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  • Vinnie had by now had enough. He had [[Mr. Acme]] make a special pie-firing gun for him, ...arch.php?rid=4] Days later, Vinnie was one of the New Yorkers interviewed by ''[[Nightwatch]]'' after the gargoyles were revealed to the [[Earth|world]]
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  • to hold a bitter grudge against her for having used him (fueled in part by his guilt over having helped her enslave Goliath). ''("[[Temptation]]")'' ...e year [[997]], where he met [[Mary]] and [[Finella]], still being pursued by [[Constantine III|Constantine]]'s soldiers because they carried the ''Grimo
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  • ...and entered the service of David Xanatos instead, delighted and intrigued by Xanatos as a kindred spirit, a fellow [[trickster]].]] robots. Although a kidnapping attempt ''was'' made, in the end it was by [[Oberon]] and not Titania herself. At first he refused to get involved him
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  • ...usin, [[Duncan|Prince Duncan]]. In [[1020]], Duncan decided to remedy this by sending [[Gillecomgain]] the [[Hunters|Hunter]] to [[Castle Moray]] to assa ...ver, Macbeth had been recently brought to the [[Weird Sisters]]' attention by the [[Archmage]], with instructions to watch over both him and [[Demona]].
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  • '''Luach''' was the son of [[Gruoch]] {{CIT|by either [[Gillecomgain]] or [[Macbeth]]; nobody is certain as to who Luach's He was born around [[Timeline#995-1994|1032]], and raised by Macbeth as though he were his own son. Luach (ironically, if he was indeed
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  • ...n and, by 1020, had invested considerable authority into his grandson (who by this point may also have "incapacitated" Maol Chalvim to some degree).}} [ '''Voice Actor:''' [[Jeff Bennett]]
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  • ...the new court wizard for [[Castle Wyvern]] and chief adviser to its ruler (by [[Timeline#994|994]], [[Princess Katharine]]). Like Katharine, he disliked ...of the castle and took them to [[Avalon]]. Their path was barred, however, by the [[Weird Sisters]], who denied them entry and attempted to turn them int
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  • '''The Matrix''' is a computer program created by [[Titania|Anastasia Renard]] in a remote laboratory in the [[Australia]]n o ...king to create, such as "law and order". The Matrix, curious and intrigued by this new revelation, decided to call off its original intention to reformat
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  • The plan to create Malibu and the other [[Clones]] was orchestrated by [[Thailog]]. [[Demona]] supported the idea and together they used [[Anton S ..."Obey Thailog". [] By October, Malibu was released from his cloning tube and soon after was revea
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  • ...ssador were rescued from the [[Archmage]]'s [[Archmage's Bandits|bandits]] by a time-travelling [[David Xanatos|Xanatos]], [[Fox]] and [[Petros Xanatos]] '''Voice Actor:''' [[Jeff Bennett]]
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  • ...''("[[Deadly Force]]")'' Later, he was in charge of the mercenaries hired by Dr. [[Anton Sevarius]] to guard and recapture his [[Mutates|mutate]] test s to fire upon Sevarius' main sub. He was left on the shores of Loch Ness by the [[Avalon]] travelers. ''("[[Monsters]]")'' He returned to Manhattan to
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  • '''Voice Actor:''' [[Jeff Bennett]] [[Category:Canon characters]]
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  • '''Voice Actor:''' [[Jeff Bennett]] [[Category:Canon characters|Greene, Billy]]
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  • '''Voice Actor:''' [[Jeff Bennett]] [[Category:Canon characters|Travanti, Phil]]
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  • ...[Chaz]], joined the [[Quarrymen]]. On [[Halloween]] Night, Lou was ordered by phone from [[John Castaway]] to tell Chaz not to carry any [[Quarryman Hamm '''Voice Actor:''' [[Jeff Bennett]] (uncredited)
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  • ...rgoyles]]'' for the large number of ''Star Trek'' cast members that voiced characters on the show. [[Greg Weisman]] commented that, at first, this was unintentio [[John Rhys-Davies]] (who voiced [[Macbeth]]) also appeared in several episodes of ''Voyager'' as Leonardo d
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  • ...TV series)|Gargoyles]]'' and ''W.I.T.C.H.'' They are listed alphabetically by surname. *[[Jeff Bennett]] - Tracker
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  • ...nd Margot's Cars|car]] broke down. On this occasion, they were scared away by [[Goliath]]. They later harassed [[Guardian|Tom]] the [[Guardian of the Egg ...[[Xanatos Enterprises]] by [[Tony Dracon]]). The thugs were quickly bested by Goliath, with some help from Elisa, [[Angela]], and the [[Trio]], although
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  • '''Voice Actor (Lead Mercenary):''' [[Jeff Bennett]] ...", [[Greg Weisman]] refers to the lead mercenary as "Arnold", because Jeff Bennett did an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation to play the character.
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  • '''Story edited by:''' [[Eric Lewald]]<br> '''Written by:''' [[Len Wein]]
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