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Lexington is one of the gargoyles of the Wyvern Clan and later the Manhattan Clan, and a member of the Trio. In 971 AD, Alesand called him Alexander.


Dark Ages

Alexander hatched in the year 958 in the rookery under Wyvern Hill, and in his youth became good friends with two of his rookery brothers, Caesar and Charlemagne, as well as a rookery sister, Antiope. [1] At some point, Alexander learned to read and write. When the Wyvern Clan was forming an alliance with Prince Malcolm's people in 971, Alexander eavesdropped on the meeting with his fellow rooklings. After the clan helped win Kenneth II the crown, he and the rest of the clan participated in a Wind Ceremony for the gargoyles that died in the conflict. After the alliance between Prince Malcolm and the Wyvern Clan was established, he and his rookery siblings befriended the human child, Alesand. When the traveling performers known as the Light-Bringers visited Wyvern Hill, Alexander was amongst the crowd listening to Shahrizad's stories about the Three Brothers. ("The Reach", "The Oath", "The Promise")

Days later, Alexander asked "Lefty" why the gargoyles didn't use the construction equipment that the humans used throughout the day. While the young gargoyle pointed out that the machinery could make things more efficient for both species, Caesar and Charlemagne played about on the giant wheel, accidentally breaking some of the equipment. Alexander became indignant when Brother Valdez got after the rooklings, arguing he didn't do anything. Nevertheless, he ran off with his rookery brothers, meeting up Antiope and Alesand. Alexander tagged along with the others to take Alesand out gliding, landing right outside a cave. Inside, the five discovered strange glyphs decorated around the cave's threshold. Alexander explained that, while he could read, he could not read the glyphs, which piqued the curiosity of Alesand. She asked the young gargoyle if he could teacher her, and Alexander agreed. Further below, they came upon the Megalith Dance, and further still, one filled with gold and the giant dragon, Wyvern. When the dragon expressed his distaste for humanity, Alexander tried to point out that the the alliance their Rhydderch had made with the humans made sense. This proved foolish, prompting the Wyvern to fly off towards the unfinished castle. The five friends scurried back as fast as they could to warn the others, but they only arrived after the conflict had passed. Nevertheless, both humans and gargoyles were grateful to see everyone safe and accounted for. ("The Dream", "The Pledge")

Alesand would later record how, after their first adventure together, Alexander did indeed teach Alesand how to read and write. ("The Reach")

The Trio and the gargoyle beast later known as Bronx survived the Wyvern Massacre of 994 thanks to their having been confined to the rookery for getting into a fight with some of the humans, and so were not found and shattered by the Vikings. Alexander and the others, however, were afterwards turned to stone by the Magus, and remained in stone sleep for a thousand years, finally awakened when Xanatos moved Castle Wyvern to the top of the Eyrie Building. Shortly after, he took the name Lexington. ("Awakening: Part One", "Awakening: Part Two", "Awakening: Part Four")

Modern Day

Lexington was fascinated by the modern world, and particularly its technology, and remains so still. Even before his long sleep, he was intrigued by complex mechanical devices, such as the catapults that Hakon and his Vikings used to attack Castle Wyvern. [2] Upon his awakening, he eagerly investigated the technological devices of New York City in the 1990s, such as computers (Xanatos donated the laptop that Lex is typically seen with at the Clock Tower, and Lex went back for it when the clan originally left the Eyrie Building) and Vinnie's motorcycle (with disastrous consequences for both the motorcycle and Vinnie). [3] He also learned how to construct a motorcycle out of spare parts (although it blew up not long afterwards), and later rebuilt the Pack's helicopter to make it more effective to be able to capture Jackal and Hyena. ("Awakening: Part Three", "Temptation", "Her Brother's Keeper")

Lexington has since become the clan's technical expert, who works out how to disarm advanced security systems, access information from computers, and so on, whenever the clan needs his help with such things. He successfully repaired an old refrigerator for the clan's use in the Clock Tower, but had less success in repairing the comatose Coldstone. [4] He also tinkered constantly with the old mechanics of the Clock Tower's clock such that it only worked occasionally during the clan's occupancy there. [5] Lexington never finished the repairs before the Hunters' ambush in 1996. [6]

Alongside Lexington's passion for things mechanical, he holds also a deep grudge against the Pack. Shortly after the clan awoke in New York, Lexington (alongside Brooklyn and Broadway) became fascinated with the Pack, and believed them to genuinely be the valiant heroes that they played on television. He therefore sought them out, hoping that they could become new friends and allies to the clan. The Pack pretended to accept his friendship, however, in order to lure him and Goliath into a trap for the fun of hunting them. Lexington was crushed at the discovery of how they had betrayed them, and hated them with a vengeance ever since. Indeed, his grudge against them has been so bitter that it has led him to occasionally forget his priorities, and endanger himself or his fellow clan members. ("The Thrill of the Hunt", "Leader of the Pack")

Lexington as a human.

Lexington’s feud with the former Pack member Fox has cooled somewhat, however, thanks to a third keystone in his life; his close friendship with Alexander Xanatos. Lexington and Alex first developed their rapport when Alex temporarily possessed him in order to use his body and voice to cast "soul transference" spells involving the Coldtrio. Lexington warmed to Alex as a result and this process deepened further after the clan moved back into the castle. For Alex's sake, therefore, Lexington has made peace with Fox, though he still is suspicious of her. ("Possession", "The Journey", "Rock & Roll") His current attitude towards Dingo is unknown, although it is safe to assume that he still dislikes Jackal, Hyena, and Wolf, the three unreformed members left of the original Pack.

Lexington is also greatly dismayed by the choice of his clone Brentwood to join Thailog willingly. It is likely that Lex views Brentwood's actions as a reflection upon himself and his dark side in particular. ("Bash", "Reunion")

In November of 1996, Lexington, along with Hudson, elected to go with Macbeth when the latter sought the clan's aid in safeguarding the Stone of Destiny during its transport from Westminster Abbey in London to Scotland. After a delayed awakening in London, both Lexington and Hudson got a taste of the gargoyle version of jetlag. Lexington and Hudson later met up with Griff and two other gargoyles of the London Clan; Constance and Staghart, who, along with King Arthur Pendragon, arrived for the same purpose: to protect the Stone. The group of gargoyles was later attacked by Coldsteel, Coyote 5.0, and a Steel Clan and Iron Clan robot as an elaborate distraction designed by Xanatos. During the battle, Lexington saved Staghart from Coyote's laser blast only to be saved by Staghart a short time later. In the end, the Stone was safely returned to Scotland (or so they thought) and Lexington (who was curious about the London Clan) along with Hudson, Coldstone and Coldfire decided to stay at Knight's Spur for a time and get to know the English gargoyles better. ("The Rock", "Rock & Roll", "Rock of Ages")

Several months later, Lexington and his clanmates returned to Manhattan and their clan on the same night that Brooklyn disappeared and then reappeared with Katana, Nashville, Fu-Dog and Egwardo. After a joyous reunion, the entire clan headed off to Times Square to face the remaining members of the Pack with Lexington proclaiming that "The Pack'll never know what hit 'em." ("Phoenix")

With Brooklyn's busy with his family and Broadway spending more time with Angela, Lexington began to feel more isolated and alone. Fortunately, he has formed a strong friendship with Staghart, whom he's elected to call "Amp". Once back from Europe, Lexington eventually started chatting with Staghart online from the Eyrie Building's computer lab using the screenname "Tin Man". Eventually, the friendship evolved into a "long distance thing" and Lex eventually told Careless Jones that he was "seeing someone". ("Render Unto Caesar", "Underwater", "Trick-Or-Treat")

For some time, the Trio had been drifting apart. What seemed to be the biggest crack was Brooklyn returning from forty years of TimeDancing with Katana and Nashville. As such, Lex seemed only too eager to defy Brooklyn's orders and, along with Broadway, leave the castle when ordered not to so they could save Izaak Slaughter's life from Dino Dracon. Thawing the distance between them, Lex was delighted and honored when Broadway asked him to stand second for him at his upcoming Commitment Ceremony. When they returned to the castle, Brooklyn berated them for disobeying orders, less out of anger and more out of hurt. ("Everywhere", "Mayday")

Alongside the rest of the clan, Lexington watched Goliath's Hearing with considerable worry – chatting online with Amp about his fears and anxieties of where the hearing might be headed. But moments after Goliath was released, Antoinette Dracon called with information about the kidnapping of Rosaria Sanchez and Peter Choy. Brooklyn took his rookery brothers, and Gnash, to rescue the teens and, that night, their relationship mended. The following night, Brooklyn and Katana asked Lexington, Broadway, and Angela to be Rookery parents for Egwardo; Lexington was only too happy to accept. ("Young At Heart", "Cold Comfort")

Lexington will be "very involved" in the saving of Alex when Raven kidnaps him. [7]

At some point in the future, Lexington will play a part in the founding of the Lexington-Xanatos Corporation. The details for this are as yet unknown, however - beyond the fact that the LXM robots, which this corporation will be manufacturing by 2198, are modeled after him in appearance. Aside from going into business in 1999, other events in Lex's future include facing an extremely hostile takeover in 2000, holding a press conference in 2003, taking a chance and losing in 2005, and continuing his journey in 2007. [8][9][10][11][12]

Future Tense

"Future Tense" Lexington

In Puck's Future Tense world, Lexington initially appeared as part of the resistance against Xanatos, decked out in numerous cyborg replacements and armor, and was truly a cybergoyle. He exhibited a resentment and hatred of Goliath for his abandonment that festered into a murderous megalomania. It was later revealed, however, that Xanatos had died years before, and Lexington – using the Xanatos Program as a front – had conquered the city and set in motion an unstoppable plan of world conquest.

Lex lured them to the castle where one by one, Broadway, Brooklyn, Demona, and Angela were destroyed, and he very nearly killed Goliath in his Xanatos guise, but in an act of supreme will, Goliath survived the incredible damage inflicted on him and destroyed the Xanatos form. After finding out that Lex was the true mastermind, Goliath tried to stop his plan of world conquest, even destroying his body in the process, but was too late.

Weisman has noted that reflections of this vision of Lexington's fate in future stories may also be depicted in his clone, Brentwood, who has openly aligned himself with Thailog. [13]


Lexington is the smallest of the trio, and because of this, his large eyes and his reedy voice, looks younger than he really is. His most distinguishing feature is his wings, which are attached to his arms in a web-like structure, evocative of the wings of a flying squirrel. When he desires, Lexington can fold his webbing to allow him to wear regular human clothing, but he must remove them in order to glide. His wings are pierced, which allows him to wear a loincloth. [14] He has khaki-colored skin, and a hairless head. Lexington is gay, and may be beginning to realize it through his long distance relationship with Staghart. ("Underwater")

Lexington received his name in 1994, soon after his awakening in New York, naming himself after Lexington Avenue. A common nickname of his is "Lex".



Lexington had a silent cameo in the Broken Karaoke video, "Sidekicks".

The Goliath Chronicles

Lexington helps Fox and Xanatos care for their young son Alex, developing a clear bond between with the child. Meanwhile, Pat Doyle, a corrupt politician, stirs up hatred against gargoyles to help get himself elected as mayor. He has a group of his agents attack the Eyrie Building, kidnap Alex, and demand a gargoyle in return for the baby. While Xanatos is adamant about not giving into the kidnappers' wishes, Lexington allows himself to be taken. Lexington is locked down and publicly humiliated, with the assurance of extermination later on. As the campaign comes to a head, however, the Manhattan Clan is able to find and rescue the baby in Doyle's campaign headquarters, linking the crime to Doyle himself. Doyle tries to take Alex hostage in a gambit to avoid arrest, but fortunately, Lexington breaks free of his bonds and rescues the baby. Doyle is arrested, and Alex is returned to his grateful parents. ("Ransom")

Production Background

Future Tense Lexington. Production sketch by Frank Paur.

Voice Actor: Thom Adcox

Lexington's predecessor from the comedy development was a gargoyle named Lassie. Lassie was more of an idiot savant than Lex, capable of being equally enthralled by a laser gun or a shoelace. Interestingly, the Lassie character at one point had a design that was more reminiscent of Brooklyn.

Another name considered for this character was "Wedge". [15]

As Lexington's model was finalized, he was designed with four hands, with a second set of hands as part of the middle limb of his webbed wings. This was to be anatomically consistent with the number of digits a gargoyle typically has on each of their six limbs (wings, arms, and legs). Frank Paur and the animators in Japan had to explain how difficult animating two sets of hands would be, so the second set of hands was dropped in favor of 'ribs'. [16][17]

Lexington has the distinction of being the one character always featured (with his laptop) on the Main Page of the GargWiki. He also had the last line in "Phoenix" and thus for more than thirteen years the last line in the Gargoyles Universe canon until the Dynamite Comics were published.