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The Phoenix Gate is a powerful magical talisman that allows passage through space and time. It seems to have a connection with the Third Race and Avalon, though much of its origin remains mysterious. To use it a person has only to hold the Gate, think of the time and place they wish to go to and say the incantation: "Deslegrate muri tempi et intervalia!" (This translates roughly to "Burn down walls of space and time!") The user and those in the immediate vicinity will be engulfed in a ball of flame and transported to their destination.

Despite the Gate's power to take people to different time periods, the travelers are unable to change history in any way. Their travel to the past or future is and always was a part of the time stream, which nothing can change. Goliath compared time to being like a river, which always runs its course.

In mid-1996, Goliath, fearing the Phoenix Gate would fall into the wrong hands, used it to open a portal of flame which he promptly threw the Gate into. The talisman was without a bearer in its travels, though its part in history was far from over... (more...)