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Storefronts in Soho
For the Manhattan neighborhood, see SoHo

Soho is the region of London where the shop Into the Mystic stands.


Parts of Soho have been in existence for hundreds of years, as Macbeth and William Shakespeare would come to the area at times. [1]

During World War II, at least some parts of Soho escaped harm during the Battle of Britain as the London Clan (aside from Griff) had decided not to enter the battle unless the battle came to them and the store survived the War unscathed.

By 1996, the area had become plagued by rascists thugs and criminals. They were driven out when the London Clan again began protecting the city, and the Soho region in particular. After that, the human inhabitants of Soho became very aware of the gargoyles, though they kept their secret due to the good they did for the neighborhood. [2]

Over the years, the London Clan's shop would expand and the gargoyles would become merchants and shopkeepers. The Soho area seems to have become home to a large shopping complex run by the Clan.


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