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Gargoyles: Bad Guys is a Gargoyles spin-off, published as a six-issue, comic book miniseries from Slave Labor Graphics. It is the first Gargoyles spin-off to be produced in any form. The first issue, "Strangers", was released on November 29th, 2007. All six issues are collected in the Gargoyles: Bad Guys - Redemption trade paperback released on August 19, 2009.


Gargoyles: Bad Guys evolved out of an idea for a Dingo/Matrix-based spin-off that Greg Weisman had in mind. [1] Early in its development, the series was also called The Redemption Squad. [2] The series was eventually one of seven proposed Gargoyles spin-offs. Of the seven, it came closest to being created in animated form (under the title Bad Guys). Story ideas for the first season were extensively developed by Greg Weisman and Gary Sperling. [3] Bob Kline, Troy Adomitis, Doug Murphy and Patrick Archibald were also involved. [4]

A Leica reel for the series was produced, which was shown exclusively at the Gathering of the Gargoyles convention (though elements of it have appeared in the opening pages of issues 1 through 6 of the comic book). [5]


The series follows the exploits of a group of "semi-reformed" former villains from the first two seasons of Gargoyles, called the Redemption Squad. The squad is led by Robyn Canmore (under the codename Hunter), and also includes Dingo, Matrix, Yama, and Fang. These individuals were recruited by a mysterious personage known only as the Director to run missions for him, and were chosen because, as "bad guys," they are expendable. [6]

In the course of the Squad's Dirty Dozen-inspired adventures, they will encounter many familiar figures from Gargoyles, such as the terrorists from "City of Stone" Part One (in the course of which we will learn what their cause was), the Pack, Taro, Castaway and the Quarrymen, and even Goliath's clan. [7][8][9] An antagonist named Falstaff will also appear. The Director will be using the Redemption Squad in part as a means of battling the Illuminati. Character-based complications along the way will include Dingo and Robyn developing a stormy relationship, and Yama and Fang taking a strong dislike to each other. [10] As the series continued, other characters would come and go as new members of the Squad. [11]