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The Director

The Director is a mysterious behind-the-scenes figure, the founder and controller of the Redemption Squad. The Director first charged Hunter to recruit the other members of the Redemption Squad – Dingo, Matrix, Yama, and Fang – for him, and then sent them on their first missions.

He is an enemy of Duval, and may have founded the Redemption Squad as, ultimately, a means of battling the Illuminati. [1] In his everyday job, he is an American civil servant. [2][3]

The Director was seen reporting to a Monsieur Le Maire, who agreed that the Redemption Squad may be the key to their ultimate victory. He has an assistant named Dolores. ("Losers")

The Director is believed to be fifty years old. [4]


Production Background

Voice Actor: William Devane in the Bad Guys leica reel.