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The Daily Tattler is a tabloid in New York City, which printed a number of stories about the gargoyles after the sightings of them began in the city. ("The Thrill of the Hunt", "Hunter's Moon" Part One)

However, the Tattler's gargoyle reports helped convince most citizens (and even more reputable newspapers) that the gargoyles were nothing more than an urban legend, for the simple reason that it had such a low reputation. [1][2][3]

The day after Goliath's capture by the Gargoyle Taskforce, the Daily Tattler noted in the headline that the tabloid's previous stories about the gargoyle sightings had indeed been "proved correct". ("Render Unto Caesar")


Though the covers of the comic books are not canonical, an issue of the Daily Tattler does appear on the cover of Gargoyles: Bad Guys #4, "Louse".