A Study in Stone

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"A Study in Stone" is a four page comic that appeared in the November 1994 issue of Disney Adventures.


In the Great Hall of Castle Wyvern, sometime after Xanatos is released from prison, Xanatos and Owen review what they know about the gargoyles. By the end, Xanatos is confident that he will soon be in control of the gargoyles once more.


The title is probably an allusion to A Study in Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes story.

This essentially plotless comic was intended as a kind of "Gargoyles 101" to entice new viewers into checking out the TV show. Rather than telling an actual new story with the characters, the comic reviews the events of "Awakening" and briefly introduces the Manhattan Clan, Elisa, and Demona. Disney Adventures often used such comics to promote their newest projects.

Since there is nothing in this comic aside from descriptions of the main characters, there aren't really any contradictions to the canon. But, as it is not part of the show or one of the comics from SLG or Dynamite Entertainment, it should be considered apocryphal.

More than likely, this comic was written using the Series Bible as a guide. While most of the information in the comic would be very familiar to anyone who had seen the show, there is one unintentional "spoiler". The comic correctly identifies Brooklyn as Goliath's second-in-command, but does so a year before the episode "Upgrade" (where he was named to that position) would air. It is entirely possible that the bible already listed Brooklyn as second-in-command of the Manhattan Clan even though he wouldn't actually get the job until the show's second season.


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