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  • ...ings]]. Lexington and the others, however, were afterwards turned to stone by the [[Magus]], and remained in stone sleep for a thousand years, finally aw ..., and remains so still. {{CIT|Even before his long sleep, he was intrigued by complex mechanical devices, such as the catapults that Hakon and his Viking
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  • The plan to create Brentwood and the other [[Clones]] was orchestrated by [[Thailog]]. [[Demona]] supported the idea and together they used [[Anton S ..."Obey Thailog". [] By October, Brentwood was released from his cloning tube and soon after was re
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  • ...TV series)|Gargoyles]]'' and ''W.I.T.C.H.'' They are listed alphabetically by surname. *[[Thom Adcox]] - Sammy (episode: "C is for Changes")
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