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Shari is a human woman and Thailog's executive assistant. She is most well known for her fondness and talent for storytelling and her mysterious membership in the Illuminati Society. For unknown reasons, Shari has been seen in the Labyrinth on several occasions, though her nights seem to be spent at the Nightstone Unlimited Building with Thailog.

Shari was one of the first entirely new canon characters to become known to fans in over a decade after appearing in "Invitation Only", the third installment of the Gargoyles comic book series. She has quickly grown to be one of the most popular and captivating characters in the series and has been the focus of many fan-created theories and speculation. Ironically, Shari is one of the most mysterious characters in the series and at the same time reveals many previously unknown tidbits and anecdotes of the Gargoyles Universe through her role as the unreliable story-teller. She begins each tale with "The story is told - though who can say if it be true - ..." (more...)