Hunters' Airship

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The Hunters' Airship over New York City.

The Hunters' Airship was a massive aircraft that belonged to Jason, Robyn and Jon Canmore. It served as both a vehicle and headquarters for the three sibling Hunters.

The airship was equipped with a hanger for the Hunters' sky-sleds, a bridge, and a brig with electrified bars to hold any captive gargoyles. It also had a sophisticated alarm system, since even cutting the electrical current to the bars still set off an alarm. ("Hunter's Moon" Part One, "Hunter's Moon" Part Two)

Like the Pack Attack Vehicle, the airship was completely submersible. It also featured an advanced weapons system, capable of firing missiles.

While Robyn was the de facto pilot of the airship, Jon was the one who took the controls and purposely crashed the airship into Saint Damien's Cathedral. The ship was removed shortly after. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three, "Invitation Only")