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Tara was the home of the Stone of Destiny while it was kept in Ireland.


Shari has told two separate stories about how the Stone of Destiny came to be at Tara. One was that it was brought there by Eremon, who was crowned King of Ireland upon the Stone after the death of his mother Scota. The other is that it was placed there by King Eochaid, after he received the Stone as a dowry present from Jeremiah when he married Tamar Tea Tephi.

According to Shari, one half of the Stone was taken by Fergus to Scotland around 500, while the other half presumably remained at Tara. ("Rock & Roll")

Real World Background

Tara is an ancient hill-fort in County Meath, Ireland, which was a spiritual center of ancient Ireland. The kings of Tara were nominally High Kings of Ireland (though in practice, they were seldom able to control the rest of the island), and crowned upon the Lia Fáil (which still stands at Tara today).

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