Camelot Clan

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This is a canon-in-training article. Information in this article is subject to change before it becomes canon.

The Camelot Clan, also known as the New Camelot Clan, is a gargoyle clan in New Camelot, Antarctica. [1]


Sometime after 1996, probably decades later, New Camelot, Antarctica will be founded and the gargoyles living there will form the Camelot Clan, the eleventh clan of the Gargoyle Nation. Like the human inhabitants, the gargoyles of this Clan come from around the world and live in sophisticated artificial environments kept running by the Master Matrix.

In 2198, the Space-Spawn will attack. [2] This Clan in particular will suffer from the attack. Not only will the leader of the Clan and the eggs from the Clan's rookery be taken prisoner by the Space-Spawn, but the Master Matrix will also be stolen, causing the artificial environments to break down, exposing the inhabitants of New Camelot to the natural extremes of the South Pole. [3] It is unknown how the Clan will adapt to the cold and seasonal day/night cycles. [4]


Having been formed from members from the ten clans of the Gargoyle Nation, this clan is perhaps the most diverse clan in existence, rivaled only by the Liberty Clan founded later.

Known Members

There are no known members of this clan, however many have speculated that Griff will be a founding member of the Clan.