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Brentwood is a gargoyle and the clone of Lexington. He was created in 1996 via a plan hatched by Thailog, supported by Demona and utilizing the skills of Anton Sevarius. Despite being a clone, Brentwood differs from Lexington in many ways. His coloring is different, as are some minor physical features. He has also been aged to be in his "prime of life" and programmed to merely "Obey Thailog".

This simple programming was overcome by Brentwood on Halloween, 1996, when he began to grasp the concept of free will. Despite this, Brentwood decided to remain at Thailog's side, unlike his fellow clones. Brentwood continues to serve Thailog for the time being, though Greg Weisman has hinted that his fate may go beyond being a mere servant. (more...)