Hunter's Moon Part Two

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"Hunter's Moon" Part Two is the sixty-fourth televised episode of the series Gargoyles, and the fifty-first episode of Season 2. It originally aired on May 14, 1996.


Main Plot

Goliath's war with the Hunters continues in earnest after Angela nearly dies before sunrise, though she is saved by Elisa in time with CPR. When the gargoyles wake up the following night, they go out in pairs to search for the Hunters. Goliath goes to pick up Elisa, only to witness her kissing Jason Canmore from her window. More upset than ever, Goliath spots the Hunters' Airship, and enters with reckless abandon after convening with Brooklyn and Lexington. The three of them run into Demona, who is there to fight the Hunters herself, and all four gargoyles are captured and put in a holding cell by Jon and Robyn Canmore. Goliath and Demona form a truce, and the gargoyles escape after Goliath and Demona knock the two Hunters out, thinking they killed them. The three Hunters decide the best course of action would be to blow up the clocktower at night with a surgical strike, and do so after being led there by a tracer that Robyn had secretly planted on Goliath.


Demona retrieves the Medici Tablet and is then chased by the Hunter Stuart Canmore during a 1495 flashback in Florence, Italy.

Elisa and Jason go to the warehouse where Demona stole the DI-7, and Elisa tells Jason vaguely about what happened to Angela, and they make a connection. Elisa confronts Owen at the site, who tells her that Xanatos had no part in Demona's or the Hunter's schemes.

Dominique Destine introduces Robyn to Sevarius at Nightstone Unlimited, who is there helping Demona construct the CV-1000 Carrier Virus for her plan to destroy all humans.

Elisa invites Jason to her apartment. Both are attracted to each other, and they kiss, but Elisa pulls back, torn about her feelings for Goliath. She tells Jason that there's someone else in her life but that they can't be together romantically, and Jason leaves.

Jon once again tries to convince Jason that the other gargoyles may not be in league with Demona, and that they were only after the Hunters because they hurt Angela. Jason berates him, however, and Jon ceases to argue.

Elisa walks into the station at the same time Robyn releases a bomb into the clocktower. Worried for her safety, Jason makes a grab for her upon his sky-sled.

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  • "Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold." - Demona
  • "Even if it takes another five-hundred years, the hunt won't end until the last gargoyle dies!" - Renaissance Hunter
  • "They call themselves Hunters. But soon they will be the prey." - Goliath
  • "I've been there. I'm still there." - Jason
  • "I've got one of the best stocked refrigerators on the East Coast. With friends like mine it's safer." - Elisa
  • "There's someone else."
"Yes. No, not really...I mean, there's someone I care for deeply, but it would be impossible to get involved with him." - Jason and Elisa
  • "I thought you were going to get Elisa?"
"She...wasn't available." - Lexington and Goliath
  • "I do not want escape. I want vengeance."
"Perhaps you can have a little of both."
"There's no such thing as a little vengeance." - Goliath and Demona
  • "Touch those bars and you're a crispy critter." - Brooklyn
  • "You did well, Goliath. Perhaps you and I are not so different after all."
"Perhaps not." - Demona and Goliath
  • "I think those other gargoyles were the Demon's enemies until we made ourselves their common foe. They might even have been our allies against her." - Jon
  • "It must end tonight." - Jason


The deliberate echoes of the first season, and particularly "Awakening", continue. These include:

When Matt Bluestone is being grilled by Jon Canmore in his reporter's guise, he tries changing the subject to the stone heads on Easter Island, as a reference to "Sentinel" (evidently Elisa told him about a few of her Avalon World Tour adventures).

A deleted scene from this episode (cut for time considerations) had the door to the Hunters' airship, after being wrenched off its hinges by Goliath during his break-in, land on the sidewalk below in front of a startled Vinnie.

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