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The Gargoyles Universe is a fictional world, much like our real world, where gargoyles and Children of Oberon co-exist on Earth alongside humans.

The Gargoyles Universe is depicted in the first two seasons of Gargoyles, the eighteen comic books published by Slave Labor Graphics over two series (Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Bad Guys), and the current Gargoyles comic books published by Dynamite Entertainment.

Greg Weisman has, over the years, also revealed plans and ideas for the Gargoyles Universe which have yet to materialize, so these aren't part of the Gargoyles Universe but fall into a canon-in-training category. All canonical & canon-in-training material (including potential spin-offs through Gargoyles 2198) take place within the Milky Way Galaxy. [1]

In the mid-nineties, after deciding against an attempt to purchase Marvel, Disney and Michael Eisner turned to the Gargoyles Universe, hoping that Gargoyles could act as the springboard for a universe that could compete with the Marvel Universe or Warner Brother's DC Universe. [2] Of course, years later, Disney did wind up purchasing Marvel. [3]

The Goliath Chronicles, the Disney Adventures comics, and the Marvel Comics, while being stories about the gargoyles, do not take place in the Gargoyles Universe.