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Gary Sperling (19 February 1958 - 24 April 2003) was a story-editor and writer for Gargoyles.

Among his many contributions to the series, he helped write Keith David's opening narration for the second season, he turned Brooklyn into a leader, Dingo into a good guy, created both the London and Ishimura Clans and set the stage for Broadway and Angela to fall in love. [1]

Story editor credits on Gargoyles

Writer credits on Gargoyles

  • "Protection"
  • "Golem"
  • "Bushido"
  • "The Gathering" Part Two (with Lydia Marano)
  • "The Reckoning" (credited for the Teleplay)


Gary Sperling's brother, a Rabbi, was able to advise him on the Hebrew used in the episode "Golem". [2]

Gary Sperling helped to develop the Bad Guys spin-off, and was the writer of the Bad Guys story reel which is shown annually at the Gathering of the Gargoyles. Greg Weisman dedicated the Bad Guys comic book mini-series to him on the last page of "Losers".

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