Tazmanian Tiger

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The Tazmanian Tiger

The Tazmanian Tiger is an Australian super villain. He is named after the Tasmanian tiger, an extinct marsupial that was once native to Tasmania, an island state south of the Australian mainland.


Apparently, the Tazmanian Tiger hired Sevarius to clone two actual tasmanian tigers for his use. He named the pair Benjamin and Natasha. ("Estranged")

In late 1996, the Tazmanian Tiger and his pets attempted robbery at a bank in Sydney. They were quickly, and easily, foiled by Dingo and Matrix. ("Strangers") [1]


The Tazmanian Tiger is a muscular human male. He wears a gaudy, skin-tight costume and mask, with razor sharp claws on his fingers, and is assisted in battle by Benjamin and Natasha. During the events of "Strangers", Tazmanian Tiger was 24 years old. [2] Greg Weisman revealed at the Gathering 2009 that the Tazmanian Tiger is wealthy and is engaged in being a supervillain for the thrill. [3]


Production Background

In the description of the Tazmanian Tiger from the script, Greg Weisman compares the symbol on his chest (two interlocking letter Ts) to the symbol used by the Marvel Comics superhero Daredevil (two interlocking letter Ds). [4]