Hunter's Moon

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For the episode of the same name, see Hunter's Moon (episode)

Hunter's Moon is a traditional name for the full moon when it falls in October.


According to Constantine III, the Battle of Rathveramoen took place during the Hunter's Moon in 997. ("Phoenix")

In 1996, one of the requirements for the Fulfillment Spell was that it could only be cast on the night of the Hunter's Moon; hence Demona made the night of the Hunter's Moon the night that she would unleash "Operation Clean Slate" upon the world. It was also the night that Goliath and his clan had their final battle with the Hunters. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three)

Production Background

In 1996, the Hunter's Moon fell on October 26, which allows us to date the events in "Hunter's Moon" with precision, assuming that the Hunter's Moon mentioned in the episode was that of real-world astronomy.

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