Cyber Hunt

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"Cyber Hunt" is a three page comic that appeared in the May, 1995 issue of Disney Adventures along with "Take the A Train."


Famous landmarks around New York City are disappearing. As the Trio argues over which of them is most important, Goliath sees the Empire State Building disappear before their eyes. He realizes that the building is still there, but invisible, when Broadway crashes into it. They discover a villain called the Cybermage who is causing the buildings to disappear. The gargoyles confront him and he sends them into cyberspace, where all of the missing buildings have been stashed. The Cybermage tells the gargoyles that he will return the buildings once the city pays the ransom he has demanded, but the gargoyles will remain trapped forever. The gargoyles look around their cyber prison for a way out. One of the gargoyles spots a circuit and figures out that if they break it, everything will revert to normal. The comic ends asking readers to deduce which gargoyle figured out how to escape the virtual world.