Brendan and Margot's Cars

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Brendan and Margot's cars are vehicles owned by Brendan Quarters and Margot Yale.

"Awakening Part Three"

In early October 1994, Brendan and Margot drove a light brown car and found themselves in a tough neighborhood when the car died on them. Brendan tried to fix it but he and Margot were accosted by street thugs. Fortunately, they were rescued by Goliath and Elisa, but still fled and left their car behind at the sight of Goliath.

This car had a car phone, which did not work due to interference. It also had power door locks. Margot claimed the car cost $40,000.

"Eye of the Beholder"

On Halloween of 1995, Brendan and Margot were driving a light blue car when Fox in her werefox form threw Goliath into Brendan and Margot's car. The force of Goliath hitting the car caused it to hit a streetlight causing much damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle, especially damage to its hood. Fox and Goliath then used the car’s hood as a springboard so they could scale the wall of a nearby building.

"The Gathering Part One"

By July 1996, Brendan and Margot were driving a dark blue car when Oberon cast his sleep spell over Manhattan. Brendan fell asleep at the wheel and the car crashed into a fire hydrant, cracked the driver's window and caused damage to the fender and hood.

Whether Brendan and Margot acquired another car is unknown, but in "Hunter's Moon Part One", they rode the subway. Alas, this did not stop them from nearly being robbed by the same street thugs they encountered two years before.