail in the morning and return to Beth's apartment, where they find Elisa waiting. That evening, the gargoyles awaken and are introduced to Elisa's family. Together the Mazas and the gargoyles again attempt to find out what Xanatos is up to. Goliath and Angela discover the soil carving but are captured by Coyote 4.0. Xanatos prepares to destroy the two gargoyles and the soil carving as bait to lure the Trickster. Meanwhile, Bronx and the Mazas capture the mysterious security guard, who turns out to be the Trickster himself. He has taken on the appearance of the young Peter Maza, with whom Coyote once formed a bond during a kachina dance. Bronx and the Mazas rescue Goliath and Angela (with a little help from Coyote). ("Cloud Fathers") [325]

June 18th. The Mazas attempt to inform the Tribal Police about the soil carving but are again confronted by the Trickster – who is quickly captured by Coyote 4.0. The gargoyles attempt to rescue the Trickster, but it is Peter who fools Coyote 4.0 into releasing his namesake. The Trickster then tricks the robot into destroying itself. Xanatos is forced to flee. That morning, Peter visits the grave of his father Carlos. ("Cloud Fathers") That evening, the four travelers again return to Avalon and immediately turn around and depart again to avoid the imminent Avalonian sunrise. [326] Elisa and the gargoyles encounter Coldstone in Tibet. ("Reunion")

June 19th. The travelers find themselves aboard the skiff on a beautiful lake in Shambahla. [327]

July 3rd. Oberon and the Weird Sisters locate Anastasia Renard, the mortal identity of Titania, Queen of the Third Race. Oberon proposes that he and Titania renew their marriage vows on the eve of the Gathering. She promises to consider it. [328]

July 4th. The travelers return to Avalon. Minutes later, Lord Oberon, Queen Titania and the Weird Sisters return to their mystic home. Oberon orders the humans and gargoyles off the island, but Titania convinces him to give the mortals a chance. She reduces his power, and he proceeds to hunt Goliath, Gabriel and Angela across the island. ("Ill Met By Moonlight") [329]

July 5th. Goliath, Angela and Gabriel attempt to confront Oberon, but he is too powerful for them, and they are forced to flee. Meanwhile – working off clues provided by Titania – Tom, Elisa, Katharine and Ophelia begin forging an iron bell to use against Oberon. ("Ill Met By Moonlight") [330]

July 6th. Oberon defeats Angela, Gabriel, and Goliath and returns them to his Palace. But Tom and Katharine use the iron bell to bring Oberon to his knees. An agreement is reached that will allow Tom, Katharine and the Avalon Clan of Gargoyles to remain on the island as Oberon's Honor Guard. Oberon promises to never use his magicks directly against any member of Goliath's clan. Titania and Oberon renew their vows of marriage, and Oberon initiates the Gathering of the Third Race. ("Ill Met By Moonlight") [331]

July 8th. Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx depart Avalon. While aboard the skiff and en route to their next destination, Goliath collapses. In what seems to him like hours, but actually lasts mere seconds, Goliath sees a nightmarish vision of the year 2036 generated by Puck in order to trick Goliath into turning over the Phoenix Gate. Goliath tosses the Gate into the time-stream to prevent Puck – or anyone else – from getting it. ("Future Tense") [332]

July 9th. The Gathering is nearly complete, bringing Odin, Raven, Anubis, the Lady of the Lake, Anansi, Grandmother, Coyote and Nought (among others) back to Avalon. The Weird Sisters drag the Banshee before Oberon, who punishes her for her pride by silencing her voice. Only Titania and Puck remain absent. Oberon decides to seek out Puck himself, and takes Boudicca along to help with the hunt. In Manhattan, Fox gives birth to Alexander Fox Xanatos. The baby is introduced to his grandparents, Petros Xanatos, Halcyon Renard and Anastasia Renard (and also to Halcyon's assistant Preston Vogel). Owen reacts strangely to the news that Anastasia has remarried her first husband. Not long after, Oberon arrives, searching for Puck. But instead he finds Anastasia and reveals that she is in fact Queen Titania. Titania convinces Oberon that Alexander must be taken away to Avalon in order to nurture his magical potential. Xanatos protests – violently – but to no avail. Oberon gives Fox and David an hour to say goodbye to their son. Xanatos confers with Owen, who reveals security measures against Oberon that he has already put into place. Owen then abandons Xanatos without explanation. At the clock tower, Hudson, the Trio and Cagney learn about Alexander's birth, and then happily welcome home Bronx, Elisa and Goliath before being introduced to Angela. All three of the Trio are immediately smitten with her. Goliath brings Cagney and Elisa to their loft. When he returns to the Clock Tower, Anastasia is there. She reveals herself as Titania and asks him to help with the peaceful removal of Alexander. Goliath refuses to cooperate with the abduction of Xanatos's son. The hour having expired, Oberon returns to the Eyrie Building to claim Alexander. With amusement, he watches the evacuation of the building's employees. But he's furious when he realizes that Xanatos has activated Owen's force field to keep him out. He puts every mortal in Manhattan (including Elisa, Cagney, Morgan, Travis, Brendan and Margot) into a deep magical sleep. But the energy field protects the Xanatos family inside the Eyrie, and Goliath's clan is immune, thanks to Oberon's promise back on Avalon. Oberon then uses his magic to increase his size until he is literally as tall as the Eyrie itself. David and Petros Xanatos, the gargoyles, Owen's Iron Clan Robots, Preston Vogel, Halcyon Renard and his cybots all attempt to prevent Oberon from getting to the child. They wound and weaken the giant, reducing him back to normal size, but are unable to stop him. And Renard's Fortress-2 crashes into Central Park. ("The Gathering" Part One, "The Gathering" Part Two) [333]

July 10th. Owen reveals himself as Puck but also fails to stop Oberon. It is Fox herself who saves the day by revealing a magical power even she did not know she possessed. Goliath convinces Oberon to allow Alexander to stay with his parents. Puck is chosen as Alex's tutor. But his powers are stripped from him save when he is training or protecting the boy, and he is eternally banished from Avalon. He reverts to Owen. Oberon arranges for Manhattan to awaken at dawn, and he and Titania return to Avalon. Xanatos vows to repay Goliath for helping to save Alexander. The gargoyles return to the Clock Tower. The sun rises. They turn to stone. And the city awakens. ("The Gathering" Part Two) Elisa goes back to work. Chavez is less than thrilled about her six-month absence. Fortunately for Elisa, Chavez is in the middle of a turf war between the Brod and Dracon organized crime factions. Chavez needs a new face to infiltrate Brod's men. Because Elisa has been "out of town," she's the perfect choice to go undercover. Elisa will pose as "Salli", bringing Brod information about a Dracon chop shop operation being run by Dracon's lieutenant, Glasses. [334]

July 12th. Demona begins stealing high technology from research facilities – largely in the hopes that she would encounter the Manhattan Clan. [335]

July 14th. While on stakeout, Brooklyn is bitten by a robotic mosquito that samples his DNA. Demona steals a battle suit from the Goldencup Bakery Building and allows herself to be captured by Goliath, Angela and Brooklyn. ("The Reckoning") [336]

July 15th. The Manhattan Clan imprisons Demona in the Labyrinth and agrees to help Talon and the Mutates guard her and Fang. Angela takes the first watch. Elisa is bitten by a robotic mosquito that samples her DNA. Demona regains consciousness in her cell. Angela introduces herself. ("The Reckoning") [337]

July 16th. Lex is bitten by a robotic mosquito that samples his DNA and then returns to Nightstone Unlimited, where Sevarius and Thailog are preparing clones of all the gargoyles. ("The Reckoning") [338]

July 17th. Hudson is bitten by a robotic mosquito that samples his DNA. ("The Reckoning") [339]

July 18th. Wolf retrieves a battle-axe possessed by the spirit of his ancestor Hakon from the caves beneath Wyvern Hill, in Scotland. ("Vendettas") [340]

July 19th. Broadway is bitten by a robotic mosquito that samples his DNA. ("The Reckoning") [341]

August 1st. Vinnie takes delivery of his pie-throwing bazooka, "Mr. Carter," from weapons manufacturer Mr. Acme. Wolf and his ancestor, the ghost Hakon, team up to attack Goliath and Hudson. ("Vendettas") [342]

August 2nd. Hudson destroys the battle-axe that tied Hakon to the Earth plane, permanently banishing the Viking's spirit. Goliath then defeats Wolf but gets hit in the face by a banana cream pie fired by Vinnie. ("Vendettas") Goliath and Hudson don't make it back to the Clock Tower before sunrise. Neither does Bronx, who's having his own adventure. Meanwhile, Brod attacks Glasses' chop shop with the help of Jack Dane and "Salli". But the raid is aborted when the police show up. Salli is knocked unconscious and witnesses very little that Elisa could testify to later. Angela and the Trio stumble into the situation, but the boys are too busy fighting over Angela to be of any help. After sunrise, Glasses visits Dracon in prison. Dracon orders Glasses to retaliate against Brod. Just before sundown, Matt brings Brod and Salli in for questioning. Salli slips away to the Clock Tower, where she reveals herself as Elisa and enlists the gargoyles' help. Salli then confers with Maria Chavez, and they agree to keep the undercover operation running for a while longer, despite the chop shop debacle. While Brod is at the police station, Dracon's men hit Brod operations all over town and even firebomb his favorite restaurant. Glasses also puts word out on the street that Dracon has a trainload of weapons coming in. Brod decides to steal the weapons. He attacks the train with Salli, but is ambushed by Glasses, Pal Joey and the rest of Dracon's men. The gargoyles intervene, but the Trio's competitiveness nearly gets Lex and Angela killed. Brod escapes again. ("Turf") [343]

August 3rd. Brod attacks Dracon in prison. But, the gargoyles help Elisa take down Brod, Dracon and most of their men. The gargoyles return to the Clock Tower, by which time Goliath, Hudson and Bronx have also returned. The Trio apologizes to Angela for their behavior. She forgives each of them with a peck on the cheek – just before the sun rises. Elisa's operation is a phenomenal success. Jack Dane, Pal Joey, Glasses and many other Brod and Dracon operatives are incarcerated. Dracon and Brod are even forced to share a cell. ("Turf") [344]

August 18th. Sevarius completes his involvement with Thailog's project and is paid off. Thailog begins programming his new clones. Meanwhile, Angela and Demona are still debating the latter's behavior. Claw arrives to take over guarding the prisoners for the day shift. Angela elects to sleep as stone in front of her mother's cell. ("The Reckoning") [345]

September 7th. The Illuminati make contact with the Canmore family of Hunters, seeking an alliance. Jason turns them down. [346]

September 28th. Xanatos and his robots track Coldstone down in the Himalayas and disable him. ("Possession") [347]

October 12th. Relieving Talon, Goliath takes his shift guarding the Labyrinth prisoners. Thailog busts Demona and Fang out. Talon and Goliath pursue them to Coney Island. Goliath departs and quickly returns with Angela, the Trio, and Hudson. All are captured by Fang, Demona, Thailog and his clones: Hollywood, Brentwood, Malibu and Burbank (made from the DNA of Broadway, Lexington, Brooklyn and Hudson, respectively). ("The Reckoning") [348]

October 13th. When Demona refuses to allow Thailog to kill Angela, he reveals an additional clone: Delilah, created from a combination of Demona and Elisa's DNA. Demona frees Talon, Goliath and the clan. They manage to recapture Fang and take down the clones. But while fighting each other, Demona and Thailog seemingly perish in a fire. Talon offers to take the other clones back to the Labyrinth where he promises to teach them to think for themselves. ("The Reckoning") [349]

October 16th. Xanatos and Owen make a third attempt to transfer the souls of "Iago" and "Desdemona" into independent robot bodies. It too fails. Later, David and Fox go out for the evening, leaving Alexander in Owen's care. Owen decides to teach Alexander his first lesson in magic. Owen transforms into Puck, then glamours himself and Alexander into dead-ringers for Goliath and Hudson. They "liberate" Coldstone from the Eyrie and take him to the Clock Tower. There, Puck (as Goliath) convinces Angela and Broadway to allow the souls of "Desdemona" and "Othello" to take up temporary residence inside their bodies. Coldstone is emptied of all three souls, and the "Iago" soul secretly enters Brooklyn. Puck-as-Goliath and Alexander-as-Hudson then depart, leaving the possessed Brooklyn in charge. "Iago" convinces "Othello" and "Desdemona" to try out their new bodies. He then follows them to the Statue of Liberty, where he hints that they might keep Broadway and Angela's bodies for themselves. Meanwhile, Puck and Alexander enter Coldstone's body; they grab Lex, tie him up in a corner and gag him. ("Possession") [350]

October 17th. When the real Hudson and Goliath return to the Clock Tower, they find Coldstone and are soon convinced that "Othello" controls his body. They follow Coldstone back to the Eyrie. Minutes later, "Iago", "Othello" and "Desdemona" return to the Tower in their appropriated bodies. They free Lex, who surmises that "Iago" must now be in control of Coldstone and has tricked Goliath and Hudson into declaring war on Xanatos. The real "Iago", still posing as Brooklyn, suggests that they destroy the Coldstone body once and for all. "Othello" agrees, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that this action would strand the various souls in their new bodies. At the Eyrie, Puck uses the Coldsteel and Coldfire robots to capture Goliath and Hudson. The others arrive soon after. "Iago" knocks Lex unconscious to take him out of the action, but when Lex recovers, the spirit of Alexander enters his body. Puck, meanwhile, uses Coldstone's body to take down Angela/"Desdemona" and Broadway/"Othello". Brooklyn/"Iago" tries to make off with Desdemona, but Puck uses Coldsteel and Coldfire to stop him. After some further conflict, Lex/Alex transfers "Iago", "Othello" and "Desdemona" into Coldsteel, Coldstone and Coldfire, respectively. Coldsteel flees, and Coldstone and Coldfire take off in pursuit. Puck returns Alexander to the nursery and transforms back into Owen just before Xanatos and Fox return. ("Possession") [351]

October 23rd. Just before dawn, Elisa and the gargoyles rescue a subway train full of passengers (including Brendan and Margot) from a street gang. That morning, Captain Chavez temporarily reassigns Elisa to the dayshift and partners her with Detective Jason Conover. Elisa and Jason are immediately attracted to each other. Together, they prevent thieves from stealing containers of D/I-7 from a Xanatos warehouse. That evening, Dominique Destine hires Robyn Corey as her personal assistant at Nightstone Unlimited and discovers that the thieves she hired failed to acquire the D/I-7. That night, Matt questions Xanatos about the D/I-7 and learns it is a potent but theoretically harmless disinfectant. After Matt leaves, WVRN reporter Jon Carter questions Xanatos about the gargoyles. Meanwhile, Elisa tells the gargoyles about her day with Jason. She asks for their help, and they agree to watch over the two locations where the D/I-7 is stored. ("Hunter's Moon" Part One) [352]

October 24th. The Trio and Bronx fail to stop Demona from stealing the D/I-7. Worse yet, Goliath, Hudson and Angela are attacked by the Hunters. Angela is badly wounded. The gargoyles reconvene at the Clock Tower but are unsure if Angela will survive until dawn. Goliath vows vengeance on the Hunters. Elisa arrives just before sunrise and performs CPR, saving Angela's life. Later that morning, Dominique Destine introduces Robyn to Dr. Sevarius, who's created a carrier virus called CV-1000. Dominique places a sample of the virus in a vault beside the D/I-7, the Medici Tablet and the Praying Gargoyle. That night, Angela wakes from her stone sleep, healed. The gargoyles leave the Clock Tower to search for the Hunters. Elisa, having missed the Gargoyles, invites Jason to her loft for dinner. From her balcony, Goliath watches Jason and Elisa kiss. Angered, he, Brooklyn and Lex board the Hunter's craft alone. Vinnie nearly gets smashed to death after Goliath rips a piece of the steel hatch off the airship. Once inside, they find Demona is also after the Hunters. All four gargoyles are captured, but allowed to escape. ("Hunter's Moon" Part One, "Hunter's Moon" Part Two) [353][354]

October 25th. The Hunters trace Goliath back to the Clock Tower and blow it up. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Two) One of the Hunters pulls Elisa from the police precinct. She removes his mask and recognizes her new partner, Jason. He drugs her and leaves her in her apartment. Meanwhile, the explosion causes Maria Chavez to break her leg. The gargoyles barely survive, and Hudson and Lex are badly injured. Jon Canmore has the opportunity to destroy them, but he allows them to flee the Clock Tower. Unfortunately, Robyn forces Jon to blame the gargoyles for the Clock Tower's destruction on the television news. Now the entire city knows they exist and is hunting for them. The gargoyles hide out at Elisa's loft. That day, Elisa and Matt meet with Maria Chavez in her hospital room. They've discovered the Canmore siblings' true identities. Elisa encounters Jason in the ruined Clock Tower. Robyn breaks into Demona's vault, but Demona has already emptied it of everything but a computer disk. That night Goliath goes in search of the Hunters. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three) [355]

October 26. With Lex's help Goliath tracks the Hunters to an upstate hydroelectric dam. Goliath and Broadway battle the Hunters. Elisa tries to break up the fight, but she and Jason seemingly fall off the dam to their deaths. That day, Robyn and a vengeful Jon manage to decrypt Demona's disk and learn about her plan. The Praying Gargoyle will protect her and her kind, while the Medici Tablet, the D/I-7 and the CV-1000 will blend science and sorcery to destroy humanity. Meanwhile, some distance below the dam, Jason manages to pull Elisa to safety. The night of the Hunter's Moon, Demona, the Hunters, the gargoyles, the NYPD's Gargoyles Taskforce (GTF), the press and many bystanders all converge at St. Damien's Cathedral in Manhattan. While Demona prepares her spell, the Hunters and the other gargoyles fight. Jason and Elisa arrive, trying to call a truce. But Jon refuses. He shoots at Goliath but badly injures Jason instead. Jon flees. Goliath stops Demona by destroying the Praying Gargoyle, forcing her to abandon her plan or die herself. Demona flees, but the GTF has the rest of the gargoyles dead to rights. Suddenly, Xanatos shows up and rescues them. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three) [356]

October 27th. Robyn Canmore is arrested. Jason, who is also arrested, survives surgery but is paralyzed from the waist down. Xanatos tells Elisa that the gargoyles are welcome to stay at his castle. Just before dawn, Elisa and Goliath kiss for the first time. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three) Jon Canmore contacts the Illuminati. In very short order, they set him up with a new identity, John Castaway, and put him in charge of the Quarrymen organization that they already had in the works. Macbeth's former minions Banquo and Fleance are hired to assist Castaway. [357]

October 29th. At midnight, Travis Marshall begins to broadcast Nightwatch on WVRN in New York – in part as a response to the revelation that gargoyles truly exist. Vinnie Grigori and Gargoyles Taskforce leader Matt Bluestone, among others, are interviewed. Meanwhile, the gargoyles try to readjust to life back at the castle with Xanatos. Goliath departs to see Elisa. He turns to stone outside her apartment. John Castaway recruits Vinnie and other citizens into the Quarrymen. That morning, Taro, having seen Vinnie on Nightwatch, offers him a security job in Japan. Just before sunset, Banquo and Fleance spot Goliath on Elisa's balcony. They contact Castaway who convinces Vinnie to join the hunt. Elisa manages to protect Goliath until sundown when he awakens. Goliath and Elisa flee. The Quarrymen give chase and injure Goliath's wing. ("Nightwatch") Goliath and Elisa are forced to take to the rooftops of Manhattan in order to make their way back to the relative safety of the castle. At the castle, Hudson watches a special early edition of Nightwatch, with Travis Marshall moderating a debate between anti-gargoyle Assistant District Attorney Margot Yale and pro-gargoyle medieval scholar Lennox Macduff (actually Macbeth). Lex bonds with Alexander and declares a truce between himself and Fox. Mr. Duval of the Illuminati Society contacts Xanatos. David declines to take Duval's call. Angela and Broadway share their first kiss, and Brooklyn realizes that he has no chance with Angela now. The Quarrymen pursue Elisa and Goliath to the ruined Clock Tower. Elisa and Goliath take most of the Quarrymen out one by one. But Castaway nearly succeeds in killing them both. At a crucial moment, Vinnie switches sides, giving Goliath time to recover. Castaway is forced to flee. Goliath and Elisa return to the castle. ("The Journey") [358]

October 31st. Matt Bluestone convenes a meeting of the Gargoyle Taskforce (including himself, Elisa, Officers Morgan & Travanti, Detectives Cedric Harris & Tri Chung, Margot Yale and Martin Hacker). Hacker has Illuminati meetings with Matt, Xanatos and Castaway. Morgan asks Elisa on a date. After turning him down and spending time with Jason in the hospital prison ward, she goes to the Eyrie. The gargoyles awaken at sunset. Fox has Halloween costumes for Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway and Angela in anticipation of the Masque that Xanatos is throwing later that night. Elisa breaks up with Goliath. Demona recovers the Atlantean crystal that was at the heart of the Praying Gargoyle. In the Labyrinth, Al is showing Shari around. Goliath and Brooklyn arrive. Brooklyn wants to ask Delilah to the party, but Goliath does instead. Goliath, Brooklyn and Delilah depart. Thailog attacks. ("Invitation Only") Terry Chung, Billy Greene, Susan Greene and Sarah Browne trick-or-treat at Jeffrey Robbins's home, where Hudson and Bronx are visiting. Following Illuminati orders, Xanatos takes Fox and Alexander to a party at the White House. They chat with Ambassador Chung, and David meets Illuminatus Quincy Hemings. Meanwhile, Xanatos's Masque goes on without him at the Eyrie. Attendees include Judge Roebling, Doctor Sato, Brendan, Margot, Lexington, Brooklyn, Angela and Broadway. Elisa and Morgan arrive together, as do Goliath and Delilah. Thailog, having taken the male clones from the Labyrinth, arrives to collect Delilah and stabs Goliath. ("Masque") [359]

November 1st. Xanatos gets a new assignment from Quincy and the Illuminati. Hudson confirms he is a gargoyle to Robbins. Thailog and the clones fight the Manhattan Clan. During the battle, Thailog gets DNA samples from Goliath, Angela, Broadway, Lexington, Elisa, Brooklyn, Hudson, and Bronx. Delilah, Malibu, Burbank and Hollywood reject Thailog, but Brentwood chooses to depart with him. Thailog gives the DNA to Sevarius and gains a new personal assistant, Shari. Doctor Sato treats Goliath. Goliath and Elisa declare their love for each other. ("Bash") [360] The Director gives the Hunter Robyn Canmore a choice between staying in prison or leading an elite squad of desperadoes on dangerous missions. Robyn chooses the latter. [361]

November 2nd. Just after midnight, Angela and the Trio head out into the city. They're glad that both Goliath and Maggie are recovering.

Just before dawn, Shari tells Thailog the story of Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx's journey from Avalon to the Himalayas in Tibet – where they encountered Coldstone – and of their subsequent arrival in Shambahla.

At dawn, Coldsteel joins Xanatos at Scarab Corp. ("Reunion")

6:46am EST - Xanatos places the Coyote Diamond into the Coyote Robot at the Scarab Corporation.

6:47am EST - Xanatos talks to Coldsteel and Coyote. Coldsteel agrees to go on a small errand for Xanatos.

3:52pm EST - Doctor Sato checks Maggie's health.

3:53pm EST - Sato tells Elisa that Maggie needs an O.B.

4:50pm EST - Owen Burnett and Macbeth watch Goliath wake at Castle Wyvern.

5:12pm EST - Macbeth begins talking to the Manhattan Clan about the Stone of Destiny

5:14pm EST - Goliath agrees to send the Trio and Angela with Macbeth.

5:15pm EST - Brooklyn, Broadway and Angela decide to remain in Manhattan. Goliath sends Hudson to lead the expedition.

5:18pm EST - Owen, spying on Macbeth and the gargoyles, informs Xanatos of their plans. Xanatos, who is boarding his jet, instructs Owen not to interfere. ("The Rock")

November 3rd. 5:29am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog the story of the Coldtrio while he works on a computer in Dominique Destine's office.

10:00am EST (3:00pm GMT) - "Lennox Macduff" talks to customs agents at Gatwick Airport in England and shows them Hudson and Lexington, who are sleeping in stone. [362]

11:30am EST (4:30pm GMT) - Macbeth watches the sleeping Hudson and Lexington.

12:07pm EST (5:07pm GMT) - Macbeth watches the sleeping Hudson and Lexington.

1:15pm EST (6:15pm GMT) - Macbeth watches the sleeping Hudson and Lexington.

1:44pm EST (6:44pm GMT) - Macbeth takes a bathroom break. [363]

2:01pm EST (7:01pm GMT) - Macbeth watches the sleeping Hudson and Lexington.

2:45pm EST (7:45pm GMT) - Hudson and Lexington finally wake up feeling jetlagged. Macbeth tells them they have ten days to adjust. ("The Rock")

November 4th. 5:29am EST - [Withheld]

5:30am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog the story of Jacob while Thailog bathes.

5:35am EST - Vinnie Grigori boards Flight 995 to Japan.

10:00am EST - [Withheld]

11:30am EST - [Withheld]

12:07pm EST - [Withheld]

1:15pm EST - [Withheld]

2:01pm EST - [Withheld]

2:45pm EST - [Withheld]

9:48pm EST - Goliath and Elisa discuss their relationship.

9:50pm EST - Goliath and Elisa kiss.

November 5th. 3:00am EST (7:00pm AEDT) - In Australia, Dingo and Matrix defeat the Tasmanian Tiger. They are then defeated by Hunter. She offers Dingo a choice between prison and charter membership in her new Redemption squad. Dingo reluctantly elects to join. Matrix chooses to sign on as well. ("Stangers") [364]

5:31am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog her first story of Gathelus on Nightstone Unlimited's roof.

November 6th. 5:32am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog and Brentwood the second story of Gathelus and Scota while they search for something.

6:00am EST - Shahrizad continues telling Thailog the story while gliding over New York City.

November 7th. 5:33am EST - Shahrizad continues telling Thailog the story of Gathelus and his family while they play chess.

9:18am EST (2:18pm GMT) - Xanatos tells Fox to buy some shoes.

9:21am EST (2:21pm GMT) - Fox asks to see the shoes.

9:41am EST (2:41pm GMT) - Fox asks for the shoes to be wrapped.

9:45am EST (2:45pm GMT) - Fox completes her purchase.

2:19pm EST (7:19pm GMT) - Xanatos asks Fox if he can dispose of her shoebox.

November 8th. 5:07am EST (7:07pm UTC+09) - Vinnie tries to find the train to Ishimura. Hunter, Dingo and Matrix coerce the gargoyle Yama into joining their team. They head for Paris. ("The Lost") [365]

5:34am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog of Moses bringing forth water from Jacob's Pillow. Thailog calls her on the contradiction in her stories.

9:27pm EST - Sevarius poses as "Fred" to sneak into the Labyrinth past Al, Benny, Tasha, Claw, Shari and Thug. He reveals himself to Fang, whom he calls Fred Sykes. ("The Lost") [366]

November 9th. 5:36am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog of when Cu Chullain split the Stone of Destiny.

November 10th. 5:37am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog of Prince Fergus of Ireland bringing half of the Stone of Destiny to Carbonek where Pelles and Merlin borrowed the Stone so Arthur could draw Excalibur from the Stone.

November 11th. 5:38am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog of Saint Columba taming the Loch Ness Monster and dying on Jacob's Pillow.

November 12th. 5:39am EST - Shahrizad beats Thailog at chess and tells him of the kings of Scotland crowned upon the Stone of Destiny.

5:00pm EST (10:00pm GMT) - Xanatos pushes a button.

5:01pm EST (6:01am GMT +8) - In Tibet, Coldfire receives a signal that causes her to believe she can find Coldsteel.

November 13th. 5:40am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog the story of Edward I of England while playing chess.

12:32pm EST (5:32pm GMT) - Hudson and Lexington keep watch above Westminster Abbey.

12:33pm EST (5:33pm GMT) - Lexington tells Macbeth all is clear.

6:46pm EST (11:46pm GMT) - Lexington and Hudson still have nothing to report.

6:47pm EST (11:47pm GMT) - Macbeth follows a stranger down into the subway and encounters King Arthur. Griff, Staghart and Constance arrive at Lexington and Hudson's location.

6:51pm EST (11:51pm GMT) - Macbeth assures King Arthur that he is there to protect the Stone of Destiny.

6:52pm EST (11:52pm GMT) - Griff greets Hudson and Lexington.

6:53pm EST (11:53pm GMT) - Macbeth and Arthur briefly fear the gargoyles will be at each others' throats.

November 14th. 12:28am EST (5:28am GMT) - Macbeth sends Lexington and Hudson off with Griff.

12:33am EST (5:33am GMT) - Griff introduces Staghart and Constance to Lexington and Hudson. Constance insists on being called Coco.

12:37am EST (5:37am GMT) - Lexington calls Staghart, Amp.

12:40am EST (5:40am GMT) - Griff, Hudson, Lexington, Amp and Coco arrive at Knight's Spur.

2:20am EST (7:20am GMT) - Griff, Hudson, Lexington, Amp, and Coco sleep in stone alongside Lunette, Old Pog and the rest of the London Clan.

2:28am EST - [Withheld]

2:48am EST (7:48am GMT) - Macbeth and Arthur tell of their longevity while sharing a cup of Nightstone's Coffee.

5:42am EST - Shahrizad tells Thailog the story of Robert the Bruce of Scotland and the Blarney Stone.

1:32pm EST (6:32pm GMT) - Arthur, Macbeth and Hudson discuss Arthur's quest to find Merlin. At the same time, Lexington asks how large the London Clan is.

1:34pm EST (6:34pm GMT) - Amp tells Lexington there are only twenty-five eggs, and to prevent overpopulation, there is enforced isolation during female's final heat. Amp and Coco then tell Lex they are not mates.

7:00pm EST (12:00am GMT) Hudson, Griff, Lexington, Amp and Coco, keeping watch atop Victoria Tower, are attacked by Coldsteel, Coyote 5.0, a Steel Clan robot, and an Iron Clan robot.

7:05pm EST (12:05am GMT) - Hudson attacks Coldsteel.

7:06pm EST (12:06am GMT) - The gargoyles battle Coldsteel, Coyote 5.0, a Steel Clan robot and an Iron Clan robot. Griff damages the Iron Clan robot. Arthur vanishes.

7:08pm EST (12:08am GMT) - Coyote 5.0 orders the gargoyles to leave and is attacked by Lexington

7:09pm EST (12:09am GMT) - Lexington is injured by Coyote 5.0 and saved by Amp. Coco damages the Steel Clan robot and Coldstone and Coldfire arrive attacking Coldsteel.

7:11pm EST (12:11am GMT) - Coldstone and Coldfire confront Coldsteel.

7:12pm EST (12:12am GMT) - While Arthur makes his way into Westminster Abbey (taking out the guards) and approaches the box containing the Stone of Destiny, Lexington awakes in Amp's arms and the two initiate an attack that causes Coyote 5.0 to destroy the damaged Steel and Iron Clan robots.

7:17pm EST (12:17am GMT) - Coldsteel and Coyote 5.0 break free from the battle and depart.

7:18pm EST (12:18am GMT) - Arthur opens the box containing the Stone of Destiny.

8:06pm EST (1:06am GMT) - The Stone of Destiny informs Arthur that it is pointless to protect any particular stone. [367]

8:07pm EST (1:07am GMT) - The Stone tells Arthur that it is the Rock of Ages.

8:31pm EST (1:31am GMT) - Arthur Pendragon suggests that perhaps they don't need to guard the Stone of Destiny.

November 15th. 1:16am EST (6:16am GMT) - Coyote 5.0 tells Coldsteel that he is not programmed for free will, which Coldsteel feels is a pity.

5:02am EST (10:02am GMT) - A man calls for a bomb unit at Coldstream Bridge. Meanwhile, King Arthur and Macbeth make their way through the crowd and find Xanatos. Coldstone and Coldfire advance up the River Tweed in pursuit of Coldsteel and Coyote 5.0 and battle them. Coyote is destroyed and Coldsteel is heavily damaged.

5:05am EST (10:05am GMT) - Coldsteel escapes by diving into the river. Coldstone follows, but cannot locate him.

5:12am EST (10:12am GMT) - On Coldstream Bridge, Xanatos discreetly presses a button which causes the Stone of Destiny to flip inside the convoy vehicle, replacing it with a replica while the band plays on.

5:38am EST (10:38am GMT) - The bomb squad discovers only an empty shoebox and clears the convoy to continue.

5:40am EST (10:40am GMT) - Coldstone informs Macbeth that he has lost Coldsteel. The convoy carrying the Stone of Destiny begins moving again.

5:43am EST - Thailog calls check, as Shahrizad tells the story of Macbeth's theft of the Stone of Destiny and how it was broken in two.

7:00am EST (12:00pm GMT) - The Stone – or at any rate, a stone – arrives safely in Edinburgh Castle.

7:36am EST (12:36pm GMT) - In Leith, the Westminster Stone arrives at a warehouse, where Xanatos is waiting.

8:06am EST (1:06pm GMT) - The Stone of Destiny informs Xanatos that it would be pointless to substitute yet another Stone to fool the Illuminati.

8:07am EST (1:07pm GMT) - The Stone tells Xanatos that it is the Rock of Ages.

9:23am EST (2:23pm GMT) - Coldsteel returns the wreckage of Coyote (and the Coyote Diamond) to Xanatos in Leith. Xanatos deactivates Coldsteel's tracking device.

10:59am EST (3:59pm GMT) - Blanchefleur arrives at the Leith warehouse and is greeted by a waiting Xanatos, who reports few problems in acquiring the Stone.

11:04am EST (4:04pm GMT) - Blanchefleur leaves the warehouse with the Westminster Stone and drives to Castle Carbonek and meets Duval and Peredur there.

3:13pm EST (8:13pm GMT) - Macbeth tells Arthur he is glad the Stone has returned to Scotland. Griff, Staghart and Lunette ask Hudson, Lexington, Coldstone and Coldfire to remain in London for a time to get to know the London Clan. Coldstone hesitates, but Hudson reassures him.

3:15pm EST (8:15pm GMT) - Hudson talks to Coldstone about Coldsteel at Knight's Spur.

8:06pm EST (1:06am GMT) - The Stone of Destiny informs Peredur that it is pointless to go to such extremes to possess a rock.

8:07pm EST (1:07am GMT) - The Stone tells Peredur that it is the Rock of Ages and informs him that Arthur has awakened. Peredur is alarmed and leaves to contact the upper echelons of the Illuminati immediately. Meanwhile, the Stone of Destiny greets the Holy Grail. [368]

November 16th. 5:44am EST - Thailog beats Shahrizad in chess and she tells him the story of the Stone's repair and recovery and its recent move to Edinburgh, and begins one last story concerning the Stone...

December 22nd. Dingo, Matrix and Yama train in the Squad's headquarters beneath the Eiffel Tower. Hunter walks past Notre Dame and remembers… ("Estranged") [369]

December 31st. - After midnight, the Redemption Squad arrives in Manhattan to investigate Anton Sevarius, ensconsing themselves at the Casablanca Hotel. After sunrise, Robyn Canmore visits Jason Canmore at Rikers and John Castaway (a.k.a. Jon Canmore) at the Quarrymen Brownstone. John washes his hands of her. Dingo and Matrix go off on their own to pursue Sevarius before sundown. After sunset, Yama and Hunter follow them into the Labyrinth but split up. Hunter is about to be attacked by Fang. ("Estranged") Yama rescues Hunter, but Fang shocks both unconscious and takes them to Sevarius, who has already mutated Thug, Tasha, Erin and Benny. They are rescued by Dingo and Matrix. ("Louse") [370]


January 1st. The Squad prevents Fang from releasing Sevarius's CV-1997 virus on Times Square. Later, they discover that Sevarius has escaped and Tasha has hanged herself. Yama nearly executes Fang, but Hunter talks him out of it. Thug takes Erin and Benny back to the Labyrinth. Hunter is forced to admit Fang to the Squad. ("Louse")

January 3rd. Hunter briefs Dingo, Matrix, Yama and Fang on their mission to attack an Illuminati Society stronghold. ("Strangled") [371]

January 5th. Dingo, Matrix, Hunter, Yama and Fang approach Eastcheap Isle, when their battle-copter Redemption is blown out of the sky. Matrix saves them. Seven robots attack. Fang abandons them. Yama destroys Robot #6 but is targeted by Robot #7. Hunter and Dingo destroy Robot #1. And, while Matrix armors up around Dingo, Hunter also destroys Robot #2 – but is targeted by Robot #4. Meanwhile, Fang destroys Robot #5 and then saves Yama by destroying Robot #7. Dingo/Matrix saves Hunter and destroys Robot #4. Hunter destroys Robot #3. Yama destroys the newly-arrived Robot #8 and the two Sentry Robots #9 and #10. They enter the island's interior and battle Points, Doll, Bardolph, Quickly and Pistol. But Dingo recognizes Pistol as an associate of his former mentor John Oldcastle, now known as Falstaff, King of Thieves. Falstaff, the Illuminati's treasurer, welcomes the squad to Eastcheap and, with the help of Fiona Canmore and Thailog, tries to convince them to change sides. The Squad plays along, but Falstaff is not fooled. A battle results in Falstaff submerging his island/ship. The squad survives, adrift. Meanwhile in Paris, the Director confers with his assistant Dolores and his superior Monsieur Le Maire. ("Strangers", "The Lost", "Estranged", "Louse", "Strangled", "Losers")

January 10th. Brooklyn is accidentally sent dancing through time by the Phoenix that was inside the Phoenix Gate. ("The Gate") He returns to the present mere seconds after he departed. But for him, forty years have passed, and he has not come back alone. Brooklyn brings along his mate Katana, their son Nashville, the gargoyle beast Fu-Dog and an unhatched gargoyle egg, nicknamed Egwardo. ("Phoenix")

May 14th. Michael Peter Maza is born in the Nightstone Unlimited Building. ("Miracle Child") [372]

May 15th. The 23rd Precinct officially reopens, with Captain Chavez cutting the ribbon. Elisa Maza, Officer Morgan, Matt Bluestone, and A.D.A. Margot Yale are in attendance. Peter Choy and Rosaria Sanchez are kidnapped by Dino Dracon and his men in Central Park. Goliath is captured and imprisoned by the Gargoyle Taskforce. ("Render Unto Caesar")

May 16th. Judge Roebling entertains two motions leading up to Goliath's Hearing. ("Your Witness")

May 18th. Wolf, Hyena, and Jackal attack Rikers Island. ("Mayday")

May 19th. Goliath's Hearing begins. ("Your Witness")

May 20th. The second night of Goliath's Hearing. Elisa takes the witness stand. With some behind-the-scene encouragement from Xanatos, Judge Roebling ultimately rules in Goliath's favor, declaring him both sentient and deserving the same rights as humans. After he is released from custody, Goliath is notified by Owen that he is needed on Fortress-2. Renard is on his death-bed. Fox, Xanatos, and Alex are also in attendance, having been notified by Titania. Before he passes away that night, Renard gives control of his company to his daughter and grandson (with Vogel as his proxy), with Goliath inheriting a tie-breaking share as well. Meanwhile, Broadway and Lexington receive a tip from Antoinette Dracon and proceed to rescue Peter and Rosaria from Dino and his men. ("Your Witness", "New Rules", "Young At Heart")

June 12th. Jade and Turquesa arrive from Avalon in Buenos Aires, Argentina in time to witness Demona steal the the lancehead of Gugnir from Anapaula Aguilar. ("Questions")

July 19th. The first Gathering of the Gargoyles Guild, organized by Ruby-Mae Li, meets at the Park Manor Hotel in New York City. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Vinnie Grigori, and Antoinette Dracon were in attendance. Elsewhere in New York, Demona meets with Thailog and offers him a controlling interest in Nightstone Unlimited in exchange for his help in acquiring something from the Illuminati. Back at Nightstone Unlimted, Thailog, Shahrizad, and Brentwood devise a plan to steal the Hand of Valmont. Jade and Turquesa arrive in New York. ("Questions") Goliath makes a bargain. [373]

July 20th. Goliath returns to the Eyrie Building, where he is greeted by Jade and Turquesa. Dawn arrives shortly after introductions with the rest of the Manhattan Clan. During the day, Coldstone and Coldfire converse with Jade and Turquesa. Coldstone learns of the Mayan Clan's pendants that keep them from turning to stone during the day. After Xanatos and his family depart from the skyscraper, Coldstone excuses himself and notifies Demona that their "moment has come". That evening, Broadway and Lexington return the Mayan Sun Amulet to Jade and Turquesa moments before they are attacked by exo-frames, remote-controlled by Antoinette Dracon. Gnash orders Bronx and Fu-Dog to protect Egwardo alongside Brooklyn, Katana, and Hudson. Meanwhile, in Bermuda, Thailog, Shahrizad, Brentwood, and Sevarius enact their plan to steal the Hand of Valmont from the White Council. During their get-away, Thailog is briefly confronted by Monsieur Le Maire. Before Paolo Prospero can detect who the culprits are, the talisman is deposited in a mailbox. Back at the Eyrie Building, while everyone is distracted by the exo-frames, Demona corners Owen Burnett. ("Quo Vadis Cum Hoc?")

October 31st. Nashville goes trick-or-treating. Xanatos's probation expires. ("Trick-Or-Treat") [374]


1998 - 2188. At unknown points during this span of time, the following events happen:

1998. Tachi hatches.

August 14th. Vinnie visits family. [375]

1999. By this point, Goliath and Elisa have had their own kind of Commitment Ceremony. [376][377]

June 25th. Lexington goes into business. [378]


August 3. Lexington faces an extremely hostile takeover. [379]


June 22nd. A crisis brings together representatives of four clans. [380]


June 28th. Vinnie's quest begins. [381]


June 27th. Lexington holds a press conference. [382]


August 6th. Goliath is briefly forced into hiding. [383]


July 29th. Lexington takes a chance and loses. [384]


June 23rd. Obsidiana comes to the United States of America. [385]


March 28th. [Withheld] [386]

June 22nd. Lexington continues his journey. [387]

September 23rd.' Autumnal Equinox: Artus conceived. [388]


June 27. Eggs are stolen from the Manhattan rookery. [389]


August 21. Thailog attacks. [390]

2014. Gargoyle sympathizers gather for the first time in five years. Vinnie and Demona attend. [391]

2018. Artus is hatched.

2038. Gwenyvere is hatched.

2058. Lancelot is hatched.

2158. Samson, Delilah, and Zafiro hatch.

2181. Nicholas Natsilane Maza is born.

2188. By this time, the Gargoyle Nation is composed of twelve clans.

2198 And Beyond


March 21st. From around the globe, human heads of state and all twelve Gargoyle Clan Leaders come to Queen Florence Island for the hatching. The Space-Spawn attack, abducting the gargoyle eggs and the human and gargoyle leaders, including U.N. Secretary General Alexander Fox Xanatos IV. And in Antarctica, Earth's Master Matrix Computer is stolen. The Space-Spawn invasion has begun. [392] At some point, Brooklyn, Katana, and Fu-Dog join the conflict.

March 22nd. Earth surrenders to the Space-Spawn. [393]

Samson forms a resistance movement against the Space-Spawn.

After 2198. The Liberty Clan is reestablished on Queen Florence Island. [394] The Notre Dame Clan is founded in Paris, France. [395]


Greg Weisman stated on December 15th 2006 that his draft of the timeline was 272 pages long and ran from 9386 B.C.E. to March 22nd, 2198. [396] By October 10th 2010 his timeline hit the 330 page mark. [397] In a November 30, 2023 interview with The Beat, Weisman described his timeline having grown to 399 pages. [398]

Greg Weisman has vague hopes of publishing his timeline someday. [399] However, for the time being, it appears that there is probably much in the draft that Greg does not yet wish to reveal.