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Project Thailog: May 13th, 1995.

Project Thailog was a long term plan developed by David Xanatos and executed by Dr. Anton Sevarius to clone Goliath. ("Double Jeopardy")


November 15th, 1994

A Steel Clan robot is activated and sent to attack Goliath with the goal of wounding him. Although Goliath destroyed the robot, it's mission was a success as Owen Burnett had sufficient reason to approach the gargoyle with a First Aid kit. On the surface, Owen tended to Goliath's wounds, but, in actuality, the majordomo collected cell samples from the unsuspecting gargoyle.

December 31st, 1994

Dr. Sevarius begins the process of cloning Goliath.

January 4th, 1995

Upon being released from prison, Xanatos visits Gen-U-Tech Systems. Sevarius successfully cloned Goliath and began the accelerated growth of the gargoyle the two would name Thailog.

May 13th, 1995

Thailog reaches full gargoyle adolescence, but a side effect of his artificial maturation rate has become apparent – a discoloration of his hair and skin.

August 8th, 1995

The artificial maturation process is augmented by an ongoing subliminal education program personally designed by Xanatos.

November 1st, 1995

Thailog is finally released from his maturation chamber, taking up residence at the Eyrie Building.


Not content to be subservient, Thailog proved to be every bit as Machiavellian as his creator and, by the evening of November 28th, 1995, enacted a scheme he engineered to rob Xanatos of $20 million and kill him and Sevarius in the process. He also lured Goliath to the meeting, but grew to hate the gargoyle when Goliath reacted in horror and declared him an "abomination". While Goliath tried to undo this, the damage was already done and he made a new, dangerous enemy. While Thailog's scheme to kill his "three fathers" was foiled, he successfully escaped with the money. Afterward, he joined forces with Demona and the two pooled their resources to establish Nightstone Unlimited and soon after, even more clones were created.