Brigitte Bako

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Brigitte Bako

Brigitte Bako was the voice actress for Angela on Gargoyles.


Brigitte Bako (born May 15, 1967 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) starred in HBO's made for TV movie Red Shoe Diaries and currently writes, produces and stars in the adult comedy G-Spot.

Bako trained with the Grande Ballets du Canada and acted with the Canadian National Shakespeare Company. She has starred in Hollywood productions, numerous Canadian-made movies, and films made in Canada by American producers. Bako's first major break was in Martin Scorsese's New York Stories. She co-starred with David Duchovney in Red Shoe Diaries, Benjamin Bratt and Michael Keaton in One Good Cop, and Ralph Fiennes in Strange Days. "Saint Monica" was featured at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival, Bako received a Genie, the Canadian film award, nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Bako also received a Genie Award nomination for Best Actress in 1993. She starred in I Love a Man in Uniform, her first collaboration with Canadian producer Robert Lantos.

Brigitte Bako also voiced the complex lead character Pai (aka Sanjiyan aka Parvati aka Howasho aka Pabo Ayanokoji) in the Engish dub of the anime, 3x3 Eyes.

In addition to having the starring role, Bako makes her writing and executive producing debut in G-Spot. She currently maintains homes in New York and Los Angeles.

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Brigitte once told Greg Weisman and Jamie Thomason that "Bako" means "Executioner" and that she comes from a long line of executioners. [1] Her nickname at recording sessions was "the Executioner."

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