Pal Joey

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Pal Joey

Pal Joey is a member of Tony Dracon's mob.


Pal Joey blew up Matt Bluestone's apartment in order to prevent the NYPD from connecting his disappearance to the Dracons. While he also attempted to kill Elisa Maza, he was driven off by Broadway and later arrested.

He was later brought in for questioning by Bluestone (after Glasses blew up Art and Lois') where he was threatened by Elisa, pretending to be a dirty cop, as part of an operation to get her close to Dracon. When Goliath and Broadway joined Elisa in this plan, Dracon ordered Pal Joey to escort the two gargoyles to a dry cleaners that wouldn't pay (Pal Joey was visibly unhappy about this), and he was foiled from blowing it up by Broadway.

Later, he participated in Dracon's turf war against Tomas Brod only to wind up in prison when the endgame resulted in the shattering of both syndicates.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Michael Bell

Pal Joey was named for the movie of the same name.