Rabbi Loew

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Rabbi Loew

Rabbi Loew was a rabbi who lived in Prague in the late 16th Century.


To protect the Jewish community there from pogroms, in 1580 he created the Golem and brought it to life, then instructed it in its purpose. He is an ancestor of Max Loew, who was instructed by Rabbi Loew in a dream in 1996 the means to reactivate the Golem. ("Golem")

Rabbi Loew's initial creation of the Golem may have been inspired by accounts of stone protectors outside of Prague. [1]


Real World Background

Rabbi Loew was a real historical figure. His full name was Judah Loew ben Bezalel (1513-1609), and he was a noted rabbi in Prague during the late 16th century, famed for his scholarliness; even the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolf II, met with him in 1592. His fame led, in time, to his being credited with having created the Golem, the story first originating in the mid 18th Century.

Production Background

Voice Actor: Victor Brandt

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