Flatiron Building

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The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building is one of New York City's leading landmarks.

In early 1997, the Phoenix Gate appeared on the roof of the Flatiron Building. After the gate dissolved, the phoenix exploded from it, and swallowed Brooklyn in front of Broadway and Angela. ("The Gate") Forty seconds later, the phoenix returned with a Brooklyn that aged forty years, Katana, Nashville, Fu-Dog, and Egwardo. ("Phoenix")


The Flatiron Building was also the location of the Daily Bugle in the Spider-Man film franchise as well as The Spectacular Spider-Man. In fact, parts of the Daily Bugle's sign can be seen in the background where Brooklyn is talking to Broadway and Angela, and when the phoenix appears.

Real World Background

The Flatiron Building, or Fuller Building as it was originally called, is located at 175 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan, and is considered to be one of the first skyscrapers ever built. Upon completion in 1902 it was one of the tallest buildings in New York City. The building sits on a triangular island block at 23rd Street, Fifth Avenue, and Broadway, anchoring the south (downtown) end of Madison Square.

The neighborhood around the building is called the Flatiron District after its signature building, which has become an icon of New York.