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The Fish Bowl

Hey all, Purplegoldfish here (real name: Sarah)

Sarah AKA Purplegoldfish

I'm not sure when exactly I became a fan of Gargoyles, but I know it was sometime around the first airing of middle second season. I've been a true-blue fan since then, and no other tv show has affected me as strongly. I'm so happy to be apart of the great Gargoyles online community. I've never been to a Gathering, but I WILL go someday (Honest!)

I'll edit pretty much anything on the Wiki. I'm pretty anal about things like consistancy and grammar, so you'll probably see me fixing errors and citing episodes a lot.

My current project is writing timelines for individual articles. (Why am I the only one doing this guys? ;P) Those that are done so far:

(ugh, still gotta work on these)

I have also provided most of the short summaries for the episodes, and all of the quotes.