Excalibur Poem

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The Excalibur Poem is a poem the London Clan has passed down from generation to generation. Most of them probably learn it when they are hatchlings. Originally, the London Clan learned it from "The Three". [1]

In 1996, when King Arthur Pendragon began his search for Excalibur in London, he learned the poem from Griff, which turned out to be a riddle leading them to the sword. The first line directed them to Manhattan. The next three lines guided them on how to find and summon the Lady of the Lake, and the last two lines are clues on how to free the sword from the stone.

Isle of towers glass and stone,
The Lady waits for him alone.
Ebon glass in emerald frame,
Pure white lilies speak her name.
Blood red bane in Dragon Stone,
Excalibur waits for him alone.