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Fang is a mutate and a member of the Redemption Squad. His human name was Fred Sykes.


Fang was born in 1968 as Fred Sykes. [1] In 1995, he was probably a homeless man recruited off the streets of New York City by Sevarius for Xanatos' Mutate Project, in which he was injected with a mutagenic formula combining his natural human DNA with genes from a cougar, a bat and an electric eel. Unlike the other original mutates, Fang liked his new form because of his great physical strength and his new abilities to fly and fire electric blasts from his hands, and had no desire to be changed back into a human. He lived at Castle Wyvern for a time, but after he and the others discovered Xanatos' true hand in their mutation, went on to live in the Labyrinth. ("The Lost", "Metamorphosis", "The Cage")

Fang had no interest in protecting the homeless people of the Labyrinth when the other mutates took up the role of looking after them, even going as far as to bully Al, a harmless old man. Instead, he and a couple of his human supporters, (Chaz and Lou), decided to take over the Labyrinth with the aid of some high-tech laser guns that he found in a remote part of the underground complex (presumably past property of Cyberbiotics); they even intimidated Claw into helping them for a while. Using the weapons, they managed to capture Talon and Maggie, but with the aid of the Trio and Hudson Fang was quickly overthrown and imprisoned. ("Kingdom")

He did not remain in captivity long, however. Several months later, Thailog and Demona (who for a time shared the cell next to his) broke him out, hoping to use him as an ally in their war with the Manhattan Clan. Fang fought alongside them at Coney Island, but was defeated and re-imprisoned by Talon. ("The Reckoning")

Fang in the Redemption Squad. Drawn by Karine Charlebois.

Fang remained as prisoner in the Labyrinth under guard by humans such as Thug until November, 1996 when Sevarius arrived and released him. Fang went on to assist Sevarius in his latest scheme. They abducted several humans from the Labyrinth and mutated them as early test subjects. On New Year's Eve, Fang captured Yama and Hunter in the sewers and brought them to Sevarius, he then went on to carry out the doctor's plans for the party-goers in Times Square. Fang's orders were to carry a special pack carrying the CV-1997 Carrier Virus which would change the crowd into a wide range of new mutates. Fang donned a breath-mask to prevent his own mutation. However, the Redemption Squad arrived and with not a second to spare foiled the plot and captured Fang. ("The Lost", "Estranged", "Louse")

Fang and the Squad came back to the Labyrinth only to discover Sevarius was gone and Tasha, one of the new mutates, had committed suicide. After a brief moment of shock, Fang was foolish enough to crack a cruel joke about the matter and was attacked and nearly killed by Yama in retaliation. Fang was then offered membership in the Redemption Squad, though none of the other members seem to happy about the idea. Fang and Yama are on on particularly poor terms with each other. ("Louse")

When Falstaff tried to recruit the Squad into the Illuminati, he set up a remote conference with Thailog. Upon Thailog's request, Fang said Thailog was "his kind of gargoyle", this was actually Fang's way of letting the Squad know that Thailog, and by extension the Illuminati, could not be trusted. After Falstaff escaped with the Illuminati's treasure, Fang, having no particular interest in the greater good, was able to take the loss in stride. ("Losers")


Fang's form is a combination of human, cougar, bat and electric eel DNA. Yama once remarked the he "reeks of fish, humanity... and ozone." Fang is a loud-mouthed bully and jokester, and enjoys taking advantage of those that are weaker than himself. It remains to be seen whether his attitude will change at all during his adventures in the Redemption Squad. As a Squad member he wears a black suit and carries a gun, which supplements his ability to shoot electrical blasts from his hands.


Behind the Scenes

Voice Actor: Jim Belushi; Jonathan Frakes voiced Fang's one line in his first appearance. ("Metamorphosis")

The name Fred Sykes was, at least in part, inspired by the character of Bill Sikes from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. [2]