Brother Valdez

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Brother Valdez

Brother Valdez was a Spanish monk in the court of Prince Malcolm.


Brother Valdez was a Spanish monk who made his way into Scotland and became Architect to the King. In 971, he entered into the service of Prince Malcolm where he helped direct the construction of Castle Wyvern. In the process, he unearthed ancient foundations beneath the build site. When the Light-Bringers arrived to perform, Valdez regarded their leader with suspicion while the Player King regarded Valdez's accent as "believably Spanish". When Shahrizad began her story, Valdez snuck away where he was confronted by the Player Queen. The two quickly regarded each other with suspicion. ("The Promise")

While the dragon Wyvern attacked the local humans and castle on his hill, Valdez entered the dragon's cave and followed the Player King and and Player Queen to Castle Carbonek. ("The Pledge")


Brother Valdez is a large, muscular bald man with a beard and black bushy eyebrows.