Castle Wyvern Garrison

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Wyvern Archers.
Wyvern Garrison at the dining hall.

The Castle Wyvern Garrison were soldiers stationed at Castle Wyvern from 971 to 994. Their numbers included guardsman and archers. They protected the castle during the day while the Wyvern Clan watched over them at night.

They answered to the Captain of the Guard.


In 994, the garrison helped defend Castle Wyvern against Hakon and his band of Vikings, but they would have lost the battle had the sun not set, and the Wyvern Clan (under the leadership of Goliath not taken action. As the battle ended and the Vikings retreated, various members of the garrison took credit for the victory, much to the chagrin of some of the gargoyles.

The Wyvern garrison was betrayed by their own leader when the Captain and Angel made a bargain to leave the castle to the mercy of the vikings. The Captain sabotaged their weapons, and opened the gates allowing the Vikings to overrun the castle. Like the villagers who sought refuge in the castle, the garrison were taken prisoner in irons. ("Awakening: Part One")

They were not among the prisoners seen later at the Vikings' camp, nor did they act as escort when Princess Katharine, the Magus, Tom, and Mary made their long journey to Edinburgh. Just as the Vikings massacred the clan of gargoyles, they also, most likely, put the garrison to the sword. ("City of Stone" Part One)