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Gargoyles The Movie: The Heroes Awaken is an 80-minute movie version of the "Awakening" five-parter that premiered at Walt Disney World in September of 1994. It was released on VHS and Laser Disk in 1995.


In 1994, while Frank Paur worked with editors and sound mixers on the five-part "Awakening" pilot, Greg Weisman was given the job of preparing a feature length movie-edit of the pilot for a September "World Premiere" at the Pleasure Island multiplex at the Walt Disney World park in Orlando, FL. To this end, he worked with a seperate batch of editors and sound mixers to compile and compress the needed material and make it ready on time. [1]

Later, in 1995, when Buena Vista Home Video wanted to release the pilot on video and Laser Disk, they discovered there already existed a movie edit and released that version to home video, despite Greg Weisman's protestations. [2]

Differences From "Awakening"

Due to the different schedules and teams, and limitations as to what material would be finished in time for the premiere screening, there are a few differences between the two versions. These differences include:

  • Additional/different/missing dialogue.
  • The absence of certain sequences, particularly those without a focus on Goliath and Elisa (such as Hudson and the TV, some of the Trio's adventures).
  • The complete omission of any reference to the eggs in the rookery (at the behest of Greg's boss). [3]
  • A completely different sound mix more suited to theatres than television speakers.
  • A Co-Producer credit for Greg Weisman.

Bonus Material

The version released to home video also included a few extras.