Xanatos Computer Program

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Not to be confused with the Xanatos Program from "Future Tense".
Xanatos Computer Program

The Xanatos computer program was designed by Xanatos and installed in Coldstone during the latter's creation.


The computer program's prime directive was to enslave Coldstone to Xanatos's will, but the computer virus interfered with that. When Goliath used RECAP's virtual reality equipment to explore Coldstone's mind he encountered the computer program. The computer program joined forces with "Iago" to manipulate "Othello" into believing Goliath was trying to steal "Desdemona" from him. The computer program merged itself with Iago to become stronger. However, they were ensnared by the computer virus and the Xanatos computer program was destroyed. ("Legion")


The computer program resembled and sounded like Xanatos except that it wore light red armor.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Jonathan Frakes