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The Praying Gargoyle is a magical talisman of ancient origin resembling a small statue of a gargoyle. Its past is as yet untold, but by 1980 it had found its way to a hidden chamber at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. There, Demona acquired it for her own purposes.

The statuette remained in Demona's possession until 1996 when she took it to St. Damien's Cathedral, planning to use it as an integral part of Operation Clean Slate. According to her plan, the Praying Gargoyle would protect the gargoyle species from the plague she intended to release upon the world. Goliath, desperate to stop her plot, destroyed the talisman and Demona gave up on her plan, angrily fleeing the Cathedral.

She returned several nights later on Halloween, however, to retrieve a mysterious crystal from the broken bits of the Praying Gargoyle. (more...)