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Disney Adventures was a digest-sized magazine for kids published from November 1990 to November 2007.


Disney Adventures was first published in November of 1990. Ten issues were published per year. The magazine contained an assortment of material aimed at the pre-teen to young teen audience, including interviews with popular actors, news from the entertainment world, educational pieces, and puzzles. Over the years, the magazine became more strongly focused on covering Disney properties, though non-Disney entertainment was still often covered. The magazine became a valuable promotional tool for Disney, helping the company to inform kids about the latest Disney products through behind the scenes features, introductions to the characters, actor interviews, and new stories in their comics section. The magazine was also published in other countries, including editions for Australia, Mexico, and India.

In addition to Disney Adventures, Disney began publishing Comics Zone - an all comics magazine in the same format featuring some of the comics seen in Disney Adventures. By this time, Disney Adventures and Comics Zone regularly featured original comics as well as comics based on Disney-owned properties.

In 2007, Disney announced that Disney Adventures would cease publication due to a drop in advertising sales. The final issue was published in November of that year.

Disney Adventures and Gargoyles

In the November 1994 issue, Disney Adventures did a cover feature on Gargoyles. The issue's cover was a painted piece of advertising artwork of Goliath. The magazine included a behind the scenes piece on the show and "A Study in Stone", a short comic introducing readers to the characters and world of Gargoyles. Disney Adventures went on to publish a total of nine stories based on the TV series over the course of subsequent issues. Goliath appeared on the cover again in November of 1995, though the artwork used was horrendously off-model.

The comics themselves ranged from short promotional pieces to lengthy two-part stories. A variety of writers and artists lent their talents to these comics, resulting in stories and artwork that differed greatly from one comic to another. Since none of these comics were created with direct input from Greg Weisman, they are all considered apocryphal.

For a list of Gargoyles stories that appeared in Disney Adventures, see Category:Disney Adventures stories or the appropriate section of the Episode Guide.

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