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GargWiki is a collaborative fan effort to create the ultimate reference guide to the Disney animated series Gargoyles, created by Greg Weisman.

Universe and Out-of-universe articles

All GargWiki articles are split between two root categories: Category:Universe is for characters, places, and things from the Gargoyles universe; Category:Out-of-universe is for articles about real world information, including episodes of the series, comic book issues, cast and crew members, and merchandise.


The primary focus of GargWiki is the canonical Gargoyles Universe, revealed in the first two seasons of the Gargoyles television series, both comic book series published by Slave Labor Graphics (Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Bad Guys), and the Gargoyles comic book series published by Dynamite Entertainment. Canon information is contained in Category:Canon.

Over the past couple decades, through interviews and comments at the site Ask Greg, Greg Weisman has revealed many secrets and plans he had for the Gargoyles Universe, including spin-offs and new characters. Since this information is subject to change before it becomes canon, it is called Canon-in-training. Entries on these revelations are located in Category:Canon-in-training.

Some canon entries contain text written in bold, blue type. This signifies, for easy distinction, Canon-in-training material in a primarily Canon entry.

Finally, Category:Apocrypha is dedicated to published Gargoyles material that is not considered canon by Greg Weisman, such as The Goliath Chronicles, the Marvel Comics series, the Disney Adventures comic, and the Sega Genesis video game.


GargWiki is not edited for spoilers, so users are cautioned to be especially wary if they have not read recent issues of the Dynamite comic book.


The GargWiki was created by JEB on 26 July 2006, after a guest at the 2006 Gathering of the Gargoyles suggested making a Gargoyles wiki. [1] It was originally situated at The site's original material was derived from The Guide to the Gargoyles Universe by Todd Jensen, with supplemental material from The Gargoyles Encyclopedia by JEB and others. On 26 October 2006 (two days after the twelfth anniversary of Gargoyles), the site was first introduced to the Ask Greg Comment Room. [2]

On 5 April 2011, GargWiki (and the rest of was taken offline by the site providers. The site providers felt that was using too much CPU and wanted the owners to upgrade, but the costs of the requested package were too steep and the owners were unable to afford it. [3] Instead, webmaster JEB and Greg Bishansky contacted Eric "Gorebash" Tribou, owner and operator of (home of Ask Greg). Gorebash and Scott Sakai, the administrator of the servers that host, arranged to rehouse GargWiki on their servers. GargWiki was brought online again on 4 May 2011, now at its current address of

GargWiki:Special Thanks contains a list of individuals whose contributions have helped create GargWiki in its current form.