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The Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare around 1610 set on a remote island about a father and daughter set adrift and stranded as castaways after the father is usurped by his own brother. [1]

In 1997, Prospero would be living in Bermuda a year after Caliban and Ariel left him to attend Oberon's Gathering on Avalon.

While it known that the events of The Tempest take place in some fashion in the Gargoyles Universe, it is unknown when those events take place on the timeline, the whereabouts of the island, and whether or not the island still exists. [2][3] It is also unknown if and how Shakespeare was aware of these events. [4]

Caliban and Ariel would have made appearances in the series. Prospero's daughter Miranda would likely only feature in flashbacks. Caliban might also have a role in TimeDancer. [5][6]

Production Background

Greg Weisman has noted the similarities between Angela and Miranda. [7]

The inclusion of The Tempest into Gargoyles has long served as the preeminent example of the kind of spoiler-demanding questions Weisman makes an effort to avoid on Ask Greg. [8]

Weisman has also shared other ways he has thought to adapt The Tempest, including a animated feature length film for Disney. [9] Further, his novel, Rain of the Ghosts features many names and elements from The Tempest that would ultimately play more of a role as the series continued. [10]

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