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"Verity" in 971

"Verity" was a female gargoyle of the Wyvern Clan. She had no name, but "Verity" is used to identify her.


"Verity" hatched in 878 in the rookery below Wyvern Hill. Little is known about her early life, but we do know that by 927 she and Mentor had become mates and conceived their first egg. In all, "Verity" and Mentor would produce an egg in the 938, 958, and 978 generations. She was very wise and often provided counsel to her mate.

Unfortunately, there was no chance for "Verity" to do much mothering of the 978 generation as she was killed in 971 while they were unhatched eggs. During a battle with Culen's troops near Wyvern, Scotland, "Verity" was stabbed in the back by Cawdor and died in the arms of her mate. [1] After Culen's defeat, her Wind Ceremony was held.


"Verity" was a fierce warrior and a lovely individual. [2] She is tall and hairless. She has four small horns running from the front to the back of her head, fan-like ears, and a small beak. Her coloring is aquamarine.

Though never known to anyone, "Verity" was in fact the biological mother to "Hyppolyta", Broadway, and "True". [3][4][5]


Production Background

As was custom for the Wyvern Clan in the 10th century, "Verity" didn't have a true name. "Verity" was used only in the scripts for the comics to differentiate this character from other gargoyles.

On Ask Greg, Greg Weisman indicated since (at least) 2001 that "Verity" would have a significant role in the prequel series. [6][7]