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London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom.


In 500, the young Arthur Pendragon drew Excalibur out of the Stone of Destiny in London, and was crowned King of Britain. ("Rock & Roll")

The last clan of English gargoyles also live in London. The London Clan, of which Leo, Una and Griff are members, is financially supported, at least in part, by the "Into the Mystic" magic shop in Soho , which was founded over five hundred years ago. [1][2] The shop is owned and operated by members of the clan, particularly Leo and Una. In addition, their secret country estate, Knight's Spur, lies very close to London, where the clan lives.

In 1940, London was attacked by the Germans during the Battle of Britain, but protected not only by the Royal Air Force, but also by Griff and a time-travelling Goliath. Today, a memorial stands near the Thames River commemorating Griff and Goliath's heroic defense of the city during World War II. ("M.I.A.")

King Arthur visited London after leaving Avalon in 1996. He encountered the Stone of Destiny and Griff whilst searching for Excalibur in Westminster Abbey, and was transported away from London shortly thereafter. ("Pendragon")

Later that year, Macbeth brought Hudson and Lexington to London to help him safeguard the Stone of Destiny in its move from Westminster Abbey back to Scotland. Here they encountered members of the London Clan, as well as King Arthur himself. ("The Rock")

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