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A cyborg is an organic being with mechanical implants. Cyborgs are a popular staple of science fiction.

Cyborgs in Gargoyles

Puck's illusion also featured Talon Commandos and Thailog Shock Troops, which both appeared to have cybernetic brains.

Jackal and Hyena's organic systems still require nourishment, elimination, and oxygen. [1]


"The Cosmos"

July 2nd, 2016 23:16: Cyborg (the super hero alias for Victor Stone based on him being a Cyborg) was in pursuit of the superviillain Brick (both played by Khary Payton). Cyborg apprehends him with the aid of the recently returning Angela, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Zatanna, Captain Marvel, Wonder Girl, Spider-Man, Blue Beetle and Wolf (Not to be confused with the Pack member of the same name) who returned from Ancient Egypt courtesy of the Phoenix.