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Information in this article is apocryphal and should not be considered canon.

Pat Doyle was a character from the The Goliath Chronicles episode "Ransom".


Pat Doyle sought to become mayor of New York, using various underhanded schemes to ensure his victory. He capitalized on the public hatred of gargoyles, making their extermination one of the main themes of his campaign. He also orchestrated the kidnapping of Alexander Xanatos, hoping to portray himself as a hero in dealing with the emergency, while at the same procuring a gargoyle through the kidnappers' demands. His plot progressed steadily, down to Lexington voluntarily surrendering himself to save Alex, but he was thwarted when the Manhattan Clan rescued Alex from his campaign headquarters and returned him to his father. Xanatos personally took the stage and shattered the facade, ordering that Doyle be arrested. With his plans falling apart, Doyle evaded police and grabbed Alex himself, madly trying to escape arrest by threatening the baby. He was again thwarted, this time by an enraged Lexington, and subsequently placed under arrest.

Behind the Scenes

Voice Actor: John Forsythe