Ruby-Mae Li

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Ruby-Mae Li in 1997.

Ruby-Mae Li is the founder of the Gathering of the Gargoyles Guild.


Following Goliath's Hearing, Ruby-Mae Li and other humans met on the internet and shared an appreciation for gargoyles. Ruby-Mae arranged and held the first convention of the Gathering of the Gargoyles Guild in 1997 at the Park Manor Hotel and invited Goliath and Tobe Crest to speak. ("Questions")


Ruby-Mae is idealistic and believes humans should learn to get to know gargoyles better and learned to share the world.


Real World Background

Mae Li (left) is presented with the Fan Guest of Honor Award by Jennifer L. Anderson (right) at the Gathering 2006.

Ruby-Mae Li is a tribute to multiple people. She was named after Mae Li, who founded the Gathering of the Gargoyles back in 1997; and she was also named after Keith David's two daughters: Ruby and Mae Li. Keith David had his first date with the woman who would become his wife at the 1997 Gathering of the Gargoyles.