Enslavement Spell

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The enslavement spell was a spell from the Grimorum Arcanorum.


Deceived by Demona who promised to enlighten Goliath about humanity, Brooklyn stole the Grimorum and lured Goliath to the Cloisters. There, Demona cast the enslavement spell on Goliath, rendering him a mindless slave who only obeyed whomever held the spell. Getting the parchment with the spell on it away from Demona, Brooklyn was able to get control of Goliath and drive Demona away. Elisa was able to cure Goliath by ordering him to act for the rest of his life as if he were not under a spell, freeing him from his mindless state. ("Temptation") To keep the page from falling into the wrong hands, it was later burned. [1]


Although it was only three words, Demona claimed it was difficult, implying that a trained sorcerer was needed to cast the spell. However, once cast, non-sorcerers, namely Brooklyn and Elisa, were able to control Goliath by holding the page with the spell on it. Although he had the appearance as mindless, Goliath claimed he was aware of what was going on even though he could not act independently when he was under the spell. His fighting prowess did not significantly diminish.



Sine dubio instantatum


Without doubt instantly